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Study: US judges' criminal caseloads vary widely

WASHINGTON -- Federal judges across the nation are shouldering criminal caseloads that vary widely in size, sometimes even among judges in the same courthouse, according to a new study.

Organized retail crime presents 'growing problem'

Even in the best of times retailers operate on thin margins. But, combine a sluggish economy with organized retail crime and profits can become even more elusive.

Ponzi schemes probably trace back to caveman days

My attorney friends are probably comfortable with the word "scienter," but I first discovered it during my many visits to the website for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Cal Western, UCSD hosts conference on pharmaceutical crime

California Western School of Law and the University of California, San Diego will co-host a day-long conference Friday about two prevelant types of pharmaceutical crime.

DOJ accuses Daimler AG of paying bribes overseas

WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department has accused car manufacturer Daimler AG of paying tens of millions of dollars in bribes to officials of at least 22 foreign governments over the course of a decade.

Milberg lawyers leave jail, hit links, slopes; reflect on life

The four lawyers who ran Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP, the firm that got investors $45 billion from securities lawsuits against publicly traded companies, are reacquainting themselves with life on the outside now that they've left prison.

Web makes finding impartial jury tougher

In the age of the Internet, it's increasingly difficult to convene juries that haven't heard of a high-profile case, according to local law professors.

DUI: Do you really know the consequences?

You’ve heard the story before. Perhaps from someone you know. They’re driving home after a night out and the next thing they know, lights and sirens appear out of nowhere.

U.S. drops charges against ex-Peregrine accountant

A former Peregrine Systems Inc. accountant and an ex-outside auditor tried twice for an alleged fraud that destroyed the company had their charges dropped after juries deadlocked.

Court to hear arguments in Skilling appeal of convictions for Enron collapse

HOUSTON -- Hidden evidence. Prosecutorial misconduct. Flawed legal arguments. An unfair trial setting.

Cooley team successfully defends Peregrine auditor again

San Diego attorney Mike Attanasio is optimistic he won't have to defend his client, a former outside auditor for Peregrine Systems Inc., for a third time.

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Cyber security: Teamwork, education key to battling problems

When it comes to security, teamwork from a variety of people and organizations is the path to success, local leaders said at a Feb. 18 Daily Transcript roundtable.

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