Increasing income and minimizing tax liability; pitfalls in investing; college loans and more.

  • In tight times, shunning materialism saves money

    NEW YORK -- Give up worldly goods and help save the Earth.

  • Open-air shopping venues cancel expansion plans

    The hottest trend this decade in shopping-center development has gone cold.

  • Ruling promotes stability in mortgage banking industry

    The troubles of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government-sponsored entities that hold or guarantee many of the nation's mortgages, have recently dominated the news. It is part of an ongoing saga surrounding the housing market in the United States.

  • Borrowing and paying college loans

    With tuition costs on the rise in a market in which a college education is almost mandatory, it is clear that many potential students will need to take out student loans. In addition to taking out loans, it is important to know your options when it comes to repaying the money. The key to remember is to borrow what you need now at a rate you can afford later.

  • Investing with confidence: Avoiding common pitfalls

    Today's turbulent markets can intimidate the savviest investor. But even in calmer markets, most people are not as confident in their financial futures as they would like to be. Often, individuals hurt themselves and their nest eggs by making the same mistakes repeatedly. Investing successfully with confidence is not difficult, but it does require you to follow some simple yet effective guidelines. For starters, let's examine some of the more common investing pitfalls and then look at how to avoid them.

  • Can the IRS help your business in a recession?

    Income taxes are generally not a welcome cost of doing business and can be especially burdensome in a soft economy. In today's slow business environment, businesses are concerned with ever-increasing operating costs, declining product sales and a lack of access to credit. Therefore, companies are seeking new ways to save money and maintain strong financial statements. Increasingly, businesses are looking to the IRS as a source of assistance and valuable savings opportunities to help ride out the economic slowdown.

  • Valuation: Financial advisers love entrepreneurs

    Yesterday's article focused on the myriad roles and issues in which a good attorney and business valuation analyst can assist business owners as well as those owning partial interests in real property or an asset holding company. Today's article will briefly cover how good financial advice can increase income and value while often minimizing tax liability.

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Investing & Finance Week

This week-long feature takes a look at the financial and investment markets affecting local businesses.