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  • SDSU's Corporate Governance Institute to share in Apple settlement

    The College of Business Administration at San Diego State University announced that the Corporate Governance Institute (CGI) has been named as a recipient of a cash settlement as a result of a suit filed by the New York City Employees' Retirement System (NYCERS) against Apple Inc.

  • Six local execs named 2010 Director of the Year honorees

    Corporate Directors Forum is honoring six of San Diego’s top directors at its 20th annual Director of the Year awards.

  • Companies on CalPERS Focus List improve stock performance

    Investors, large and small, are taking on a more activist role in boardroom matters that can impact the long-term performance of the companies they own.

  • Mark Hurd gave HP's board many reasons for ouster

    Bit by bit, more of the story seeps out about what lay behind the decision by Hewlett-Packard's board to give Chief Executive Officer Mark Hurd the boot, albeit one stuffed with millions of bucks.

  • Madoff trustee seeks $3.6 billion from funds

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The court-appointed trustee hunting for money to pay investors who lost billions of dollars in Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme is demanding $3.6 billion from more than two dozen entities and individuals that he says "deepened the pain" of Madoff's investors by enabling him to operate his fraud for at least two decades.

  • 'Too-big-to-fail' banks are too big to own

    BOSTON (AP) -- Should socially responsible stock investors' no-buy lists bar more than just companies peddling alcohol, tobacco, gambling, pornography, weapons, and the like? What about "too-big-to-fail" banks?

  • SEC reviewing company proxy process

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Federal regulators are reviewing the process by which company shareholders exercise their votes and said they may change the rules to make the system more transparent.

  • Corporate Directors Forum names 6 San Diego Executives as 2009 Director of the Year honorees

    Corporate Directors Forum is honoring six of San Diego's top directors at its annual Director of the Year awards for their leadership and high standards in corporate governance. Honorees were selected for their outstanding performance in the boardroom and behind the scenes.

  • Making the first board meeting a success

    The first encounter with anyone can be very exciting. Just like a first date, it can leave a lasting impression and long-term reverberations that could be either good or bad. This is equally true for first board meetings of new startup venture-backed companies. After more than 30 such "first date" board meetings, I am as excited as ever for the next one. What have I learned? What can be done to make sure they are positive and productive experiences for everyone and set the right direction for long-term shareholder value creation?

  • A call to improve board performance

    Much of our country's current economic miseries can be attributed to ineffective and irresponsible boards. Board members who withhold critical input for fear of marginalization, board members who understand little about the companies they govern and board members who fail to balance the short- and long-term goals of their companies are in my opinion the bane of corporate America today.

  • A generational challenge for leaders

    A business perspective shared by a number of companies is that what is good for the company is good for the community in which the company operates, and vice versa. Dynamic companies engaged in and supportive of their communities are great places to work and, more often than not, successful. Companies that encourage and enable their employees as individuals to be similarly engaged in and supportive of their communities are rewarding, satisfying workplaces. The Corporate Directors Forum has worked for years to recognize and encourage such good business practices, and we benefit from this collective effort.

  • Peer evaluation: A powerful tool for increasing board effectiveness

    Board member performance appraisals can be an excellent tool in helping to enhance the effectiveness of independent directors.

  • Not-for-profit boards make a vital difference in our community

    It's hard to imagine that the founders of the San Diego Hospital Association (SDHA) could have envisioned what has transpired since their efforts more than 60 years ago to raise funds for a desperately needed new community hospital for San Diegans. The hard work of these concerned citizens eventually led to the opening of the Donald N. Sharp Memorial Hospital in 1955, but that was only the beginning.

  • Role of the board in strategic planning

    Most boards do not make participation with management in developing and monitoring a corporate long-term strategy a primary objective.

  • Real debate in the boardroom

    One commonly voiced criticism of directors is their failure to challenge management's plans, actions or assumptions -- to "ask hard questions" and "stand up for the shareholders." It's no surprise why: When such challenges or criticisms are made, management often receives them on a personal rather than an intellectual level -- even from directors who are considered friends. Feeling rebuffed by management's resultant defensiveness, the questioning director may then inadvertently personalize the discussion even more through follow-up questions.

  • Directors Forum 2010 brings America's top corporate governance leaders, policy makers

    San Diego's Corporate Directors Forum, the largest regional association of directors and officers in the United States, is hosting the fifth annual "Directors Forum: Directors Management and Shareholders in Dialogue" conference from Jan. 24-26 at the University of San Diego. This event uniquely brings together institutional investors, companies and regulatory agencies providing an ideal forum for open dialogue.

  • Investors, companies, board members and regulatory agencies to convene at Directors Forum 2009

    It has been called "the Woodstock of corporate governance" by editor and co-founder of The Corporate Library, Nell Minow -- and this year, Directors Forum 2009 promises to continue the tradition.

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act: A different perspective

    Having spent over 30 years in public accounting, I have had the opportunity to observe and work with a large number of corporate boards, particularly their audit committees. With my entire public accounting career being pre-Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and my board membership being post-SOX, I have a unique perspective to gauge its impact.

  • Big jobs bring big blessings

    Big jobs bring big blessings. As a director and board member for several nonprofit boards over the past 20-plus years, I've observed a triangle of benefits: benefits for San Diego, as it is made a better community by the many nonprofit organizations funded by and for our citizens; benefits for the nonprofit organizations themselves, which excel by using the brainpower of key executives and business leaders working together; and finally, the blessings I've experienced knowing my dedication to these nonprofits has given me more than I could ever contribute.

  • Corporate Directors Forum honors 6 San Diego executives as 2008 Director of the Year honorees

    To recognize outstanding leaders who have made a difference in the boardroom and behind the scenes, Corporate Directors Forum is honoring six of San Diego's top executives with Director of the Year awards for their ethical conduct, integrity and high standards in corporate governance.

  • Succession planning part of good corporate governance

    In an entrepreneurial community like San Diego, a company needs to be prepared with plans to replace a CEO, because no matter how important core executives are in the management of their companies, eventually they retire.

  • Real debate in the boardroom

    One of the commonly voiced criticisms of directors is their failure to challenge management's plans, actions or assumptions -- to ask hard questions and stand up for the shareholders.

  • Next in the spotlight: Nominating/corporate governance committees

    Since the beginning of the new era in corporate governance that began with the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) in 2002, the focus of governance activity has shifted among the various required standing committees of the board of directors: the audit, compensation and nominating/corporate governance committees.

  • Local business leaders weigh in on effects of SOX on CEO-board relationship

    In the more than five years since the federal Sarbanes-Oxley act was passed, the law, which set more stringent standards for public companies and their directors, has dramatically changed the internal machinations and accounting of public businesses.


  • New financial regulations to increase transparency, costs

    New financial regulations are a mixed bag for the accounting industry. While these restrictions will surely increase the cost to do business, they also provide much needed oversight, experts said during a Daily Transcript Executive Roundtable.


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