Read about some of the hot-button issues impacting the insurance industry in this special report.

  • Industry veteran, outsourcing consultant stays one step ahead

    Andrew Barile moved to Rancho Santa Fe from the Big Apple in 1997, but has retained his New York accent, his cache of entertaining insider stories and an irreverent attitude that springs from having been in the insurance industry since 1960, traveling in the same circles as the movers and shakers and advising them on key issues.

  • Staying on top of employment law: Taking care of employees while avoiding lawsuits

    Imagine this: A manager at a nationwide health care organization asks one of her employees to help get ready for a fellow employee's birthday by decorating her cubicle with balloons. The manager, knowing some employees don't celebrate birthdays or holidays due to religious reasons, specifically tells the employee, "You don't have to do this, only do it if you want to," to which the employee responds, "No, it's fine, I don't mind doing it at all."

  • Making emergency response planning a priority

    Ask business owners what their top concerns are, and you'll hear about rising inflation, energy costs, downsizing and layoffs. Way down on the list you may find emergency response planning as concern. But it's been pushed down the list recently by the other issues.

  • Work wellness: A real solution to mitigate increasing costs

    For the last five years, corporate wellness has come to mean a host of different things. For some, it's an article about sunscreen in the company newsletter. To others, it means offering employees gym memberships at a discount. While to others still, it is a group of employees that get together on a regular basis to walk around the parking lot at lunch.

  • Protection services, preventive measures emerge in aftermath of 2007 wildfires

    October being fire season in Southern California, The Daily Transcript checked in with insurance professionals to see what changes had come about following last year's wildfires.

  • How consumerism-driven plans can be implemented successfully

    "Even the best vision in the world will not make a difference unless the leader can achieve the buy-in and motivation of the rest of the organization to implement it," Jay Conger wrote in his "Leader's Change Handbook." While this could be said of any industry, it certainly rings true in the employee benefits industry, where, considering the rising costs of health care, real change is needed.

  • The insurance you're most likely to need

    Paying for insurance is something we do to transfer risk from ourselves to an insurance company. The insurance company collects premiums from many and expects to pay claims to a few and make a profit in the process. We pay to have the peace of mind that comes from transferring the risk of loss to the insurance company.

  • 401(k) fee disclosure is coming -- are you prepared?

    The good

  • Could your organization survive the disclosure of private information?

    Most organizations promise to care for their customers, patients and partners; however, evidence suggests otherwise when it comes to the unauthorized disclosure of confidential information.

  • California motorists soon to have pay-as-you-drive insurance option

    In 1988, Proposition 103's sweeping insurance reforms required insurance companies use actual miles driven as the second mandatory factor to set rates. After nearly two decades of appeals, California motorists will finally have the option of choosing a pay-as-you-drive (PAYD) plan under new regulations proposed by California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner in July.

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