The Daily Transcript and the San Diego Association of Nonprofits acknowledge the local agencies that provide critical services to our community.

  • SANDAN accomplishments 2007-2008

    · Hosted first ever State of the Sector Conference in November 2007 at USD.

  • Outlook and trends in 2009


  • Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

    Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families will make available the tools necessary to promote the empowerment of Indian families to become self-sufficient so they can support and nurture themselves, their children and community.

  • Tribal TANF celebrates education

    The Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program serves American Indian Families residing in San Diego and Santa Barbara counties. As part of its program, Tribal TANF hosts annual Back to School Night celebrations for participants every August. Because Tribal TANF has four offices throughout San Diego County and one in Santa Barbara County, two separate celebrations were held.

  • Keynote Speaker: Robert Egger

    Robert Egger is the president of the DC Central Kitchen. Since opening in 1989, the DCCK has distributed more than 20 million meals and helped 700 men and women gain full-time employment.

  • Effective philanthropy and nonprofits: Now more than ever

    We are in the epicenter of a "perfect storm" of challenges for San Diego nonprofits and their constituencies. The economic news is dire, and financial and corporate losses make headlines daily, leading to a decreased capacity on the part of foundations, corporations and individuals to provide donations from their shrinking assets. In addition, this year marked the longest delay in an approved budget in California's history. Without a state budget in place, many social service agencies had to find ways to keep serving children and families without the government revenue they rely on to keep their operations running. Therefore, just as demand for many nonprofit services is going up, charitable donations are at risk of going down and government support has been constrained. A perfect storm is raging, particularly for the people who have lost their jobs and homes, or are unable to afford food, health care and other basics.

  • SANDAN Milestones

    May 1998 -- SANDAN officially established as a nonprofit public benefit corporation

  • SANDAN -- 10 years and beyond

    In early 1997, a group of leading nonprofit community executives came together with the belief that San Diego's nonprofit community needed to coordinate its efforts in advocating for the populations they served whose voices often went unheard. Moreover, these leaders believed that San Diego needed to be educated about the value that the nonprofit sector brought to the region, both economically and in meeting the needs of some of our most vulnerable individuals, families and communities. As a result, the San Diego Association of Non-Profits (SANDAN) was incorporated in May 1998 on the underlying principal that the quality of life of San Diego residents is inextricably linked to the existence of a strong nonprofit sector.

  • Welcome letter

    Dear Colleagues,

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