Take a closer look at some of the leading construction and engineering firms involved in the development of our region.

  • National Electrical Contractors Association: Do you know who we are?

    For more than 100 years, the National Electrical Contracting Association (NECA) has worked to improve the quality of electrical service within the construction industry. NECA has the experience to weather tough economic times by gathering the wisdom and expertise from generations of electricians, over the course of a century.

  • Midwestern work ethic at heart of CSC+A

    "You can take the boy out of Indiana, but you can't take Indiana out of the boy -- and that's a good thing," said Edward J. Cass, AIA, founding principal of Cass | Sowatsky | Chapman + Associates, a San Diego architectural and engineering design firm founded in 1983.

  • Bartocci CEO takes on diverse projects

    Joe Belmonte, president and CEO of Bartocci Development, has been in the construction business for most of his life -- ever since leaving the army in the early '70s. He began by working in the drywall industry throughout the county, then moved into tenant improvement work (BELCO Construction) for commercial clients that included M.H. Golden, The Mounts Co., Nexus, Koll, Kvass and Collins Development.

  • Supporting the San Diego community the ROEL way

    For nearly a century, ROEL Construction Co. has been involved in community service throughout San Diego. As the company has expanded over the years, so has its philanthropy, such that nearly all 300 ROEL employees and their families are active in the neighborhoods in which they live, work and play. The company is truly grateful to have the opportunity to enhance and support the community by delivering more than 90 years of construction expertise as well as through the unique talents and compassionate hearts of individuals throughout the company. At ROEL, community service is the tangible result of its motto, "Spirit of an American Family."

  • Reno Contracting accelerates tenant improvements

    To bring maximum value for the construction dollar in tenant improvements (TI), it's best to engage an experienced contractor to get the project completed quickly. San Diego-based Reno Contracting has completed award-winning interiors ranging from laboratories for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, to media studios, health care, retail and law firms. Once the core and shell of a project has been completed, Reno can begin the transformation from exterior to comfortable workspace. Reno's team of project managers works in concert with architects to customize the space to the tenant's specification.

  • Hotel projects need to be marriage of aesthetics, usability and safety

    It is oftentimes erroneously assumed that hotel projects do not warrant special civil engineering design considerations. Developers should, however, endeavor to use civil engineers who understand that although hotel projects may seem like any other project, there are nuances and unique conditions needing to be addressed during the design phase.

  • Channey L. Doud: Executive vice president of Dynalectric Co.

    As executive vice president, Channey L. Doud is responsible for the company's day-to-day operations and leads all aspects of the construction, service and systems groups for Dynalectric Co., a leading provider of complex, fully integrated design-build electrical services throughout the San Diego region.

  • Trends in estimating: Increasingly competitive bidding, customized software, 5-D modeling

    Fewer construction projects and more competition in the market means contractors are becoming very aggressive in bidding. This has led to an increased emphasis on all aspects of preconstruction and project management, starting with estimating or cost-outs.

  • California community survives amid wildfire wreckage

    The hillsides ringing the luxury development of Olinda Ranch are blackened while the neatly tended stucco homes are intact. Fickle wind direction helped, but so did stringent fire-resistant construction and landscaping standards.

  • Downtown Reno builds toward economic recovery

    Fernando Leal, the man behind The Montage condominium project in downtown Reno, is not one to mince words.

  • Universal design for all ages and abilities

    When her husband Arthur underwent several spinal surgeries last year and was recuperating in the hospital, Mariam Eisenberg knew she had to make some design changes to her Jericho, N.Y., home before he returned.

  • Taking building to a higher level

    DPR Construction Inc. is a unique technical builder with a passion for results. Ranked in the top 50 general contractors in the country over the last 10 years, DPR is a national commercial general contractor and construction manager that has grown with its customers by delivering measurably more value. With the purpose of building great things -- great teams, great buildings, great relationships, a great community -- DPR is a truly great company. DPR's relentless accountability, technical expertise and collaborative approach has proven to provide a higher level of quality service on projects of all sizes and complexities, whether it's a multimillion-dollar technical facility or the renovation of a single office.

  • Pacific Cornerstone Architects: Sized for success

    Despite the slowed economy and fierce competition within the design field, one local San Diego architectural firm has proved the merits of staying nominally sized and fully focused on client satisfaction.

  • T.B. Penick & Sons: Building San Diego for more than a century

    T.B. Penick and Sons Inc. is a construction and general contracting company headquartered in San Diego that employs more than 450 people. Four generations of Penicks have been at the company's helm since it was founded in 1905, and Penick family principles of commitment, accountability, integrity and responsibility permeate every bid, design, plan, contract, worksite and project that the firm undertakes.

  • Cheaper is tempting, but usually not better

    In my 31 years in the roofing industry in San Diego, I have seen this scenario play out over and over again: The economy takes a downturn, different business segments dry up, contractors start working in markets outside their area of expertise, other contractors drift in from Los Angeles and Orange counties, and the local market gets down-priced by desperate, unqualified contractors looking to survive. New construction contractors start taking projects on existing, occupied buildings and have no idea what the expectations of the owner, manager or tenants are historically. Residential contractors jump into the commercial market, and contractors with B class licenses start taking jobs in the artisan sector.

  • New GIS benefits available

    The continuing implementation across many industries of geographic information systems (GIS) has reaped enormous and often unexpected benefits. At Rick Engineering Co., we have traditionally used GIS software and our creativity to prepare exhibit-quality maps, perform spatial analysis to find how close or far new housing developments are located from FEMA flood plains, perform slope analysis and develop models from contour lines, creating 3-D images for presentation purposes. GIS software has also proven useful in visualizing multiple sources of data simultaneously.

  • R.E. Staite celebrates 70th anniversary building San Diego waterfront

    R.E. Staite Engineering Inc., a general contractor specializing in marine and heavy construction, is celebrating its 70th anniversary. The company has been directly involved in the evolution and construction of the San Diego waterfront since 1938.

  • Celebrating 10 years of having fun

    In December of 1998 Dowling Construction Inc. started operations. With his new contractor's license in hand, a stack of credit cards, the help of a good friend, and a unique philosophy of how he wanted to perform tenant improvements, Jim Dowling and Dowling Construction Inc. opened its doors for business. Joining owner/project manager Dowling was superintendent Marty Ludeman and bookkeeper Gayle Johnson.

  • C.W. Driver: More than 75 years and growing

    C.W. Driver is a multi-faceted builder providing general contracting, construction management and design/build services to Southern California. Originally founded in Los Angeles nearly a century ago, C.W. Driver is the oldest active licensed builder headquartered in Southern California.

  • EGCA offers air quality compliance workshops

    It could mean the difference between staying in business or facing stiff fines and sudden disqualification from construction projects. "It" is the increasingly complex web of diesel emissions regulations flowing down from Sacramento: a portable engine regulation in 2005, a sweeping off-road diesel engine regulation in 2007, an on-road diesel engine regulation coming next month, and green house gas emissions regulations being developed now.

  • Solidarity: Now more than ever

    "Solidarity. For those of us in the construction business," said Mike Shaw, president of El Cajon-based Perry & Shaw and president-elect of the Engineering & General Contractors Association (EGCA), "we think of unions when we think of solidarity. The strength of the trade unions has always come from their understanding of the need to work united, despite minor differences or internal agendas, to create a stronger entity to deal with management. The strength of the whole is greater than the sum of the strength of the individuals."

  • Flaws in state's diesel equipment registration system

    The California Air Resources Board's Diesel Off-Road On-Line Reporting System (DOORS) is the primary reporting tool for the Off-Road Diesel Regulation. In theory, DOORS allows fleets subject to the off-road diesel rule to create an account with CARB, download formatted Excel spreadsheets, insert fleet information and upload vehicle and engine data to CARB. CARB also allows contractors to submit information directly through DOORS to report fleet data using online forms without ever having to work with a spreadsheet (for those who are not spreadsheet proficient).

  • Blindsided by regulations: Small diesel equipment owners struggle

    It first became apparent two years ago when a Sacramento couple, Amber and Ken Parsons, sold their home and plowed the equity into their dream business, Performance Concrete Pumping Inc. They purchased a new trailer-mounted concrete pump from a machinery dealer in Oakland for $45,000.

  • Wermers constructing South Bay apartment complex

    Wermers Corp. is past the midway point on construction for the Los Vecinos Apartments, located on Broadway in Chula Vista. The project, which is owned by Los Vecinos L.P., is a workforce-housing complex that is designed to be LEED certified that would include a computer room and community center with a kitchen.

  • High speed train bond may put construction industry on right track

    Californians voted last week to approve Proposition 1A, the Safe, Reliable High-Speed Train Bond Act. Although construction of San Diego's portion of the line may be a while off, contractors in the area are likely to see work from the project in the not-so-distant future.

  • Smith Consulting overseeing med plaza design

    Construction is under way for the new 19,776-square-foot Bressi Ranch Medical Plaza, on a 1.94-acre property at the corner of El Camino Real and Town Garden Road within the master-planned community of Bressi Ranch in Carlsbad.

  • Johnson & Jennings works on Scripps Summit

    Johnson & Jennings General Contracting has completed three projects and has two more under way at the Scripps Summit building at 12121 Scripps Summit Drive in San Diego.

  • McCarthy Building Cos. nearing completion on women's center

    McCarthy Building Companies Inc. is nearing completion on the 72,000-square-foot expansion of the Women's Center emergency room at Rancho Springs Medical Center at 25500 Medical Center Drive in Murrieta.

  • Water districts provide incentives for conservation

    Southern California developers, homeowners and businesses may be eligible for incentives to install a variety of water-saving measures.

  • Cal State San Marcos continues expansion plan

    California State University San Marcos is in the midst of building a new facility that when completed, will help keep up with the projected growth and campus master plan.

  • Sweetwater district soon to receive largest LEED-certified facelift

    With close to $3.2 billion in school projects coming up for bid in the near future thanks to the seven school bond propositions passed Nov. 4, there will be numerous job opportunities for contractors and designers in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Seawater may help cool UCSD campus

    Seawater may soon be used to cool classrooms and dorms. UCSD's innovative Seawater Air-Conditioning (SWAC) project would draw cold canyon water from a mile off the coast of La Jolla and use it to fuel the campus' air-conditioning system.

  • Orchids, Onions honors best, worst in recent crop of architecture

    Architects honored condos, hospital facilities and theater restorations that have blossomed in the past few years as well as those that plain stink, Thursday night during the 2008 Orchids and Onions awards ceremony.

  • SafeCon Consulting to provide services for SDCCD projects

    SafeCon Consulting has been selected to provide a range of risk management and safety services for 23 planned construction projects of the San Diego Community College District (SDCCD), funded under propositions N (2002) and S (2006), and valued at $1.5 billion.

  • Waste Management recognized for environmental leadership

    Waste Management of San Diego received an Environmental Responsibility Award at the Industrial Environmental Association's (IEA) annual environmental summit in October.

  • County Water Authority to begin construction in Mission Trails Park

    Construction is set to begin before the end of the year and continue through 2011 on a pipeline tunnel, flow regulatory structure, stabilized river crossing and relining of an existing pipeline in Mission Trails Park.

  • Financing for hotel construction here lacking, but maybe not for long

    For those trying to build, buy, sell or refinance a hotel these days, it's ugly out there, but they may be rewarded if they are able to hold on for another year.

  • California Water agency cuts deliveries to cities, farms

    Unless it rains and there are substantial successful conservation measures, San Diego County could end up receiving only 15 percent of the water it normally receives from the Sacramento Delta.

  • Envision Solar proves energy grows on 'trees'

    Solar groves are cropping up in the region, their canopies providing power for businesses and shade for employees' cars from above San Diego parking lots.

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  • Experts drill down issues facing construction industry

    While some in the construction industry are turning an eye to public projects, others are opting to hunker down and hold out for the return of the residential market, experts said Nov. 4 during a roundtable discussion sponsored by Cass Sowatsky Chapman & Associates at The Daily Transcript's offices.


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