Learn how San Diegan businesses and residents are incorporating sustainability into their everyday routines.

  • Need to know green? Ask your real estate professional

    The first step in going green is knowing green. Sustainability factors vary widely from market to market. Navigating this process can be a daunting task.

  • Sustainable tuna fishing catching on in San Diego

    Natalie Webster is making waves in the canned tuna aisle of grocery stores around the world.

  • New Arena Pharmaceuticals building achieves LEED Gold

    Construction is now complete on the new home of Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc., a five-story office building totaling 75,260 square feet.

  • Green materials help builders, owners be environmentally friendly, energy efficient

    A new crop of green building materials ensure design will never become the sacrificial lamb of the sustainability movement. From innovative insulation materials to trendy flooring products, green building materials go in-hand with healthy, hip and budget-conscious construction.

  • Living green while Thinking Blue

    With the spring and summer fast approaching, San Diegans will be spending more time outdoors, working on projects around their homes and in their gardens. While wonderful weather is one of the many reasons to live in San Diego, increased outdoor activity brings the potential for increased pollution that could impact our neighborhoods, and ultimately our beaches, bays and waterways.

  • Committed to redefining the workplace

    In 2008, Building 3344 at the Torrey Pines Court was the recipient for BOMA's prestigious Toby Award, The San Diego Building Of The Year for under 100,000 square feet. The Toby Award honors outstanding commercial office buildings and excellence in building management. All facets of a building's operations are involved, including its tenant relations program, amenities package, community involvement, building standards, accessibility and overall exceptional service.

  • Look up in the attic for next year's tax deduction

    NEW YORK -- Before you put your 2008 tax documents up in the attic, think about the $1,500 you could save on next year's returns if you added extra insulation or a skylight.

  • Schwarzenegger calls for strong energy policy

    DETROIT -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says the U.S. needs a clear energy policy so automakers can develop cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

  • T.B. Penick's commitment to sustainable construction just one reason for success

    For more than 100 years, T.B. Penick and Sons Inc. (TBP) has been shaping the landscape of San Diego and other cities throughout the country. This family-owned construction and general contracting company, headquartered in San Diego, employs 455 people and continues to grow in size and reputation. The firm's track record of innovation, diversification and financial stability perfectly positions it to respond to today's changing trends in the construction industry, including the direction toward green construction.

  • C.W. Driver -- Advocates of sustainable design

    As builders, we at C.W. Driver are advocates for sustainable design and proud of our longstanding relationships with our partner owners and architects, particularly on those cutting-edge projects which "lead the way."

  • Bluwater Crossing celebrates grand opening

    Just a two-minute jog inland from the beach at Carlsbad, the developers of Bluwater Crossing are building a new way to combine lifestyle and career. Models and a brand-new sales center at the live/work neighborhood are now complete, and the public is invited to an ongoing grand opening.

  • Going solar more affordable than you think

    According to Wikipedia, Earth Day was established to "inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment." This Earth Day, why not consider solar as your contribution to our planet? Solar electricity is far more environmentally friendly than the "brown power" we consume from the utility company. Getting solar for your home means you'll contribute without having to make big changes in the way you live. You'll even save money.

  • Local restaurants hooked on sustainable seafood

    Flavor and health benefits continue to lure people to seafood. This growing global demand, however, could lead to depletion of the oceans' resources.

  • California green building regulations: Baseline for energy efficiency credits

    It can be said that 2009 is the Year of the Green. Some of California's Green Building Regulations may take effect as early as July 1, 2009 as Californians await the state of California Building Standards Commission to complete its work on the California Green Building Standards Code, which it adopted in mid-2008 as voluntary standards. The green building regulations would require a 15 percent reduction in overall energy use.

  • Obama's energy plans have implications for commercial real estate

    President Barack Obama's recently passed U.S. economic stimulus plan includes numerous provisions -- and billions of dollars -- aimed at moving forward the energy and environment agenda. Both the president's energy plan and the stimulus package specifically call for greening buildings, and the commercial real estate industry should pay attention sooner rather than later.

  • Local businesses benefit from growing 'backyard farming' trend

    When Walt Disney introduced the "world of tomorrow" at Disneyland in the 1950s, he created it with big dreams for the future. While some of his original ideas have not come to fruition, like the plastic house, at least one is finding its way in to the world of today.

  • New guidelines now in place for LEED accreditation

    Starting on Thursday, registrants for any of the three LEED accredited tests will have to follow new procedures as the Green Building Council has changed LEED accreditation protocol.

  • New high school campus is 'living classroom' for sustainable technologies

    High Tech High celebrated the grand opening of its new campus in Chula Vista Tuesday.

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