Explore opportunities in the construction field in this special report sponsored by the Associated Builders and Contractors of San Diego.

  • SMS can help reduce work-related accidents

    Safety Management Services (SMS) has been providing safety consulting and training services for clients in the construction industry since 1987.

  • San Diego Unified set to vote on project stabilization agreement

    The San Diego Unified School District is preparing to vote on the most controversial issue to affect public school construction in San Diego's history. On May 26, elected school board officials will decide whether or not to adopt a union-only project stabilization agreement on the Proposition S $2.1 billion school bond.

  • I have a choice, and I chose merit shop

    My father was an electrician.

  • ABC grads lead next generation of construction industry professionals

    Although San Diego voters approved $2.1 billion worth of construction work on local schools last November, thousands of hard working, well-trained workers - 85 percent of the skilled construction work force in San Diego -- may not reap the benefits.

  • Multiple employer benefit trust fund administration, prevailing wage benefit plans

    Polycomp Administrative Services has been designing, implementing and administering all types of qualified employee benefit plans since 1974. With more than 120 employees, we have offices in San Diego, Woodland Hills and Roseville, Calif.

  • Bergelectric Corp. launches new work force development training programs

    Bergelectric Corp., ranked No. 3 in the nation by Engineering News Record, remains on the cutting edge of innovative research and technology -- seeking to continually improve electrical installations. Equally important to the physical construction is our need to provide education and training to prepare our employees for successful careers in high-tech electrical construction.

  • Project stabilization agreement for San Diego School District

    Strange how our educational system stands behind the "right" of an individual to receive a taxpayer-funded public education regardless of immigration status, yet the same system can deny the "right" of an individual or company to build the school in which the education is provided. How is it, in the forward thinking state of California, an individual or company can be denied the opportunity to compete on publicly funded projects based on the refusal to join a union?

  • New state-of-the-art facility underway for Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    San Diego's Thomas Jefferson School of Law broke ground earlier this year for a new state-of-the-art facility in East Village. The new facility, an 8 over 3 midrise building, is scheduled to open in November 2010. When completed, it will be another gem added to the revitalization of the downtown area. The interior will be a design showcase with lots of specialty and custom lighting and will include stadium seating, mock courtrooms and an observation deck on the upper floor to take in the view of San Diego and the bay. The LEED Silver project will incorporate plenty of natural lighting as well.

  • Training foundations -- when times get tough

    During economic slowdowns there is a tendency to "tighten the belt." Unfortunately, the first "notches" are usually the training and education budgets. This decision, when made in a vacuum, can have long-term, unintended consequences. Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your training budget:

  • The ABC Story

    ABC provides opportunities for all who pass through its doors to improve their lives -- and to learn, grow and thrive in rewarding construction careers.

  • Your work force problems are not solved

    Most experts agree that the construction industry in the United States is facing its most daunting crisis in its more than 230-year history. No, it's not the problems being caused by the current tough economic times; they're just temporary. When we finally get back to work, we will again be facing the crisis of a shortage of adequate work force -- and experts believe this time it will probably be worse. So don't be lulled into thinking your work force issues are behind you; they're just taking a vacation.

  • California gets new weapons to enforce electrician certification

    California's electrician certification program for employees of C-10 licensed contractors began 10 years ago when then-Gov. Gray Davis signed into law Assembly Bill 931. Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of California opposed the initial version of the bill, but became neutral after additional language was added to protect the rights of electricians who did not belong to a union. Since then, the Legislature has passed more bills expanding and refining the requirements of the program, and the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) has issued various regulations to implement the program.

  • Trade Tech High prepares students for emerging green-collar jobs

    Green-collar jobs are hot! According to the Apollo Alliance, the United States is on track to generate 3 million to 5 million green jobs over the next 10 years. The recently passed stimulus package has allocated billions of dollars to green construction projects, which will strengthen job growth in the green building industry. The U.S. Green Building Council recently cited a cascade of newly released studies showing green building as one of the growing bright spots for the U.S. economy.

  • ABC instructors help to shape today's work force, inspire tomorrow's leaders

    Completion of any apprenticeship and training program requires skill and proficiency in the hands-on training as well as mastery of the theory and technical training required. All are necessary to produce a skilled craftsperson. The strength of ABC's training program rests in the caliber of instructors that pass on their knowledge to apprentices and trainees over a three- or four-year period. A great instructor contributes many hours of his or her time to planning, preparation and even counseling apprentices. Most enjoy working with the program because they want to give something back to their industry.

  • Apprenticeship: Opportunity of many lifetimes

    Karen Belcher, DAS Apprenticeship Consultant for the State of California, Division of Apprenticeship Standards, summarized a DAS audit of the ABC San Diego Apprenticeship program conducted in August 2007. Following the audit, Belcher wrote ABC a letter, stating, "The Programs are exemplary ... attention to detail, one-on-one interaction with the apprentices and the enthusiastic dedication of the professional staff help to make these programs successful ... Congratulations to the ABC program staff on their demonstrated commitment to excellence and their focus on continuous improvement."

  • Building construction careers on a college foundation

    Is college a pathway to enter the construction trade, or is the construction trade a pathway to college? Easy answer: both!

  • Regardless of experience or skill, need for continuing education never stops

    "Hey buddy, if you turn that hacksaw blade around the other way it will not only cut a lot faster, but easier, too." Who can't recall embarrassing moments during their first few weeks in construction? Even those beginning in formal apprenticeship and on-the-job-training discover quickly that it's not always possible for every little thing to be covered in the classroom.

  • 'Do you believe in MAGIC?'

    The National Association of Women in Construction's San Diego Chapter 21, in partnership with the Stanley E. Foster's Construction Tech Academy at Kearny High School, hosts MAGIC Camp, a unique summer camp for female high school students interested in nontraditional construction careers.

  • Future of the construction industry

    The construction industry always needs highly skilled craftspeople, and construction companies are always looking to recruit their future leaders. When workers retire, an increased demand for skilled men and women is created.

  • A day in the life of a National Craft Championship finalist

    What's it like to be a finalist in the National Craft Championships? ABC San Diego Sheet Metal Committee Chairman Don Dion kept a journal this year, and below are some excerpts from it.

  • ABC fights for all apprentices

    Even in these difficult economic conditions, the ABC Sheet Metal/HVAC apprenticeship and craft training program has maintained its ability to find and train quality sheet metal and HVAC workers. It's a testament to our dynamic hands-on approach, and to the contractors that believe in and understand the value of trained workers.

  • ABC apprenticeship training provides vital need to entire community

    At Associated Builders and Contractors of San Diego, our Electronic Systems Technician Apprenticeship Program is a great example of how we have reacted to the needs of our local economy by reaching out to the diverse work force in the community. We are very proud of the skills and training we offer to all San Diego residents, not just a special portion, as some groups do.

  • Bryan Hammack brings home bronze at Craft Championships

    An ecstatic sheet metal apprentice returns to his home in San Diego with a bronze medal dangling from his neck. He's just taken third place in one of the most competitive skilled construction crafts competitions in the country. Only several years earlier, first-year sheet metal apprentice Bryan Hammack couldn't imagine that in just three and one half years, he would be hailed by his family, coworkers and employer as a national champ.

  • Merit-based training stacks up, builds strong careers

    Training and employee development is one of the key indicators of a company's success, in any industry. In the construction field, it's even more imperative that solid training be a priority -- from safety updates, to education on code changes, to career advancement resources.

  • Project labor agreements: Cutting competition and raising costs

    A project labor agreement (PLA) or project stabilization agreement (PSA) is a contract structured to make a construction project essentially a union-only job. A PLA/PSA is negotiated exclusively by construction unions and a project owner (or agent of the owner), and all contractors and subcontractors have to sign it before work begins. Contractors are not permitted to participate in the negotiations.

  • Risky business: School board should rethink union-only requirement for Proposition S

    Note: School board officials are considering "union-only" requirements on the $2.1 billion Proposition S construction bond, thus eliminating most of San Diego's taxpaying construction work force from participating.

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