Get updates on local markets and current developments, and take a closer look at the nominees of this year's Smart Growth Awards.

  • Oceanside transit center plan looks at high-density, mixed-use development

    The study evaluates the potential reuse of surface parking areas and low-density development converted to high-density mixed-use infill development.

  • Doors open at The Lofts at 707 Tenth Avenue

    Construction is complete on The Lofts at 707 Tenth Avenue, a new mixed-use residential building located in downtown San Diego's East Village neighborhood. KMA Architecture & Engineering provided design development and construction documents for the project and Austin Veum Robbins Partners designed the project owned by Oliver McMillan.

  • Citron Court brings affordable housing to Lemon Grove

    Located in Lemon Grove just minutes from downtown San Diego, Citron Court is a new mixed-use infill development that brings 36 units of affordable housing atop two street-level commercial spaces to the commercial corridor of Broadway. Citron Court also brings trees back to the street front, including the walkability of the community.

  • Bluwater Crossing eliminates commute, increases quality of life

    Trading hours of commuting for a brisk walk down a staircase. Swapping the boardroom for beach sand. Converging a career with comfort. To some, this sounds like doing the impossible. To the developers of Bluwater Crossing, it's just business as usual.

  • MXD 830 supports Golden Hill artist community

    Mxd830 is an eco-friendly, infill, mixed-use building designed and built by local architect Mike Burnett as part of his graduate degree thesis. The building was conceived and designed to support the diverse artist community of Golden Hill while helping revitalize the commercial corridor of 25th Street.

  • Veterans Village of San Diego expands services

    Veterans Village of San Diego's rehabilitative campus is a comprehensive integrated program for mental illness and substance abuse treatment. The facility provides a state-of-the-art living and support facility for the treatment of veterans, including 224 transitional housing beds, a counseling center, employment/education center, a kitchen/dining/multi-purpose facility, outpatient care facility and corporate offices.

  • Hotel Occidental adaptive reuse reflects San Diego history

    The Hotel Occidental has received the Downtown San Diego Partnership Alonzo Award, the organization's annual event honoring projects that have contributed significantly to the revitalization and renewal of downtown.

  • Harney Sushi serves up green restaurant design

    Harney Sushi Oceanside features reusable and recycled materials such as bamboo plywood, strawboard plywood substrate, low VOC paints and sealers, LED lighting, Ecolab dishwashing equipment, Vetrazzo counters and 3-Form glazing. In keeping with the "green" concept, the décor of the restaurant incorporates all four of Earth's elements -- a 600-gallon fish tank behind the sake bar, a waterfall behind the sushi bar, an ethanol fireplace and various wood and metal elements in the walls and floors.

  • Cowboy Star restaurant reclaims industrial warehouse downtown

    The concept for Cowboy Star, designed by Bluemotif Architecture, was to marry the Cowboy Stars of old Western Hollywood with a modern restaurant. The restaurant incorporates graphic elements, photography and iconography recalling the Old West. The Roy Rogers motto and the values of John Wayne are underlying themes that define the restaurants character.

  • Schultz looks to improve quality of life, revitalize community

    Barry Schultz recently completed his tenure on the San Diego City Planning Commission. During his time as its chair, the bulk of the commission's work focused on the recently adopted general plan. Schultz's leadership and advocacy resulted in a document that sets the future course for the city and is oriented toward the community, the neighborhood and the people.

  • Affordable housing at Autumn Terrace to replace rundown apartment complex

    Perhaps the most blighted area of San Marcos, the Richmar neighborhood is ripe for a redevelopment project by Community Collective.

  • Citronica to provide affordable housing in urban village setting

    Between its location right next to the trolley line and pursuit of the highest standard in energy efficiency, Hitzke Development Cos.' mixed-use affordable housing project, Citronica, was an obvious candidate for an Urban Land Institute Smart Growth Award.

  • Pacific Station offers mixed-use, transit-oriented redevelopment in Encinitas

    The Smart Growth Awards program honors outstanding and innovative projects, plans and people from the San Diego/Tijuana region that advance the application of smart growth and sustainability principles in land use. The awards are sponsored by Urban Land Institute San Diego/Tijuana District Council, a nonprofit education and research institute.

  • 1Mission mixed-use project blends historic restoration, functionality

    1Mission, a mixed-use residential/retail enclave under construction in San Diego's Mission Hills, brings together the meticulous restoration of a turn-of-the century commercial block, a new five-story residential mid-rise with 61 residences and an urban "secret garden" and pedestrian promenade. The project is being developed by CLB Partners Ltd., developer of Park Laurel overlooking Balboa Park and Seahaus in La Jolla.

  • Unisource Solutions expands to San Diego

    San Diego is welcoming a new real estate service company, Unisource Solutions, an integrated facility service and office furniture provider.

  • Number of LEED accredited professionals grows to 40 at Barnhart

    People are beginning to wonder if the grass really is greener at Barnhart Inc., a Heery International company. The number of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design accredited professionals (LEED APs) has grown to 40; a group comprised of senior vice presidents, project managers, supervisors, field engineers, estimators and superintendents. This is triple the number of LEED APs on staff less than one year ago.

  • San Diego Granny Flats

    San Diego granny flats, which are no longer permitted, allowed for greater density, mixed income housing, as well as more live work opportunities. While not currently permitted under zoning, this planning and development technique was a great benefit to local neighborhoods and should be resumed.

  • Park to Bay Link creates walkable, transportation-friendly corridor

    The Park to Bay Link II/Smart Corner project is a major improvement to downtown San Diego, in which Park Boulevard between Balboa Park and San Diego Bay was reconstructed into a pedestrian/transportation-friendly corridor.

  • Laureles Canyon draws bi-national efforts toward ecological revitalization

    The Laureles Canyon is located on the northwest side of the city of Tijuana and adjacent to the U.S./Mexico border fence. The canyon is part of the Tijuana River watershed that extends across the border into the Tijuana Estuary in Imperial Beach, Calif. The canyon is densely populated with settlements that include various forms of formal and informal constructions as well as illegal or squatter settlements. Due to the manipulation and degradation of the terrain by development, the natural ecological systems have been damaged, and produce a large amount of runoff, sediment, untreated wastewater and other debilitating agents to the ecology and geographies on both sides of the border.

  • Garden Del Mar plan moves forward with overwhelming support

    The Garden Del Mar Specific Plan (GDMSP) broke through no-growth politics to approve the first new development in downtown Del Mar in 22 years. With an emphasis on smart growth principles, extensive community outreach and involvement and a package of neighborhood protections and public benefits, the Garden Del Mar Specific Plan achieved a hard-won victory -- unanimous approval from the Design Review Board, the Planning Commission and City Council and an unprecedented 85 percent approval on the November 2008 ballot.

  • New County Operations Center campus to consolidate departments

    The redevelopment of the 1960s vintage one- and two-story, 260,000-square-foot County Operations Center (COC) in Kearny Mesa will consolidate departments and functions from nine locations into a new County Operations Center campus comprising six four-story, steel-frame buildings of approximately 150,000 square feet each, a 20,000-square-foot conference center with food services, a new central plant and two multi-level parking structures.

  • Community garden flourishes in Tecate

    The women of the Comite de Mujeres Lluvia Del Sur are a group of migrants from central and southern Mexico who moved north to Tecate to work in the maquiladoras. This marginalized group lives on the easternmost outskirts in a shanty neighborhood known as Luis Donaldo Colosio on the hillsides above the dry stretch of the Tecate River.

  • Fifth amendment to Central Imperial Redevelopment Plan

    The Central Imperial Redevelopment Plan (CIRP) was initially approved by City Council in 1992, and was subsequently amended four times. The redevelopment plan area comprises approximately 145 acres and encompasses areas located east of I-805 along Market Street and Imperial Avenue in need of revitalization. These areas currently include industrial and commercial development that is aging and underutilized.

  • Alter Terra looks to create first bi-national conservation easement in Tijuana

    According to the Development Plan for the Population Center of Tijuana, the city has fallen behind many other urban centers in the nation due to its inability to meet minimum standards for open space, parks and natural preserved areas. In addition, unplanned development has forced residents to use all available space, limiting opportunities to create parks.

  • Medical center utilities screen to reconnect pedestrian pathways

    UCSD Hillcrest Medical Center has nearly completed a much-needed infrastructure upgrade to replace the utilities supplying the Medical Campus from the Central Plant. Due to existing site constraints, the new utilities have been constructed within the rim of the canyon, which offers panoramic views to Mission Valley and the ocean. Recognizing that the new utilities create an eyesore to the public, UCSD commissioned Bluemotif Architecture to design a landscape fence to screen the interesting but unsightly infrastructure from public view.

  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law to boost downtown redevelopment

    The Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a centerpiece of the redevelopment of the East Village area of downtown San Diego. Located on Island Avenue between 11th Avenue and Park Boulevard, the new construction is a vertical campus, stepping up to eight stories, with expansive roof terraces at the fifth and eighth levels.

  • The Q mixed-use project to rehab oldest house in Little Italy

    Located in the heart of Little Italy, The Q is a seven-story mix-used development project that will be home to retail, restaurant and office spaces. It is set for completion this summer. In addition to the new development on the site, The Q will also include the relocation and rehabilitation of the historic A.W. Pray Rental House, the oldest house in Little Italy, which will be incorporated into the design and utilized as a small cafe.

  • Seeds at City brings urban farming to downtown San Diego

    Seeds at City is a partnership among San Diego City College, Roots Sustainable Food Project, San Diego High School and Garfield High School, focused on stimulating organic urban farming in downtown San Diego.

  • Patrick Fuscoe dedicated to environment, community leadership

    Exemplifying community leadership at its best, Patrick Fuscoe's true passion is for people. As a contributing member of the industry, Fuscoe is involved with the Building Industry Association and Urban Land Institute. He supports many student and community activities and organizations, has provided pro-bono services for Habitat for Humanity, HomeAid and the Boys Scouts of America, and is an annual sponsor of the Ocean Institute's Adopt-A-Class Program, which funds educational field trips for financially disadvantaged schoolchildren. Fuscoe's vision is to make a significant difference for his colleagues and his community.

  • Pacific Highlands Ranch designed for sustainability, healthy living

    In its location just east of Carmel Valley, master-planned Pacific Highlands Ranch occupies one of San Diego's best coastal-close locations.

  • Oceanside bicycle master plan facilitates alternative transportation

    The project is a comprehensive update of the bicycle facility portion of the 1995 City of Oceanside General Plan Circulation Element. The state of California requires a bicycle transportation plan as part of the circulation element, and the city's growth necessitated an update to better address not only local bicycle travel needs, but also to better serve regional long-distance travel and promote tourism.

  • Escondido runoff program protects county's water resources

    Since 2001, the city of Escondido has participated in, collaborated on and led portions of watershed stewardship activities that serve to protect water resources in San Diego County. In support of these efforts, the city's Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Plan (JURMP) provides a five-year compliance plan to minimize water quality and related environmental impacts associated with urban runoff pollutants.

  • Drew George focuses on sustainable design

    Drew George has more than 25 years of experience in the design and construction industry, with the last 10 years focused on sustainable design and construction projects. He has been involved in more than 100 projects designed to meet the various LEED rating systems, ranging in value from $1.3 million to $165 million and located all over the United States.

  • Martin Building redevelopment encourages community

    Community at Martin Building + Flats is the inaugural project for Gregory Strangman and LWP Group's Community brand of affordable urban properties. The Community "brand" is a set of principles for redevelopment and management that create buildings that facilitate active participation in urban neighborhoods.

  • Helping you go for the green

    Energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of any building that stakes a claim to being "green." And one of the most effective ways to make sure a building uses as little energy as possible is to start with an energy-smart design.

  • Urban Land Institute presents fifth annual Smart Growth Awards

    By the year 2030, the San Diego region will have grown by approximately 1 million people, 290,000 new homes and roughly half a million jobs. With more people calling San Diego home, how the region accommodates the growth will be a deciding factor in the future viability and livability of America's Finest City and beyond. One key in handling the growth is developing and implementing smart growth strategies.

  • Office leasing continues slow pace in 2009

    The San Diego County office market remains a tenants' market with rising vacancy and declining rents, a recently released first-quarter Cushman & Wakefield report shows.

  • Report: Subleasing can offer advantages

    Sublessees can have inexpensive and often full built-out space, but they could be in trouble if they don't watch their step.

  • April county home sales up 10 percent, prices increase 3 percent

    Median prices for attached and detached homes across San Diego County increased about 3 percent while sales were up more than 10 percent in April, according to statistic from the North San Diego County Association of Realtor’s HomeDex report.

  • Longer leasing terms aid commercial lenders

    Commercial lending is getting a boost from the Feds with longer lease terms.

  • Lee & Associates exec aims for 100 offices in country

    Lee & Associates executive Ed Indvik envisions 100 brokerage offices within the next few years.

  • Realty Income formula keeps it on steady ground

    This may not be the best time to own retail properties, but Escondido-based Realty Income Corp. has been working on a successful formula for decades.

  • Residential building permits rise in March after record-low in Feb.

    The number of building permits for residential units issued in March throughout San Diego County was up significantly from both the prior month and the prior year.

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