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  • Corporate mindset shifts from efficiency to innovation

    The business world is shifting from efficiency to innovation. Older, larger firms and government are lagging behind startups and companies built around creativity, but the solution to bridging the gap between the two isn’t complicated, a panel of experts said.

  • IoT, new tech pose challenges, rewards in defense

    The Internet of Things promises to bring enormous opportunities to the security and defense fields, but serious risks accompany every benefit as increasing the available tools also increases the threat.

  • SD leads charge for cybersecurity collaboration

    Imagine flipping open the latest edition of a magazine and instead of seeing a list of the most walkable or dog-friendly cities, finding the most cyber-friendly cities, and then placing importance in the results.

  • Pairing resources key to helping veteran workforce

    Training veterans to conduct a productive job search, equipping them with new skills and connecting them with small businesses are among the ways to help military members transition into the civilian workforce, according to a recent Daily Transcript executive roundtable sponsored by the San Diego Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM.

  • The good and bad of defense legacy systems

    “If you buy a brand new house, sometimes you move in your old furniture,” said Dave Grundies, president of GET Engineering. In this case, that house is a state-of-the-art littoral combat ship or DDG Zumwalt-class destroyer or an unmanned aerial vehicle, and the old furniture is onboard systems such as the Navy Tactical Data System or Navigation Sensor System Interface.

  • Tech innovations challenge military, training

    Even with minimally manned ships and unmanned aerial systems coming online quickly for the military, the key to success is still getting the right people to the right place at the right time. This is further complicated in an era of declining budgets and fiscal uncertainty.

  • Industry executives, public agencies see slight improvement in 2014

    Local construction executives from the public and private sector who attended at The Daily Transcript’s third annual Construction Day discussion April 30 said the industry is slowly getting better but still has limited areas of growth.

  • Budget cuts cause companies to diversify

    Defense contractors are turning to the commercial sector, as budget cuts hit their No. 1 customer.

  • Absorbing military into job market poses challenge in current economy

    The economy faces the challenge of absorbing military members in the local job market at a time when uncertainty is constraining the private sector’s ability to create more jobs, panelists at a recent forum said.

  • Defense industry navigates health care, sequestration

    Editor's note: The following article is part of an ongoing series looking at the effects of sequestration.