The latest HR topics and trends -- such as health care, employee retention and the economic recession -- along with a roundtable discussion featuring local industry experts.

  • Fitness Focus: San Diego County Regional Airport Authority wellness program

    The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority is an independent, state-chartered enterprise that employs approximately 350 professionals in the airport management industry at San Diego International Airport at Lindbergh Field. The organization has consistently demonstrated a commitment to employee wellness, viewing the program as a method of achieving a sustainable work force. This means the organization invests in preserving employees as business assets, as opposed to managing them as an expense.

  • 6 steps to creating a healthy workplace, saving your bottom line

    A recent study conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute in conjunction with Zogby International indicated between 54 million and 71.5 million Americans are victimized by a bully at work. Bullies use ongoing negative, aggressive, unprofessional, inappropriate and hurtful tactics against subordinates, peers and even superiors; creating a power imbalance and inviting serious damaging consequences to targets, witnesses and organizations.

  • Training on trial: Meeting the needs of business

    When budgets are tight and a directive to tighten the belt comes down from the top, training is the first to go. This is because workplace learning performance professionals, trainers and human resources departments often find it difficult to prove their efforts add tangible value to the business and bottom line.

  • New federal legislation creates greater risk of employment discrimination suits against employers

    Employers can no longer leave the past in the past, as personnel actions and decisions made years earlier can now be used to file discrimination lawsuits due to the passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. As a result, employers will likely be subjected to an onslaught of employee discrimination lawsuits.

  • Aerotek supports San Diego business community

    Aerotek Inc., a leading U.S. staffing provider, is a direct source to provide valuable staffing services to the San Diego business community. Aerotek's qualified staffing professionals locate, screen and place candidates in positions throughout a variety of industries.

  • Young workers push employers for wider Web access

    CHICAGO -- Ryan Tracy thought he'd entered the Dark Ages when he graduated college and arrived in the working world.

  • What are employers to do about social media?

    Recently, a national football league all-star was fined $2,500 by his team for tweeting about the poor quality of training camp food. Paula Abdul tweeted to her world that she wasn't returning for the new season of American Idol. An employee of a highly reputable nonprofit organization announced on her public Facebook site that she had spent the weekend drinking like crazy and was too hung over to make it to work on Monday. A couple of Domino's employees faced an investigation for criminal charges for a video they posted on YouTube showing them altering the food they prepared.

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