Athena promotes professional growth for women executives and rising managers in science and technology.


  • Results-oriented direct sales pioneer at Sony

    As a 5-year-old growing up in North Carolina, Erna Adelson saved her pocket money and stowed it away in her piggy bank. Her father explained to her how she could own a part of a company by buying shares in the stock market, so she decided to buy one share of Duke Power.

  • Athena San Diego president encourages leadership, communication

    Coming up at the end of April, Athena San Diego is giving out its annual Pinnacle Awards and scholarships, honoring local businesswomen, and future businesswomen.

Athena Videos

Former Southwest CEO on Athena event

Feb. 13, 2013 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin speaks with Howard Putnam, former chief executive of Southwest Airlines, about his history with the company and his speaking event Wednesday night at Athena's "Navigating a Major Career Change."