Find out Who's Who in Tech & Biotech as we profile a few executives turning local companies into regional success stories.

  • When raising money, be direct

    The turmoil in today's capital markets has many public company issuers searching for viable capital-raising methods. For many such companies, registered direct securities offerings (RDOs) are a viable way to raise capital.

  • Q5: Intelligently taking companies to the future

    CEOs, CFOs and other members of the management team tasked with a company's strategic planning and ensuring adequate resources to carry out that strategy will appreciate the name Q5 -- and the services the innovative company provides.

  • Life science market ripe with opportunity

    A just released report by Cushman & Wakefield speaks to the trends and opportunity offered by San Diego's laboratory market. While there is growing consensus that the worst of the downturn may be nearly behind us, the market will likely remain favorable for San Diego's life science companies for the foreseeable future.

  • Beware patent markers

    Any company selling patented products must take note of a recent change in the law which can potentially and very easily result in the company paying millions in damages.

  • BIOCOM: Representing life-saving innovation in Southern California

    BIOCOM is the voice of the life sciences industry in Southern California. The companies it represents comprise one of the world's largest hubs of life-saving innovation that is a key economic engine for the region. Created 15 years ago, BIOCOM is now the world's largest regional trade association for the life sciences industry.

  • Genetic testing and pregnancy: A better way

    Last week an article by The Associated Press that appeared in newspapers across the country caused concern in religious and ethical communities as prenatal genetic testing was linked to abortions as a means of selective breeding to remove unwanted traits from the population. The article cited an unsourced California study that concluded prenatal screening reduced by half the number of babies born with the severest form of cystic fibrosis because many parents chose abortion.

  • Industry organizations look for solutions to VC funding gap

    Last summer, a task force was formed at the behest of Connect to explore solutions to the lack of local venture capital in San Diego, without which early stage companies are crippled. The nonprofit, which helps build tech and biotech businesses in the county, also launched a multi-pronged offensive to address the issue of funding. Half a year later, some answers are emerging.

  • Analysts see signs of IPO market recovery, continuing volatility

    As the initial public offering market continues its recovery, a local semiconductor company and antibiotic developer have joined the line of companies looking to go public.

  • Electric cars to provide grid storage in near future

    Car batteries will soon provide storage for the electrical grid, powering up when demand is low and sending energy back onto the grid in a power emergency.

  • NIH head is aware of economic impact of grants

    Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, said he's increasingly seeing that the grants his department gives researchers are not only important to scientific discovery, but to economic growth and job creation as well.

  • Quidel completes acquisition of Diagnostic Hybrids

    Quidel Corp. (Nasdaq: QDEL), a provider of rapid diagnostic tests, has completed its previously announced acquisition of Diagnostic Hybrids Inc. for approximately $130 million in cash.

  • Google, publishers defend book settlement; objects

    Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) and a group of publishers and authors urged a federal judge today to accept a $125 million settlement that would create the world’s biggest digital book library.

  • Adobe'ís CEO says Flash is flourishing without Apple

    Adobe Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ADBE) Chief Executive Officer Shantanu Narayen shrugged off Apple Inc.'s (Nasdaq: AAPL) decision not to use its Flash video program on its devices, saying it has a “powerful ecosystem” of partners.

  • Microsoft's Ballmer says big pPhone mergers unlikely

    Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer said he doesn’t expect acquisitions and mergers among large mobile-phone suppliers and that Microsoft is “doing well” with the partnerships it has.

  • Regional project for more biotech jobs receives grant

    The U.S. Department of Labor has directed a three-year, $4.95 million grant toward a project designed to spur economic growth of the San Diego region's life sciences industry.

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