The Daily Transcript publishes the General Bar Exam twice a year. We recognize those who passed and offer statistical information regarding the exam results.

  • Join the Strong Start Team

    Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company's (LMIC) STRONG START PROGAM is designed to provide extremely affordable and easy-to-apply for coverage for newly admitted lawyers who have been licensed for 3 years or less and plan on practicing solo. Our goal is to take some of the risk out of your practice by helping you start out right!

  • February 2010 California Bar Examination Pass List

    The following San Diego County residents passed the February 2010 California Bar Examination, according to the State Bar of California.

  • Job market improving for new lawyers

    The job market isn't as bleak as it has been the past couple of years for law school graduates, and that's good news for those who just passed the February bar exam.