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  • Tory Nixon

    Executive Vice President and San Diego Division President

  • Teresa Halleck

    President and CEO

  • Roger S. Stinnett

    Senior Vice President, Tax and Financial Planning Manager

  • John P. Massab

    Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer

  • Alan J. Lane

    Director and President

  • 10 bailed-out banks spent $16.3 million lobbying in 1H

    The 10 banks that received the most bailout aid during the financial crisis spent more than $16 million on lobbying efforts in the first half of 2010, as the debate over financial regulatory reform reached its height.

  • Gasoline prices fall ahead of Labor Day weekend

    There is good news at the gas pump, as Americans get ready to fill their cars, RVs and boats for the Labor Day weekend.

  • U.S. says it lacked authority to charge Moody's

    The Securities and Exchange Commission has declined to seek fraud charges against Moody's Investors Services over its ratings of risky investments that led to the financial crisis.

  • The Dodd-Frank Act: Another legislative failure

    On July 21, President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress claimed victory with the president’s signing of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Despite all the hype surrounding this new law, it will not prevent a financial crisis in the future, and I am not sure it will even serve to soften a future financial crisis. It does, however, abandon one of the fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution, which is the system of checks and balances, while ignoring two of the agencies at the heart of the most recent financial meltdown.

  • Charles Schwab survey: Despite roadblocks, some light at end of tunnel

    While world events have caused independent investment advisers to maintain a somewhat conservative outlook, there are still a few bright spots in their forecast, according to Charles Schwab’s latest survey of independent registered investment advisers. Nearly 60 percent of advisers surveyed say a double-dip recession in the United States is unlikely over the next six months, and more than 60 percent expect the S&P to increase during the same time period. Their optimism is tempered by the aftershocks of world events: more than 80 percent of advisers say their investment decisions have been impacted by the European debt crisis and declines in the Chinese market, and 40 percent say the Gulf oil spill gave them cause for concern.

  • Torrey Pines bank announces debt financing for Vertical V, demonstrates broad capabilities

    Torrey Pines Bank, a leading, local commercial bank with offices throughout San Diego County and an affiliate of Western Alliance Bancorporation recently announced it has provided $2.8 million debt financing to Vertical V Inc., a multi-disciplined engineering and consulting firm, to acquire Nolte Inc., a full-service civil and infrastructure engineering company, headquartered in Sacramento, Calif.

  • CONNECT brings dollars and sense to San Diego’s sports industry

    With more than 600 sports-oriented companies in San Diego, the industry rivals in size other significant local business clusters such as life sciences, defense and energy and the environment.

  • SDCCU expands e-services that give customers easy access to accounts, services

    San Diego County Credit Union, San Diego’s largest locally owned financial institution, is proud to be a leader in the e-services arena. With cutting-edge products and technology, SDCCU is able to offer its customers access to their accounts and services 24/7 in a safe and secure manner, which is key in today’s marketplace. One of SDCCU’s primary goals is to grow with the communities it serves, including keeping up with the demands of ever-expanding online and mobile banking platforms.

  • Taking Roth conversions to the next level

    There’s been a lot of talk about Roth conversions. Given the wealth of information out there, it can be confusing. But we’ve found that for many of our clients, converting an existing traditional IRA to a Roth IRA generally makes the most sense for one reason -- when viewed as an estate planning tool that allows you to preserve the Roth IRA’s income tax-free compounding feature for your heirs.

  • Three tips for building a successful business banking relationship (and why it’s important)

    You’ve completed your business financing, set up lines of credit and opened your business checking accounts. You’ve shaken hands with your banker, said goodbye and gone on with the task of running your business. All finished, right? Actually, there’s one other item that should be on your list of banking things to do -- build a strong relationship with your banker.

  • Debunking misperceptions about community banks

    Late last year, the Washington Post ran an article entitled “Community Banks in Trouble?” noting that 55 community banks had failed to make their dividend payments the previous month. There’s no question that banks suffered in the recession, right along with other businesses throughout the country, but the fact is that 97 percent of the banks in this country are community banks. To say that all or even most community banks are “in trouble,” is not accurate.

  • To create San Diego jobs, resuscitate IPOs

    Job creation in San Diego is a critical issue that threatens our hope for a sustained economic recovery. Grant Thornton LLP’s most recent survey of CFOs found that only 29 percent planned to increase their work force over the next six months, while 22 percent planned to reduce. While we have heard many suggestions for creating San Diego jobs, we have yet to hear of the positive role that resuscitating the initial public offering (IPO) market can play on job creation.

  • Rebalancing your investment portfolio for today’s market

    Just as investors were feeling good about the stabilizing economy and financial markets, the second quarter of 2010 reminded us that we live in a world full of risk. The BP oil spill combined with worries about a double dip recession, the European debt crisis and the uncertainty in Washington relating to fiscal austerity, health care, financial and tax reform have all increased the level of worry and volatility. Watching the evening news is enough to make the most seasoned investors question the structure of their portfolios.

  • U.S. Bank hires Rob Buckner for SBA division

    Rob Buckner has joined U.S. Bank’s Small Business Administration division as a business development officer.

  • Silvergate Bank appoints Donald Wolfe vice president

    Silvergate Bank named Donald Wolfe as vice president and information technology manager. Wolfe joins the bank, which is owned by Silvergate Capital Corporation, at its La Jolla headquarters.

  • Refinancing? Rates on auto loans are falling too

    NEW YORK (AP) -- It's easy to overlook the cost of auto loans with mortgage rates grabbing all the attention.

  • Investors, beware: 'absolute return' can mean loss

    BOSTON (AP) -- Absolute return funds sound like they would stand above criticism. They're the mutual fund industry's latest push to deliver modest, but steady, gains whether stocks are up or down.

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