Take a closer look at some of the executives and firms involved in the development of our region, from general contractors and engineers to designers, subcontractors and suppliers.

  • Changing material costs add layer of challenge to bidding process

    The current recession has forced construction companies to tighten up their belts, weed out the excess baggage and work even harder to win contracts.

  • Construction industry recovery may bring trend of infill projects

    Economic experts know the economy will turn around at some point, but no one can agree on when specifically. And when it does come around, there will be buildings, streets and other infrastructure to construct.

  • CARB In-Use Off-Road Diesel Regulation -- California’s broken regulatory process

    There have been many articles in the Transcript over last five years relating to the development and implementation of the In-Use Off-Road Diesel Regulation by the California Air Resources Board (CARB), a regulation that significantly impacts the owners of the heavy diesel equipment used for all construction in California. Recently, the staff at CARB has proposed major changes to these regulations. These modifications are the direct result of a bitter, expensive and protracted struggle between a united construction industry and a governmental agency implementing another costly and overbearing regulation on the industry. The industry has prevailed -- at least for now.

  • Concrete doesn’t come from Home Depot

    Over the course of your day, there are so many things that are taken for granted, like when you turn on the faucet your water will run or knowing when you leave your home to drive to work the roads will be there for you. So many things that we do in daily activity are dependent upon construction materials, and not all of those materials come from Home Depot. Most of the materials used to build our roads, freeways, bridges, house foundations and other building foundations and water and sewer systems come from local quarries. It is a fact overlooked by most people.

  • EGCA: The contractor’s voice

    Like our cities, state and nation, the local construction industry is in the midst of undergoing unprecedented changes. Along with the severe economic environment, we are truly in difficult times. As the construction industry adapts to these changes and perseveres through the current challenging times, it is imperative that contractors come together with our collective strength and stand up for our industry. As our forefather Benjamin Franklin said, “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall hang separately.” Unfortunately, the changes coming our way are simply this serious.

  • Neal Electric is no stranger to change and growth

    With more than 25 years in business, Neal Electric is shifting focus while staying strong. From its first location working from the back of a house on Greenfield Drive in El Cajon to its newest office in Norwalk, the company has always utilized available technology and been willing to move with the tools of the time.

  • Continuing to LEED the way

    As the “green” trend continues, it’s becoming more and more important for owners, contractors and developers to be knowledgeable in sustainable building practices. Fortunately, along with the increase in eco-friendly building has been an increase in valuable resources that exist to aid owners, developers, architects, engineers and contractors. These resources have been created to assist in implementing effective “green” practices and even more to help with achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification.

  • H.G. Fenton launches energy efficient initiative

    H.G. Fenton Co. has implemented a number of retrofits at its San Diego corporate headquarters that will bring the facility to “zero net energy” status.

  • Swinerton Builders celebrates recent completions in health care

    Swinerton Builders is proud to announce the substantial completion for two health care projects: Scripps Mercy Central Energy Plant Replacement and Kaiser Permanente - Garfield Specialty Center.

  • First-class, cost-effective air charter

    Air2Air provides fast, convenient cost-effective business and personal air charter service, connecting people to the southwest’s many communities. Operating a fleet of Piper Seneca six-seat, twin-engined turbocharged aircraft, Air2Air provides first-class travel to difficult-to-reach destinations at reasonable prices. Air2Air’s customers drive up to the plane, load up and fly away from the herd. You can expect to be airborne 10 minutes after the aircraft door closes.

  • U.S. service industries probably grew at faster pace

    Service industries probably expanded in October at a pace that shows limited improvement in the U.S. economy, economists said before a report Wednesday.

  • Toll to pay $25 million to end lawsuit alleging company misled investors

    Toll Brothers Inc., the largest U.S. luxury-home builder, agreed to pay $25 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged the company misled investors about its ability to weather the slump in the housing market.

  • PulteGroup loss widens on charges, new orders fall

    Summer's gone, but the worst housing demand homebuilders have seen in decades is dragging into the fall.

  • Echo Pacific Construction on leading edge of project acceleration

    Echo Pacific Construction, general contractor and construction manager, is recognized in Southern California as an industry leader when it comes to delivering projects using accelerated scheduling and building practices.

  • Landscape architecture firm creates meaningful, sustainable designs

    Wimmer Yamada and Caughey has a legacy of creating meaningful outdoor spaces in San Diego since 1954. Having contributed to the design and development of some of San Diego’s most recognizable places including SeaWorld, the University of California San Diego campus, the Embarcadero and Seaport Village to name a few, Wimmer Yamada and Caughey has been involved first-hand with the development and enhancement of San Diego.

  • Students able to occupy Webcor’s UCSD residences a year in advance

    Webcor Builders recently completed the Rita Atkinson graduate student housing complex at the University of California San Diego, a new design-build project expected to receive LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Working with the architect, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, and the structural engineer, Hope Engineering, the team split the project documents into a foundation package and a structure package. This innovative approach allowed Webcor to install the project’s foundation before the rest of the building design was approved, which helped the team finish in September 2010. By finishing the project early, the university was able to reap an entire year of unanticipated leasing revenue.

  • Businesses should consider how best to leverage new government stimulus program

    Under the new Small Business Jobs Act, businesses can expense deductions and tack on depreciation incentives for equipment purchases through the end of the year to help give a permanent boost to the economy.

  • Design/build and beyond: Pioneering new technologies, new breakthroughs

    Not every contractor has the capacity for design/build (D/B) delivery methodology or the ability to do it right. D/B requires a comprehensive skill set, advanced technology capabilities, a high risk tolerance, financial chops and a culture of trust and innovation. Providers who can demonstrate established communication channels and relationships among team members have a distinct advantage in the fast-paced design/build process.

  • Tenant retention the result of Sudberry’s emphasis on individual attention

    Sudberry Properties is a San Diego-based real estate development and asset management firm that specializes in quality town center developments. It was founded in 1979 by Thomas W. Sudberry Jr., who continues to head the business as chairman of the board. The company strategy is to hold excellent properties for the long term, with specific emphasis on strong locations, high-quality design and construction, and an effective mix of uses in a pedestrian-friendly environment. Town centers combine retail with residential, civic and office to provide a live, work, shop and play environment.

  • Rudolph and Sletten celebrates 50 years in business

    Rudolph and Sletten’s diversity has provided strength through the slow-to-recover California economy. While other construction company’s have come and gone in Southern California in the last few years, Rudolph and Sletten is celebrating its 50th year in business, adding to its roster of impressive clients across a wide breath of market segments. In 2010, the company has been awarded a national oceanic laboratory, a medical center, a college science building and the state’s largest courthouse project, all in the San Diego area.

  • Know your contractor before you sign

    During economic uncertainty, you never really know what you are going to get out of your contractor if you’re not familiar with them already. There are a lot of desperate contractors out there right now, fighting just like any other business to stay afloat during these tough economic times. Unfortunately, when times are tough, integrity is tested.

  • Water authority approves Mentor Protégé Program for O'Day Consultants

    In this extremely competitive market, it has become increasingly apparent that innovative strategies need to be utilized by small firms in order to win work on federal, state and municipal projects. This includes teaming with large firms that have connections with targeted public/federal agencies. A great teaming strategy is utilizing a Mentor Protégé Program.

  • Hawthorne Cat: Serving the construction community for over 50 years

    Hawthorne Cat has been serving the construction community in San Diego County since 1956. As the exclusive Caterpillar dealer, Hawthorne sells, rents, provides parts and service to various industries including heavy construction, general building construction, earthmoving, excavation, quarry and aggregate, landscaping, marine, paving, waste management, engine power, power generation and grounds maintenance. Hawthorne is also the authorized dealer for Caterpillar construction and power equipment in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and American Samoa.

  • At DPR Construction, size doesn’t matter

    When it comes to commercial construction projects, size doesn’t matter at DPR Construction . With projects ranging from $5,000 to more than $600 million, DPR has the ability to leverage its technical building skills to successfully complete projects in a sustainable way with safety always as a top priority.

  • C.W. Driver completes R. Roger Rowe Elementary & Middle School campus

    C.W. Driver, a premier builder serving the Western United States since 1919, has completed construction of the $33 million R. Roger Rowe Elementary & Middle School, a 76,000-square-foot public school the construction company is building in the San Diego County town of Rancho Santa Fe. The campus, located at 5927 La Granada, replaces the majority of a pre-existing campus on the same site. The additions, designed by San Marcos-based Trittipo Architecture & Planning, include six new buildings with connected skybridges, large amounts of new landscape and hardscape and an outdoor learning center. Students moved into the new buildings in September.

  • Three tips for building a business banking relationship (and why it’s important)

    You’ve completed your business financing, set up lines of credit and opened your business checking accounts. You’ve shaken hands with your banker, said goodbye and gone on with the task of running your business. All finished, right? Actually, there’s one other item that should be on your list of banking things to do -- build a strong relationship with your banker.

  • Barnhart Balfour Beatty website showcases sustainability

    Barnhart Balfour Beatty is ranked the largest construction firm in San Diego* and recently we have made investments to expand on that leadership position by becoming “ecoengaged.” This new term describes a national effort by our parent company Balfour Beatty Construction and its divisions to dramatically improve the sustainability of every project. A new section on sustainability has been added to the “About Us” section of the company’s website, barnhart-balfourbeatty.com, to showcase the results.

  • Industrial Revolution turns green: Retrofit strategies for sustainable industrial properties

    Companies today are taking an increasing interest in the environmental status of the industrial real estate that they own and occupy. Sustainability continues to gain acceptance in the industrial space, despite the global economic downturn.

  • Jamacha Road Pipeline Project completed

    The Otay Water District has announced the completion of the Jamacha Road Pipeline Project.

  • Design under way for new blood bank HQ

    Smith Consulting Architects, a San Diego-based full-service architectural firm, has design underway for the new headquarters of the San Diego Blood Bank, located within Gateway Center at 3636 Gateway Center Ave. in San Diego.

  • St. Joseph Cathedral in middle of first extensive renovation

    Phase 2 of the renovation work to St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral in downtown San Diego is about two-thirds complete.

  • San Diego to get millions in federal rail funds

    The U.S. Department of Transportation is expected to announce that roughly $50 million has been awarded for rail projects in San Diego County or on lines that pass through the county.

  • Warm-mix asphalt receives warm reception in National City

    National City unveiled Wednesday the latest innovation in its current large-scale street re-surfacing project -- asphalt.

  • Housing permits issued fall in September, county remains ahead of '09 pace

    Housing permits were issued for 162 new homes countywide in September, 25 percent fewer than were issued in August, according to numbers released by the Construction Industry Research Board (CIRB).

  • Design activity increasing for first time in nearly three years

    For the first time in almost three years, design activity for construction projects is growing, according to the latest Architecture Billings Index released by the American Institute of Architects.

  • Green Build opportunities at Lindbergh Field presented to local contractors

    Upwards of 30 construction firms listened at a dinner gathering Wednesday to Bryan Enarson of the San Diego Regional Airport Authority, who outlined projects within the scope of the airport’s ongoing Green Build project that are designated to go to small businesses.

  • SW College project begins

    Southwestern College in Chula Vista has broken ground on its signature corner lot development, the college's largest construction project (pictured above) since it opened in 1961.

  • Capital, financing becoming available again

    The capital markets are improving, transaction volume is slowly accelerating and even some financing is available for apartment construction, if not other assets.

  • San Marcos street project to resume with new contractor

    The Rock Springs Road improvement project in San Marcos will resume construction no later than next Monday, after firing the original contractor and hiring Dick Miller Inc. as a replacement.



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