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  • National Wear Red Day in San Diego

    Chairman Bill Horn, Supervisor Pam Slater-Price and the San Diego County Board of Supervisors have proclaimed Feb. 4 as “National Wear Red Day” in San Diego County. The proclamation states that “by increasing awareness, speaking up about heart disease and empowering women to reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease, we can save thousands of lives each year.”

  • San Diegans join local landmarks, Go Red in support of American Heart Association campaign

    The American Heart Association encourages women, and those around them, to wear red Friday,

  • San Ysidro Health Center stays fiscally fit

    How is SYHC doing in the current economy and state of health care reform?

  • Three insurers agree to delay California rate increases

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Customers of three California health insurers will get some breathing room after the companies agreed last week to delay rate increases for 60 days, isolating Blue Shield of California as the lone holdout.

  • Government advising Americans to cut down on salt

    WASHINGTON -- The government is telling half of the U.S. population to drastically cut their daily salt intake.

  • Take HEART at the Cardiovascular Health Institute, add years to your life

    If you own a car, you probably take it in a few times a year for an oil change and diagnostic inspection. Why? Because you know that these simple tests provide just the right amount of preventive maintenance to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

  • One company’s effective approach to corporate health care cost containment

    GM&A is a corporate health care consulting firm comprised of medical industry insiders specializing in “direct contracting” with health care providers on behalf of large employers. President David Herbert, M.D., and CEO Michael Jenike have worked on all sides of health care, from hospital administration to insurance. They recently visited from their home offices in Texas to participate in a Daily Transcript executive roundtable on health and wellness.

  • Make It Your Mission to fight heart disease in women

    Heart disease is still the No. 1 killer of women, taking the life of one in three women each year. This means women just like you -- mothers, sisters, friends -- are dying at the rate of one per minute because they don’t know what you know: heart disease kills.



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