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  • Earth Day-friendly all year round: EarthSmart features in new Pardee homes

    As the world gets ready to celebrate Earth Day in April, Pardee Homes continues its more than decade-long commitment to building greener homes.

  • California firm to sell China-made electric cars in the U.S.

    A startup California developer of electric cars said earlier this month that its first model will be manufactured in China and go on sale in the United States this year.

  • San Diego schools lead by example with solar power systems

    They might not stand out to the casual observer, but solar panels and arrays have become more common at San Diego schools and are quickly becoming major sources of electricity to districts around the county.

  • Clean energy, carbon investment rose 30% to $243 billion in 2010

    Global investment in clean energy and the carbon markets surged 30 percent last year from 2009 levels to a record $243 billion, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

  • Greener, smarter, cheaper engines for passenger and commercial vehicles

    James Lemke is an airplane enthusiast who owns quite a few aircraft. Among those are several single-engine planes, which he was anxious about flying without a backup engine. So he wondered, why not have a lightweight engine as a backup?

  • Annual symposium at USD explores advancement of clean energy

    The University of San Diego's third annual Climate & Energy Law Symposium, titled “Advancing a Clean Energy Future,” will examine emerging law and policy approaches to encourage clean energy. Clean energy refers to the diverse set of technologies that can help meet our needs for energy while limiting its impact on the environment. Shifting to cleaner energy is an essential task for reducing green house gases that cause climate change.

  • Biomimicry: Nature meets human innovation for sustainable living

    They may not seem to have much in common or have anything to do with one another, but if ever there was an appropriate catch-phrase for the world of biomimicry, “buildings and butterflies” might be it.

  • Thomas Jefferson’s new campus goes green

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law (TJSL) is one of the few law schools on the cutting edge of “going green” in the 21st century. The new eight-story campus in the East Village at 1155 Island Ave., which opened in January, is constructed to be as energy efficient as possible, incorporating green solutions throughout its innovative design and systems. This includes nearly everything from the energy saving phones and virtual desktops in offices to the interior walls of the structure, which contain recycled content.

  • Introducing the new smog-eating tile

  • Hawthorne Cat offers eco-friendly Farrow System

    Many cleaning projects are delayed or deemed impossible because of their difficulty, high costs and environmental complications. The Farrow System changes this situation forever. The Farrow System is a revolutionary, environmentally safe and cost effective surface cleaning method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation and graffiti from surfaces without damaging them. It also cleans wood, plastics, composites, steel, aluminum, brass, ceramic tile, concrete, asphalt, decorative pavers, stone, brick and more.

  • Dynalectric: Making the West Coast greener

    As California has become increasingly green, San Diego-based Dynalectric has become one of the state’s leading green contractors. Over the past several years, the company has completed more than 34 projects for clients in health care, education, commercial, government and other industries. These projects vary from standard solar installations to complex design/assist and design/build efforts, using technologies ranging from photovoltaics to advanced metering and displays.

  • Why building green can equal saving green

    Designing what is commonly known today as a “green,” or sustainable, project used to be considered outside the realm of reason. An office was an office, and adding in new technologies for the benefit of happy workers? Not worth the price.

  • Tips on making green renovations to your home or business

    In the past, being green was considered an alternative lifestyle. Today, everyone is doing it. People are interested in how they can be even greener in an attempt to better their lives and the overall health of the planet. Sole proprietors, partnerships and large companies within all industries have responded as well, and are developing green products and services to help meet these new goals to be environmentally friendly.

  • Proactive, multipronged approach needed to secure water sources, experts say

    San Diegans, and Americans in general, use anywhere from 120-190 gallons per person, per day, according to various estimates.



  • Green investor matches values with opportunities

    Traditional financial investing has a blind spot to certain elements of a company’s long-term outlook, according to Jan Schalkwijk, founder of JPS Global Investments.

  • Terramoto’s green fleet environmentally and budget friendly

    On a recent weekday morning, 29-year-old Quentin Sponselee had just driven a customer to the San Diego International Airport from the Chopra Center for Wellbeing at the La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad. But he wasn’t behind the wheel of a taxicab, a limousine or a shuttle bus.

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