Join The Daily Transcript and the University of California, San Diego in celebrating the institution’s golden anniversary. 

  • UCSD Alumni Weekend Sponsors

    UCSD weekend will take place June 16 - 19 and UCSD Alumni is fortunate to have generous sponsors that have stepped forward to help support the Alumni Weekend events and activities. These sponsors include:

  • Beyond the Lab: Pushing the Boundaries of Science

    From the application of genomic research and stem cells to predicting ocean tides and mitigating loss of our natural resources, UC San Diego alumni are at the forefront of the next great scientific frontiers.

  • UC San Diego Alumni: Changing the Way We See Our World

    Our alumni represent avid adventurers searching for ancient remains, thought-provoking leaders questioning cultural identities and societal norms, artists and performers breaking the mold, and healers with a flair for performance.

  • On Track

    Leilani Münter, a 1999 graduate of UC San Diego, chases her dreams at speeds close to 200 mph, riding 450 horsepower toward a checkered flag of Big League motorsports.

  • UC San Diego Alumni Impact Economic Growth in the Region

    Fifty years ago, the founders of the University of California, San Diego had one criterion for the campus: It must be distinctive. Since then, UC San Diego has achieved the extraordinary in education, research and innovation. Sixteen Nobel laureates have taught on campus; stellar faculty members have been awarded National Medals of Science, Fields Medals, Pulitzer Prizes, MacArthur Fellowships, Tony Awards and many other honors. UC San Diego — recognized as one of the top ten public universities by U.S. News & World Report and named by the Washington Monthly as number one in the nation in rankings measuring “what colleges are doing for the country” — is widely acknowledged for its local impact, national influence and global reach.

  • University of California, San Diego

    The successes of our alumni constantly remind us that UC San Diego is more than a place -- it is a state of mind. The university not only imparts knowledge, it teaches its students how to think, and UCSD alumni bring those cognitive abilities into the world and make it a better place.

  • Message from UCSD Alumni

    If you think UC San Diego is all research and science … think again! I am a 1987 UCSD graduate and I fell in love with entertainment after producing a play while I was an undergraduate. I am now executive vice president of digital marketing at Twentieth Century Fox.

  • Celebrating the Intellectual, Entrepreneurial, Cultural and Economic Power of UC San Diego Alumni

    University of California, San Diego alumni are innovators, entrepreneurs and leaders who continue to change the world across all industries, from science, technology, medicine and public service to business, education, politics and the arts. And they continue to make headlines.

  • Alumni Facts and Figures

    More than 130,000 UC San Diego alumni live across the globe:

  • My View

    Rachel Rubin Green is a Los Angeles-based high school teacher. This is her view of UC San Diego.

  • G.I. Blues and Gold

    Before UC San Diego’s campus was transformed into a world-renowned teaching and research university, it was known as Camp Matthews — a U.S. Marine Corps base specializing in marksmanship training.

  • Looking Back

    In the 1970s, John VanZandt was a member of the UC San Diego Pascal Project, a small cadre of students who worked tirelessly to bring Professor Ken Bowles’s vision to life.

  • UC San Diego Alumni = Return on Investment

    This year, as we commemorate UC San Diego’s 50th Anniversary and five decades of achieving the extraordinary, it’s imperative that we acknowledge the tremendous and positive impact of our 130,000 alumni on our community, nation and world. UC San Diego graduates are innovators, visionaries and overachievers whose intellectual, entrepreneurial, cultural and economic power is simply unparalleled.

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