The Daily Transcript pays tribute to San Diego County's Top Attorneys. View the finalists here.

  • He who is his own broker has a fool for a client

    "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." - Abraham Lincoln

  • Peanut allergies as a disability?

    I do not consider my son to be disabled. He does most everything ten year-old boys do. He is an excellent baseball player and has dreams of playing in college or the big leagues. He is a fiery ball of incessant energy and commotion. You would never know there was something different with this boy just by looking at him, except for perhaps the Medic-Alert bracelet he wears because of his life-threatening allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.

  • Lawyers come together to help homeless

    Five years ago, several women at a San Diego law firm with a passion for community service got together to discuss ways they could help the homeless.

  • Recent lessons for developers from the environmental bench

    The last few months have been busy ones in the field of environmental review at the California Court of Appeal. A number of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) decisions have been issued, and a few provide interesting insights both for developers and their lawyers. To help understand these recent cases, here is a list highlighting key lessons:

  • High net worth women as an economic force

    Historically, the world of financial planning and investing has been male-dominated. Based on a variety of surveys, 75 percent of financial planners, 80 percent of brokers and an astonishing 93 percent of hedge fund managers are male. As a result, many of the services and even sales tactics developed by financial institutions to reach and attract high net worth individuals have been done so through this masculine lens.

  • Patent reform legislation moving closer to reality

    Lawmakers appear close to finally passing patent reform legislation, but the process still has a few obstacles to overcome.

  • The Daily Transcript congratulates Top Attorneys 2011

    Top Attorneys 2011 pays tribute to San Diego County's legal cream of the crop. It is the culmination of a lengthy peer voting process that began in March with the announcement of a call for nominations. San Diego County lawyers were asked who among their peers -- with whom they had professional experience -- were worthy of recognition.

  • TJSL professors bring real experience to the classroom

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law is proud of its professors who made this year’s Top Attorneys list; however, we consider all of our professors to be “Top Attorneys” in their areas of expertise. The heart and soul of our law school is our faculty. These world-class educators stay ahead of the curve in the areas of law relating to technological change, globalization and the transformation of our social order. From Fulbright Scholars, to respected authors, to sought after experts, our faculty is comprised of amazingly productive scholars who bring years of valuable professional experience to the classroom and to their areas of expertise.

  • New dean of USD School of Law brings years of academic, practical experience

    When asked what a student should expect from a University of San Diego law education, Stephen C. Ferruolo didn't hesitate:

  • Is patent reform bad for business?

    On June 23, 2011, the U.S. House of Representatives passed House Bill H.R. 1249 (the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act), following Senate approval of bill S.23 (the America Invents Act) on March 8, 2011. Thereafter, President Obama indicated that he will sign into law the patent reform bill that arrives on his desk.

  • Gomez Law Firm: Great lawyers, great citizens

    When John Gomez founded Gomez Law Firm six years ago, he envisioned a business that would not only make a difference in the courtroom, but also in the community.

  • Fish & Richardson -- A foundation for innovation

    When Frederick Fish founded Fish & Richardson in 1878, luminaries of the 19th and 20th century turned to the firm for legal assistance in patenting some of the most significant inventions of the times, including the Wright Brothers’ flying machine, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone and Thomas Edison’s light bulb. The company’s tradition of representing entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and a drive to succeed continues today with clients such as Biogen Idec, Google, 3M and Callaway Golf who look to Fish as a legal and business foundation for innovations that will undoubtedly change the 21st century.

  • California Western pro bono tradition recognized with state, national honors

    At California Western School of Law, pro bono work is more than just a requirement of the legal profession, it’s a proud tradition.

  • Apple wins trade agency ruling that HTC infringes 2 patents

    July 15 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. won a U.S. International Trade Commission ruling in a patent-infringement case targeting HTC Corp.’s Android-based mobile telephones.

  • With Wal-Mart’s sex suit win, the joke’s on women

    For a moment, I wondered if my phone had gone dead.


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