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Boomers, your vote is important in the 2012 election

With the election just more than a week away, politicians and proposition committees are reaching out to voters age 50 and older to help seal their success on the November ballot. The 50 plus demographic, which includes millions of caregivers and their elderly parents, are intensely concerned about issues like Social Security and Medicare.

Baby boomers' future housing needs are unpredictable

The 8,000 baby boomers turning 65 each day are unlike any generation before them – they are living longer, have more energy and are healthier than any 65 and older group in history, according to Urban Land Institute (ULI) real estate experts.

Wisdom in society and corporate culture

Consider "Notes to our Sons & Daughters" as a small step in that process, an opening salvo in the much-needed conversation between the generations. We invite you to experience this art exhibit, featuring photographic works such as the one of Susan Lew, on the front cover.

Why it matters: Social Security

A series examining issues at stake in the election and their impact on people.The issue:

Baby boomers may opt for communal living again

PITTSBURGH — A generation of Americans who embraced communal living in the 1960s is again considering that concept and other ways to coexist as they near retirement.

UN urges protection for elderly as world grays

TOKYO — The fast aging of Japanese society is evident as soon as one lands at Tokyo's Narita airport and sees who is doing the cleaning. Young people tend to take such menial jobs in other countries, but here they are often held by workers obviously in the second half-century of their lives.

Vanguard move highlights little-known index costs

BOSTON -- Index mutual fund investors are a cost-conscious bunch. Rather than seek out managers with a good shot at beating the market, they parse tiny differences in fund expenses. Index funds are cheaper because no one is being paid to pick stocks. Every cent that doesn't end up in someone else's pocket counts, the thinking goes.

Not your grandmother's retirement

It commences with receiving AARP brochures in the mail, continues by discussing Medicare benefits, and sadly includes the inability to read your own watch. The aging process as I'm learning very quickly is something none of us are immune too. And while I've yet to find a way to prevent it from occurring there are many steps which our society has been trained to take in order to ensure that these golden years of our lives our actually golden.

Reverse mortgages offer financing options for seniors, retirees

Some seniors who were looking forward to blowing out 62 candles on their birthday cake and qualifying for a reverse mortgage were surprised to find out they didn’t qualify for one because the value of their home dropped.

Create an age-friendly work environment

Bullying has been a topic in the news for a few years now. But bullying is rarely heard of among adults, and especially among older adults in the workplace.

Integral Senior Living adds Hawaii to portfolio

Carlsbad-based Integral Senior Living, a senior living communities manager, said it recently added Paradise Retirement at Waikiki to its management portfolio. With this new property, ISL now manages 56 communities in 11 states.

Take a stand against ageism, see life’s journey through familiar faces

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.” This could not be truer.

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After 30 years, SCORE counselor still steering businesses, free of charge

In an economy that has produced many start-ups, as some people have sought to turn misfortune into opportunity, Arnold Jaffa, 82, isn't the least bit interested in letting go of what he considers to be a major part of himself -- a desire to help people succeed.

Founder instills entrepreneurial spirit into DavisReed Construction

Derek Davis, president and founder of DavisReed Construction, describes his company as fast-moving and adaptable, creative and quick thinking, with a more relaxed culture and an emphasis on the individual. If that sounds more like a startup than a general contractor with as much as $300 million in revenues, it’s by design.

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Phillip Banks, Daniel Abbott on fiduciary services

Jan. 10, 2013 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Phillip Banks of Banks & Banks Fiduciary Services, and Daniel Abbott, a firm member with Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek, about the role of a fiduciary.

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