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Padres team president wants to build stronger ties in South County

The San Diego Padres are trying to extend their reach into the community while building the team into a contender, team President and CEO Tom Garfinkel said at the South County Economic Development Council's holiday breakfast on Tuesday.

Electra Bicycle moves Vista headquarters for growth, renovates facility

Vista-based Electra Bicycle Co. has moved into a larger facility to accommodate its growing leisure and recreational bike business.

SD Home Cooking takes traditional route to customers' hearts

San Diego Home Cooking owner Mel Makaric originally finished school for theater makeup. Makaric opened the first San Diego Home Cooking location 15 years ago and has since opened four other locations in San Diego County.

Life's Lucier vows to beat Illumina in gene sequencing

Life Technologies Corp.'s CEO Greg Lucier said his company will take the top spot in genetic sequencing next year ahead of current industry leader Illumina Inc.

Cymer sheds light on innovative technology

A pair of UCSD graduate students were the first to see the light. Before long, so would millions of others.

WD-40: It's all in the can

From preventing rust on aircraft to lubricating sticky windows, drawers and hinges, WD-40 is a homegrown success story that has built a lasting brand.

University of San Diegoís mission unwavered through decades of change

On a mountain ridge overlooking Linda Vista sits a plot of land that stood undeveloped until 1949. Once blanketed in a sea of sage and chaparral, the mesa now known as Alcala Park is today home to the University of San Diego.

Qualcomm: Innovating the pace of mobile technology around the world

Twenty-seven years ago, a group of seven former Linkabit scientists and engineers gathered in Irwin Jacob’s San Diego home to discuss the future of digital communications.

SDCCU adapts with changing times, lifestyles and technology

This coming January will mark 75 years of business for San Diego County Credit Union.

H.G. Fenton Company: Building San Diego for more than a century

If there hasn’t been much written about H.G. Fenton Company, it’s because the 103-year-old, family owned firm is more focused on getting things done than talking about its accomplishments.

Jessopís name synonymous with jewelry in San Diego since 1892

Jim Jessop always wanted to go into the jewelry business. He has the seventh grade school paper to prove it.

Jack in the Box: A novel idea that changed how Americans eat

Satisfying the needs of a rising car culture that demanded convenience, San Diego businessman and restaurateur Robert Oscar Peterson opened his first drive-thru Jack in the Box in 1951. Located at the corner of 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard, it was the first restaurant to use new two-way intercom technology. A giant jack-in-the-box took customers’ orders through a speaker box, and about three minutes later, they could pick up their 22-cent hamburgers at the drive-thru window. Perhaps not coincidentally, 1951 was the first year the term “fast food” appeared in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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Charco's legacy: Great design transcends time and style

Charco Construction, a leader in the home remodeling business for over 46 years, has built more beautiful kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, second-story additions and master suites than any other contractor in San Diego County.

Charco Design & Build makes inroads with new business focus

In 2011, the owner of Charco Design & Build Inc., Armando Flores, took his love for lines to a new level when the company made for itself a new and more elaborate foundation from the building blocks of what Flores had been doing for years at Charco Construction Co. Inc.


Transparency, extra effort key in developing clients' trust

Transparency and full disclosure are keys to establishing trust in any business, according to executives from a variety of industries who were speaking at a recent Daily Transcript roundtable.

Business success hinges on employee, client well-being

While bottom-line profitability is necessary for business success, 11 of San Diego’s top executives from a variety of industries said that employee and client satisfaction is an equally important measure, and one that distinguishes successful long-term companies from their short-sighted counterparts, at a Daily Transcript roundtable Sept. 19.


Turner Construction Company

It was years of hard work and persistence that kept Turner Construction Company connected to the downtown Central Library project, which opened in September.

Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers

It only took 14 years, but the former Hope Engineering finally has a new logo and new name: Hope-Amundson Structural Engineers.

San Diego Metropolitan Credit Union: Celebrating 80 Years

The 220 city employees who first joined San Diego Municipal Employees Credit Union almost 80 years ago would be proud to know it's still serving their successors.

PromoVentures Inc.

Lee Anne Davis has made quite a name for herself as CEO of PromoVentures, Inc. by putting the names of her customers' companies on a wide array of promotional items, such as T-shirts, polos, hats, pens, ice scrapers and even bar stools.

San Diego Morley Construction Company

In business for over 65 years, Morley Builders, which specializes in projects built primarily of reinforced concrete, has not only completed a plethora of construction projects in Southern California, but has also built upon its reputation as a company with a team of skilled, creative people, who are ready to meet any construction challenge.

RQ Construction LLC: Creating better design

Five words are printed on the back of George Rogers' business cards and those of every staff member at Carlsbad-based RQ Construction (RQ): Safety. Ethics. Innovation. People. Teamwork.

Watkins Landmark Construction: Taking on tough projects that stand out

The words of the 30th U.S. president and the availability of free WiFi at Starbucks might, to most, seem like improbable contributors to the success of a business, but not to Jody James Watkins.

D&K Engineering: Building an enduring company

Friends and business don't mix, it's often said. But Scott Dennis and Alex Kunczynski, principals of Rancho Bernardo-based D&K Engineering, convincingly debunk that commonly held belief.

Baker Electric: Four generations since 1938

When in 1938, LeRoy Neville Baker paid $4,000 to purchase the Dietrich Electric Shop in Escondido, he could hardly have imagined that the company he founded, Baker Electric Inc., would still be thriving nearly three-quarters of a century later, with his great-grandson, Ted Baker, its president and CEO.

GET Engineering: Thirty years strong

In the early '80s, a government employee named Rod Tuttle was working for the U.S. Navy in Pt. Loma in the infancy of what is now known as the Naval Tactical Data System. NTDS is a computer-to-computer information system that, essentially, informs a Navy commander what's going on around his ship and enables him to make strategic and tactical evaluations and decisions, rapidly and accurately.

North County Transit District: Radical changes lead to smoother ride

Oceanside's North County Transit District is shaking things up in the transit industry. A new business model, new buses, lower fares, customer improvements, and a lean and mean, forward-thinking board of directors and management team are combining to create more riders and more revenue for the transit district which operates COASTER trains, SPRINTER light rail and BREEZE buses.

McKenna Long Aldridge's Stephanie L. Seidman, Ph.D.: Working hard, hiring smart people key to success

If necessity is the mother of invention, there is perhaps no greater necessity than the health of human beings and the eradication of disease, worldwide. To this end, scientists regularly invent drugs to treat a wide range of maladies and bring them to market, hopeful for a multimillion-dollar acquisition by a large pharmaceutical company.

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Armando Flores of Charco Design & Build

May 11, 2012 -- Armando Flores, president and CEO of Charco Design & Build, describes his passion for homes in the residential remodelling industry.

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