This special report takes a look at the latest challenges facing California’s public and private universities, and how new educational trends will affect the workplace of the future.

  • New college degrees could lead to in-demand careers

    Market dynamics continue to shift, and with changing economic conditions come new career options. Training in emerging areas is not always easy, since finding colleges that offer courses or college degrees in those areas requires searching far and wide.

  • Budget cuts make Calif. colleges less accessible, more expensive

    The results of a recent $1.5 billion funding cut to California’s public institutions of higher learning continue to reverberate through campuses statewide. California is among 41 states to cut spending for public higher education in the last year, and the average tuition in-state residents now pay to attend California’s public colleges and universities has subsequently increased by 21 percent, the highest in the country.

  • California Western symposium offers problem-solving strategies for IP litigation

    Protecting intellectual property (IP) rights is vital to the financial success of a business, but settling an IP dispute can be among the most expensive and time-consuming forms of litigation.

  • Brandman University offers working professionals a wide range of options

    On March 15, Flavius A. B. Akerele III, the campus director of Brandman University-San Diego, was invited to attend a roundtable at The Daily Transcript as part of a panel of higher education experts from other local universities to discuss pressing issues in education.


  • Educators adapt to changing learning environment

    The latest generation of students is holding colleges and universities more accountable than ever before, not only while in school but also for many years after graduation, according to a panel of educators.