This weeklong series culminates with a look at how intellectual property and patent law affects a variety of industries, from high-tech companies to even high-end fashion.

  • Guideposts for patent eligibility

    A patent directed to a medical diagnostic testing procedure in a human being recently has been invalidated by the Supreme Court in its decision in March in Mayo v. Prometheus. This decision affects the status of claims in patents and pending application in the field of diagnostic testing and, particularly, personalized medicine, such as claims to methods of selecting patients for treatment with a specific drug, and methods of monitoring and assessing efficacy of treatment as it progresses.

  • Companies protecting everything from sound to smell

    The NBC chimes. Aflac's quacking duck. The shape of a Coca-Cola bottle.

  • Advancements in personalized medicine face several legal hurdles

    When "Jayne" was diagnosed with Stage 3 B ovarian cancer in 2005, her doctor gave her a cocktail of chemotherapy drugs. The 53-year-old got better, but then had a recurrence in 2008 and was treated with the same drug again.

  • Issues, opportunities arise as blockbuster drugs go off patent

    Patents given to innovative drugs from “pioneer” companies typically last from 17 to 20 years. Once the patents expire, generic drugs can hit the market.

  • Invisible Children case shows difficulty of proving copyright infringement

    San Diego-based nonprofit organization Invisible Children thrust itself into the public spotlight last month with its “Kony 2012” video, a call for the ouster of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony that subsequently went viral, kicking off a series of news stories ranging from backlash to criticism to controversy.

  • Cash management and your law firm

    As the largest bank headquartered in San Diego, California Bank & Trust proudly serves many area law firms with a steadfast principle: local presence, local decision-making. We’re community bankers who work where we live and live where we work — conveniently, near you. It’s been this way for more than 50 years, and the benefit of our location and experience suggests that the next time your law firm seeks a bank with superior cash management solutions, ask three important questions:

  • Companies increasingly turn to ADR to resolve IP disputes

    In today's uncertain economy, companies are using alternative methods to resolve all kinds of disputes, including those involving intellectual property issues.

  • Last call for California foie gras

    On July 1, the culinary delicacy foie gras will no longer be served in California’s restaurants, to mixed emotions.

  • Yahoo escalates patent battle with Facebook

    SAN FRANCISCO — Yahoo is bringing out more artillery in its patent battle with Facebook.

  • Jury begins deliberations in Oracle-Google trial

  • Thomas Jefferson School of Law clinical programs

    Providing our students with real world experience by working with real clients is the main objective of the clinical programs at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. In addition to opportunities afforded through our traditional externship program (ranked fifth in the nation in 2012), our students also gain legal skills and practical experience through our other clinical options.

  • Supreme Court’s favorability rating falls to quarter-century low

    The public’s assessment of the U.S. Supreme Court fell to its lowest level in more than a quarter- century, according to a poll released less than two months before the justices are expected to rule on health care and illegal immigration cases.


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