Take an in-depth look at how technology from social media sites to cloud computing is changing the health care industry, and what upcoming legislative reforms could entail.

  • San Diego physician recognized at White House for progress in health IT

    Dr. Ted Chan, an emergency medicine physician with UC San Diego Health System and San Diego Beacon Community program leader, was one of 82 representatives from across the country whose progress in health information technology (IT) was recognized by the White House and Health and Human Services (HHS) in Washington, D.C., at a White House Town Hall on Tuesday.

  • Health care information technology floating to the cloud

    Until recently, health care organizations both big and small typically hosted their data on servers located on, or close to, their premises. Larger organizations and companies had server rooms with security and a backup in place, whereas others stashed their servers in a corner or a closet.

  • 'Big data': How information sharing will affect health care

    A buzz word being thrown around a lot recently in the medical industry is the term “big data.” What does it really mean?

  • Health care innovation

    Nearly all political and business leaders agree that the current trend of growth in health spending is unsustainable, and failure to slow this growth puts the nation at risk of serious economic harm. While costly medical technologies and related changes in medicine have been estimated to drive 50 percent or more of growth in health spending, most believe that health information technologies (health IT), such as electronic health records, are key to transforming the system and slowing the growth of health spending.

  • Women MDs paid less: reluctant to push for raises?

    CHICAGO — Women physician-scientists are paid much less than their male counterparts, researchers found, with a salary difference that over the course of a career could pay for a college education, a spacious house, or a retirement nest egg.

  • Social media a new force in health care

    The proliferation of online health communities and so-called “peer-to-peer health care” sites allow people to reach out to others for advice on managing illness. Hospitals and health care providers have started to integrate social media into their marketing and patient engagement efforts.

  • Venture capital market down, but some bright spots for life sciences startups

    While the venture capital market has been under pressure for the last several years, life sciences industry leaders in San Diego are optimistic about the prospects of local companies finding venture capital.

  • Independa enters launch mode

    When Dan Chavez’s father suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in July 2010, the family thought Chavez — whose background is in health care information technology — would be best suited to be the caregiver.

  • Portable Genomics founder struggling to finance startup

    Portable Genomics LLC, a San-Diego based biotech company, is creating a way to condense an individual's letter-heavy genomic data into a simple iTunes format.


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