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  • Wisdom in society and corporate culture

    Consider "Notes to our Sons & Daughters" as a small step in that process, an opening salvo in the much-needed conversation between the generations. We invite you to experience this art exhibit, featuring photographic works such as the one of Susan Lew, on the front cover.

  • Why it matters: Social Security

    A series examining issues at stake in the election and their impact on people.The issue:

  • Big gaps in Romney plan on pre-existing conditions

    WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's plan to help people with pre-existing medical conditions: hang on to your health insurance if you want to be protected.

  • Baby boomers may opt for communal living again

    PITTSBURGH — A generation of Americans who embraced communal living in the 1960s is again considering that concept and other ways to coexist as they near retirement.

  • UN urges protection for elderly as world grays

    TOKYO — The fast aging of Japanese society is evident as soon as one lands at Tokyo's Narita airport and sees who is doing the cleaning. Young people tend to take such menial jobs in other countries, but here they are often held by workers obviously in the second half-century of their lives.

  • Vanguard move highlights little-known index costs

    BOSTON -- Index mutual fund investors are a cost-conscious bunch. Rather than seek out managers with a good shot at beating the market, they parse tiny differences in fund expenses. Index funds are cheaper because no one is being paid to pick stocks. Every cent that doesn't end up in someone else's pocket counts, the thinking goes.

  • Reverse mortgages offer financing options for seniors, retirees

    Some seniors who were looking forward to blowing out 62 candles on their birthday cake and qualifying for a reverse mortgage were surprised to find out they didn’t qualify for one because the value of their home dropped.

  • Americans switching to Roth accounts, saving more for retirement

    Americans have often been accused of doing a poor job of planning for their financial needs in retirement. However, two new reports suggest workers are doing a much better job of saving and investing for the future.

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Phillip Banks, Daniel Abbott on fiduciary services

Jan. 10, 2013 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Phillip Banks of Banks & Banks Fiduciary Services, and Daniel Abbott, a firm member with Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek, about the role of a fiduciary.

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News, expert advice and crucial information for a San Diego generation in transition.