Learn about the types of new, lucrative businesses that are diversifying San Diego’s economy.

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Mobile technology revolutionizes health care

Over the past two decades, increasingly sophisticated mobile and wireless technology has fundamentally changed the way people communicate and conduct business most notably in retail, travel and financial services. A convergence of information technology and life sciences coupled with a consumer-driven desire for connectivity is revolutionizing the health care industry.

Local government supports the ‘startup nation’

Is there a role that local government can play to support the growth of startup technology entrepreneurship? Brad Feld, who wrote Startup Communities: Build an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, answered that “local government .. should participate as a supporter of the startup community. …shine a bright light on the activity, make it easy for entrepreneurs to start businesses … provide space for free and be a convener of the various members of the startup community.”

San Diego microbreweries tapped as catalyst for growth

The craft beer boom in San Diego is becoming statistically significant.

New business cluster diversifies local economy

From its founding in 2008 to the 91 members it has grown to today, the San Diego Sports Innovator has come quite a long way, but it’s still a young trade organization that is evolving.

Sector Snap: Education companies shares fall

NEW YORK — Shares of for-profit education companies fell Tuesday after Apollo Group Inc. (Nasdaq: APOL), which owns the University of Phoenix, said the college's accreditation may be put on probation.

Promoting the Blue Economy

Water covers 72 percent of the Earth’s surface (oceans occupy 65.7 percent), so in reality we live on “Planet Ocean.”

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Murrieta region looks to build up startup base

There needs to be a startup spark that forms in Murrieta, Riverside and Temecula that fans across the region to form a flame.

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