Today's spotlight explains what business owners need to know about the upcoming deadline for health care reform and mandatory insurance.

  • Furloughs to affect military health care

    The VA San Diego Healthcare System saw nearly 75,000 patients walk or roll through its doors to receive medical, surgical, mental health, geriatric, spinal cord injury and advanced rehabilitation services in fiscal year 2012.

  • Keeping employees engaged key to corporate wellness programs

    In 2007, when Danna Korn, a best-selling nutrition author and serial entrepreneur, spoke with Bryan Van Noy about his field of work -- corporate wellness -- she discovered it was all about health assessment, biometric screening and coaching. She thought it was boring and the engagement level so low, and wondered why it couldn’t be more fun.

  • Real estate that works for health care

    Creating a real estate strategy for a health care company is a daunting task that many are unsure how to discuss or tackle. Rather than react to the theories, concerns and needs, why not create a strategy to make real estate work for health care? How does a health care company prepare for the changes and challenges of navigating an ever-changing health care system, filling jobs with qualified personnel, improving technologyand serving patient needs all at the same time?

  • Some immigrants excluded from health care overhaul

    PHOENIX — President Barack Obama has championed two sweeping policy changes that could transform how people live in the United States: affordable health care for all and a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants illegally in the country.

  • New health care law levies penalties on large firms that don’t offer affordable insurance

    To pay or play? That’s the question large companies must ask themselves when deciding how they will react to impending health care reform provisions.

  • The Affordable Care Act rollout

    Within slightly more than six months, all Americans will be required to have some form of health insurance and all businesses with more than 50 full-time employees will have to offer coverage to their workers. Following is some information about the rollout:


  • Local nonprofits facing challenges

    After taking a sharp hit during the recession, nonprofit organizations in San Diego County began to make a comeback last year, according to the first annual State of Nonprofits report released this month by the University of San Diego.

  • Transition to mandatory health insurance could be messy, experts say

    With scarcely more than six months before the Obama administration’s mandatory health insurance plan takes effect, executives at local health care and nonprofits warn that there will be large numbers of people who will remain uninsured during the transition, and there could be major gaps in coverage even after the system is up and running.


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