Take a closer look at the latest trends in San Diego’s manufacturing sector.

  • SD company plans to launch eco-friendly skateboard

    Bamboo Skateboards plans to debut an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in August 2013 to raise funds to increase awareness of sustainable skateboarding and to expand product offerings.

  • The need for speed

    There is a saying in marketing that “the big don’t eat the small; the fast eat the slow.” The faster a company can react to change, the more profitable and robust it will be (all other things being equal).

  • Keeping your business strong

    A successful business owner was once asked: “You have a $200 million company that has thrived for 25 years. Can you stop worrying about the business now?”

  • Legislature approves reforms for enterprise zones

    SACRAMENTO — The Assembly passed a hard-fought overhaul of California's enterprise zoneprogram on June 27 that was sought by Gov. Jerry Brown after he called the system wasteful and ineffective.

  • California sends signal to manufacturers: Open for business

    California's Legislature and the governor signaled to manufacturers on Friday that the state will be a more competitive place to invest over the next eight years by passing an eight-year 4.19 cent sales tax exemption on the purchase of manufacturing equipment. This was a 3 1/2-year increase over the 4 1/2-year exemption passed last week.

  • Toyota installs Kyocera-powered solar carport at Tijuana manufacturing plant

    TIJUANA, Mexico--Kyocera Solar Inc. announced June 21 that its solar modules have been installed on a photovoltaic (PV) carport at Toyota Motor Manufacturing of Baja California.

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Take a closer look at the latest trend in San Diego’s manufacturing sector.