Attorney Directory - 2005

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  • How Bail Works

    Bail has existed for thousands of years as a means of securing the release of an arrestee from jail and guaranteeing their appearance in court. It is an important part of the legal system in America as it provides freedom to an accused person and reduces overcrowding in the jails.

  • Forensics Consultants Association Membership Directory 2005

    The Daily Transcript partnered with the Forensics Consultants Association to offer the 14th edition of the FCA's membership directory as a FREE downloadable PDF.

  • Paralegal careers still growing

    Few people associate employment at Islands restaurant with a paralegal job, but for Nicki S., that's where she's found her niche.

  • The Daily Transcript presents its 2005 Attorney Directory

    After 48 years in print, and for the past several years on the Web, the Attorney Directory continues to be an indispensable resource for the San Diego legal community. The 2005 edition contains the listings that our readers have come to trust and value after all these years, as well as expanded features intended to make your legal searches more convenient and complete.