San Diego's movers and shakers, catch a new profile every Monday right here. This week: Two stoked minds, one successful enterprise


  • Embattled city attorney shakes up local government

    The plaque is prominently displayed on the crowded walls of his 16th floor office. As you enter the room, your eyes are drawn to the massive wooden rectangle that contains a simple message:

  • Two stoked minds, one successful enterprise

    For the masterminds behind watch retailer Nixon, time is -- literally -- money. But nine years ago when Chief Executive/President Andy Laats and Marketing Director Chad DiNenna began formulating their business plan, profit wasn't necessarily the primary objective.

  • Passionate about their craft

    Kristianne Kurner and Francis Gercke aren't happy with their award-winning, critically acclaimed theater company.

  • Some of life lessons start with fundamental questons

    John Lormon remembers the date he became an environmental lawyer; the year, however, is a little fuzzy.

  • Steele offers 'smart' solution to combat traffic woes, urban sprawl

    Mark Steele is a man on a mission; a mission to improve the quality of life in San Diego as it transforms from a rapidly growing city into an urban mega-center. The plan: Reduce traffic by eliminating city sprawl, building up not out and creating an environment in the city that keeps people happy.

  • Cox has studied San Diego's economy for more than 20 years

    Marney Cox's business cards don't lie: He is an economist. Economists tend to group things in numerical categories, because their jobs entail forecasting the impact of any number of variables. Inevitably, that grouping appears in the way they communicate.

  • Lincoln Club's Watkins wants to bring business ideas to education

    In a city looking for leadership, Robert Watkins has stepped forward to drive a local organization into a new era while turning his attention to improving public education in the county.

  • AMN's new CEO tackles opportunities in health care industry

    On a typical morning when Susan Nowakowski isn't jetting across the globe to conduct business for AMN Healthcare Services Inc. (NYSE: AHS, Research), the president and chief executive officer wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and begins her day running or pumping iron.

  • Local restaurateur shares recipe for success in fickle industry

    Nearly 40 years ago, George Hauer was a senior at San Diego State University, waiting tables to pay the bills. Today he is the principal and founder of a prominent restaurant nestled atop the cliffs of La Jolla Cove that has satiated the appetites of political bigwigs, famous entertainers and ordinary people.

  • Fish & Richardson's Brooks finds success in various specialties

    Juanita Brooks isn't one to set limits for herself or let them be placed upon her. It took her just three years to graduate from college, and as a spunky 23-year-old attorney, she argued a case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Maximizing their creative potential

    Coalescing art with architecture can be a rudimentary struggle for some architects. But for Jennifer Luce, uniting the two to create harmonious living and working spaces is only natural.

  • Local scientist makes gains as entrepreneur

    In 1997, Madga Marquet and her husband, Francois Ferre, had enviable jobs in the local life sciences industry.

  • Stone Brewing keeps growing on its own terms

    Greg Koch positioned his video camera on a dirt hill as a crane began lifting a giant concrete wall in place at the site of Stone Brewing Co.'s new building off Citracado Parkway.

  • Hospital CEO leads Sharp toward health care's future

    As chief executive officer of the nonprofit Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus, Dan Gross has a unique perspective. He used to be a clinical nurse in the intensive care unit at the campus' flagship Kearny Mesa hospital, Sharp Memorial.

  • Life in the trauma unit

    In his office on the UCSD Medical Center campus in Hillcrest, housed in a small converted apartment complex on Front Street, David Hoyt speaks with the kind of even-keeled deliberation you'd expect from a seasoned surgeon and longtime administrator.

  • Iomega CEO marks company's 25th anniversary

    This weekend, Werner Heid celebrated a milestone that few executives in the technology industry can claim -- on April 2, Iomega marked its 25th anniversary.

  • Froman's Navy skills help put Red Cross in ship shape

    Ronne Froman joined the Navy in 1970 to get away from the old boys clubs of corporate accounting and graduate school.

  • Off to a fast start

    Not to overstate his situation, but Larry Willette was pleasantly retired in April 2002 when Mike Perry, enthusiastic entrepreneur, called to gauge his interest in joining a new bank.

  • A sense of justice

    Few names these days in politics evoke such emotional response as does the Santa Monica lawyer contesting the results of the Nov. 2 mayor election.

  • Hospitality at its finest

    If Michael Gallegos' hotels are anything like his office near University Towne Centre with its firm butter-colored leather couches and, possibly, the most comfortable conference room chairs ever manufactured, it's no wonder he's successful.

  • No rest for the artistic

    Des McAnuff is tired. But you'd never know it if the energetic artistic director for La Jolla Playhouse didn't admit it himself.

  • Veteran headhunter not slowing down

    After 35 years in the business, Frank Radosevic is considered the most senior executive search consultant in the United States.

  • Helping residents help others

    Bob Kelly's downtown office is large but not opulent, governed by an oval table where visitors can chat comfortably -- which is apropos. As Kelly will tell you, it's his job to bring people together.

  • Water authority director finding creative solutions to county's needs

    Keith Lewinger, a common name to anyone who knows anything about regional water, is haunted by the distinction between a bureaucrat and a public servant.

  • Ottilie works to stave off challenges to mayor's legitimacy

    If you don't know Bob Ottilie, you haven't been reading the newspaper. As the sole courtroom defender of San Diego Mayor Dick Murphy, the longtime local attorney who specializes in election law is fending off challenges to the mayor's recent election.