The Daily Transcript takes an in-depth look at the biotech sector, including financing, educational needs and the latest research coming out of local companies.

  • Research, entrepreneurial spirit continue to attract life science companies to region

    There was hand wringing in San Diego's life science community last year when three of the most prominent research institutes accepted incentives from Florida to open campuses there. But one local leader says San Diego shouldn't be afraid of the Sunshine State.

  • Senomyx savors market niche in science of flavor enhancement

    The next time you bite into a Nestlé's candy or down a cold Coca Cola, know that the flavor rush might come courtesy of a San Diego laboratory.

  • Isis uses antisense technology to target more effective drugs

    Drug development is risky business. In the biotech industry, 999 out of 1,000 drugs targeted for development will fail, according to Dr. Stanley Crooke, CEO of Isis Pharmaceuticals.

  • Latest discoveries at Salk Institute fuel new scientific questions

    Situated high above the bluffs in Torrey Pines and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Salk Institute was founded in 1960 as a place where some of the world's brightest minds would come together for the common goal of scientific discovery.

  • BIOCOM Investor Conference to showcase biotech, med tech companies

    Offering investors an easy way to learn more about the Southern California life science industry, BIOCOM will host its second annual BIOCOM and Montgomery & Co. Investor Conference on Nov. 1 and 2 at the San Diego Marriott Del Mar.

  • Hospices are growing venue for drug trials

    The powerful drug that the hospice doctor had given Roy Neill helped relieve his shortness of breath. But the medicine that eased the symptoms of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that is killing him was also causing severe constipation.

  • New FDA drug research center holds promise, but industry influence poses worrisome risk

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Food and Drug Administration is moving with unprecedented speed to launch a drug research center to be paid for by companies it regulates.

  • As costs rise, new medicines face pushback

    May Chin-Louis, 44 years old, has a ballooning brain tumor. Her doctors wanted to attack it with a colon-cancer drug that has shown promise in treating brain tumors.

  • DNA decoding maps mainstream future; lower costs may make gene sequencing more common

    This past summer, biologist J. Craig Venter published his own complete genetic blueprint on the Internet, a multiyear effort that cost more that $60 million.

  • The Burnham Life Sciences Group: San Diego's recognized leader in biotech real estate for 25 years

    The Burnham Life Sciences Group is San Diego County's oldest and most experienced real estate team specializing exclusively in meeting the unique needs of the biotechnology industry. Beginning with Hybritech's first facility, the Burnham Life Sciences Group has continued to be San Diego's leading provider of biomedical real estate services, routinely negotiating more than 65 percent of life sciences-related leases in the region.

  • Biotech group pools efforts to meet industry needs

    Increasingly, college graduates and scientists are unable or finding it extremely difficult to transition from academic degree programs or research institute positions to local life sciences companies due to their lack of understanding of the commercial work environment and unique industry fundamentals. Conversely, life sciences companies in San Diego continue to recruit more experienced employees from other regions or other local companies to fill their open positions, rather than investing in on-the-job training of local talent. This is not a sustainable practice for the region due to the expense from financial, human resources and regional work force development perspectives.

  • TechTIPS takes UCSD innovations to the public

    University of California, San Diego's Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Services (TechTIPS), established in 1994, manages UCSD's intellectual property. Through proper stewardship of university intellectual property and innovations, TechTIPS facilitates the transfer of UCSD innovations for the public benefit; enhances the research and education experience of the UCSD community; promotes and targets economic development by leveraging UCSD innovations; and provides incentives to researchers to stimulate technological innovations.

  • Success in a dynamic VC biotech environment

    Venture capital funding is necessary to drive biotechnology. Without this support, the development of protein-based therapies from recombinant DNA technology and repurposing monoclonal antibodies from basic research may never have been applied to the wide range of human diseases. In the hopes of high rewards, venture capital is willing to fund novel, high-risk ideas, which are also at high risk of failure.

  • Growing the biotech work force

    San Diego is home to the world's third-largest biotechnology industry. With the success of this segment has come work force supply demands that pose a two-fold challenge to the region: How do we motivate and prepare our youth to fill jobs that require an educational competitive edge in the fields of math, technology, life sciences and others demanded by the industry? How do we arm teachers with real-world curriculum that brings the classroom in line with the occupational requirements of an ever-evolving industry?

  • Private investors give vote of confidence to stem cell bonds

    When California voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 71 in 2004, a $3 billion bond initiative to fund the state's emerging embryonic stem cell research program, some wondered how enthusiastic individual investors would be to buy those bonds.

  • Local life science industry breeds serial entrepreneurs

    Forty years ago, no one could have guessed that San Diego would one day be a Mecca for a robust biotechnology industry. But with a troika of internationally renowned academic centers -- The Salk Institute, University of California, San Diego and Scripps Research Institute -- San Diego was poised for a biotech explosion.

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