Take a closer look at some of the leading CEOs turning local tech and biotech companies into regional success stories.

  • Lack of communication obstacle to convergence of wireless, life science businesses

    When Arlene Harris, who's been in the wireless industry since before most people could imagine a cell phone, was trying to secure funding for a company that designs phones for older people, she was told there was no market for her product.

  • NuVasive moves into new campus to accommodate growth

    NuVasive Inc., a San Diego company that develops products for minimally invasive spinal surgery, is moving to a new campus-style facility to accommodate its growing business.

  • Prevost Construction provides valuable services to biotech community

    The life science industry has been a primary focus of Prevost Construction since its founding in 1989. Completing tenant improvements in a variety of biotech, pharmaceutical and medical research facilities throughout San Diego County, Prevost Construction has earned a reputation among the life science community for innovative thinking, expert guidance and superior project results.

  • San Diego biotech real estate market on upswing

    Last year's surge toward biotechnology was made unmistakably clear by big pharma's emerging interest in biotech established by abundant M&A activity, coupled with record-high placement of venture capital funds into life sciences.

  • Stemagen steps forward in biotechnology

    Just over two weeks into the New Year, La Jolla-based embryonic stem cell research company Stemagen shocked the world and became the hot topic of conversation among the scientific community worldwide.

  • Drivers trust GPS even to a fault

    If your GPS device told you to drive off a cliff would you do it?

  • Variants in stress-related gene help explain puzzle over who gets post-traumatic stress

    CHICAGO -- Cutting-edge new research helps answer the puzzling question of why post-traumatic stress doesn't happen to everyone who endures horrible trauma.

  • Corning's biggest bet yet? Diesel-filter technologies

    Corning Inc. (NYSE: GLW) has survived for 157 years by betting big on new technologies, from ruby-colored railroad signals to fiber-optic cable to flat-panel TVs. And now the glass and ceramics manufacturer is making its biggest research bet ever.

  • How child's play got a little cheaper

    This fall, a new set of powerful night-vision goggles will hit the market that use infrared waves to pierce the dark, while sophisticated sensors show the view on a clear, monochrome display.

  • Genetics may bring new life to failed drugs

    As pharmaceutical makers find it increasingly difficult to bring new drugs to market, they are turning to genetic tools to seek uses for medicines that failed to make it out of the development pipeline.

  • Managing the digital chaos: Unleashing the power of SharePoint

    The "virtual office" lifestyle is now the norm, with business conducted on laptops and Blackberries, in airports and behind the wheel. Employees are scattered at worksites with customers or at remote locations, and in some case, the need for a physical office space has been all but eliminated.

  • New home hair drug test detects drug use, usage frequency

    A new home-based hair follicle drug test kit called HairConfirm can detect drug use as well as usage frequency for up to 90 days, equipping parents with a valuable new tool for combating substance abuse.

  • Distinct flavors featured in San Diego life sciences real estate market

    Over 500 life-science companies occupy more than 12 million square feet in the San Diego market, about half of which is owner-occupied. The market has experienced some growing pains over the last few years as company mergers and acquisitions have caused considerable space consolidation. Fortunately, the appetite of big pharmaceuticals for biotech company acquisitions is also fueling funding of new venture-capital-based startups, much in the same way that the opening of the IPO market spurs new company investment.

  • Stem cells: Global research policies and patent laws

    While harmonization of stem cell research policies and patent laws worldwide is desirable, given the cultural and religious differences among the countries, it may not be possible. This is increasingly evident in the field of stem cells, where there is no international consensus with respect to the morality of working with human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) and where the corresponding policies for patenting vary among the national patent offices worldwide.

  • The growing role of IP diligence in corporate formation, funding, IPOs

    After a successful IPO in 2007, San Diego-based Orexigen Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: OREX) raised an additional $76 million in early 2008. Orexigen has two weight loss drugs in advanced clinical trials.

  • Carlsbad automaker hopes to revolutionize driving

    The designers at Aptera get a lot of strange e-mails about the cars they make.

  • Google to FCC: Open up TV white space for wi-fi

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Less than a week after losing in the latest U.S. spectrum auction, Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG) has started pitching its plan to use TV "white space" -- unlicensed and unused airwaves -- to provide wireless Internet.

  • UCSD scientists design sensor that can detect some bombs

    A team of chemists and physicists at the University of California, San Diego has developed a tiny, inexpensive sensor chip capable of detecting trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide, a chemical used in the most common form of homemade explosives.

  • TorreyPines Thera announces phase 2 trial for dry-mouth treatment

    TorreyPines Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: TPTX) announced Tuesday it has initiated a Phase 2 study as part of its development for a drug to fight a dry mouth disorder.

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