From “green roofs” to sustainable surfboards, learn about the latest eco-friendly innovations and how local businesses are trying to reduce their impact on the environment.

  • Restaurants bracing for potential ban of Styrofoam containers

    Restaurateurs will be watching Sacramento closely this spring for the outcome of legislation that could significantly affect their business operations.

  • San Diego leading way in alternative fuel use

    With gas prices hitting new highs in the United States, electricity is being considered as a viable sustainable fuel alternative and San Diego is one of the largest test markets.

  • Hippie no more: Suit, PhD mark today's activist

    BREMEN, Germany — The gleaming green schooner in Bremen's shipyard says everything about how Greenpeace has grown up through the years.

  • Benchmark Landscape honored with prestigious awards

    For the 10th consecutive year, Benchmark Landscape has been recognized for excellence by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA). This year they earned top honors in two commercial categories for their project at Soledad Business Park in Sorrento Mesa: California-Friendly Landscape Maintenance and California-Friendly Construction. These accomplishments were recently recognized at the CLCA’s Annual Beautification Awards Program, held at the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College.

  • Company builds better batteries

    The way conventional research goes about discovering new battery material is to read up on it, test the material one compound at a time, screen it and repeat the process.

  • Reshaping the surfing world

    Moss Research founder and 16-year veteran surfboard shaper Jake Moss has been pioneering the creation of a sustainable surfboard for the past five years.

  • Federal judge orders more review on polar bears

    WASHINGTON — A federal judge has thrown out a key section of an Interior Department rule concerning the threat to polar bears posed by global warming.

  • Trend watch: ChloroFill

    An early-stage company in San Diego is betting on sorghum stalks — an agricultural waste product — as a healthier, greener alternative to formaldehyde-based particle boards that are widely used in office furniture and construction.

  • ‘Ecopreneur,’ green innovator

    Better known as the founder of Envision Solar, the company behind the signature solar “trees” we see popping up in parking lots, Robert Noble is a man with many irons in the fire.

  • SDG&E exploring fuel cell, renewable technologies

    In the rural town of Alpine and the vast desert east of the city, San Diego Gas & Electric has a massive project underway that will, it is hoped, enhance the utility’s ability to draw more renewable energy to its grid.

  • Up on the roof: the newest trend in sustainable building

    An interest in and demand for building practices that reduce our impact on the environment is producing an integrated, holistic approach to design that incorporates new technologies and living materials on the fifth façade: the roof top.

  • Before installing solar, how’s your roof?

    Solar power has quickly become a trend in San Diego for both residential homes and commercial buildings. The only difference is; this trend is going to stick. According to, California leads the nation for total solar projects and total megawatts installed. Homeowners and building owners are quickly pulling the trigger on solar, but often pay little attention to what condition their roof is in prior to the installation. This can be a very expensive mistake to make.

  • ELEN Consulting: Innovative answers for a sustainable future

    The goal of sustainable design is to limit the adverse effects of buildings on the environment by minimizing excessive energy use, reducing the depletion of natural resources and environmental pollution while also maintaining a comfortable and healthy building environment. Building green also optimizes the energy performance of the structure, which reduces the overall costs associated with long-term maintenance and operation.

  • ‘LEEDigation’ is growing as building industry adopts sustainable practices

    A surge of “green living” has permeated all aspects of our society in recent years, yet indisputably, the most innovative -- and standardized -- industry in relation to the green movement is the building sector, which long ago embraced the practice of sustainable construction. As a result, “LEEDigation” has emerged as a new concept to describe lawsuits involving green building, which may include disputes arising from certification, flawed design or improperly constructed green building strategies.

  • BOMA San Diego makes 'Stars' out of energy conscious building owners, managers

    BOMA San Diego, the leading voice in the local commercial real estate industry, is a proponent of making commercial buildings more energy efficient and has rolled out its BOMA STARS campaign to help its members achieve this goal.

  • Every building can be a green building

    As a general contractor, when an owner asks us to build something, we build it whether it’s green or not. As a green builder it’s something we shouldn’t do only when we’re asked -- doing it as a matter of course is something we should all strive to do. Any project can incorporate some aspect of sustainability, even if it’s contractor driven.

  • California green tax breaks in question

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- In just a year, a little-noticed state panel created with bipartisan legislative support worked briskly to authorize $104 million in tax breaks to help “green” companies in California buy equipment and add jobs.

  • Google to finance home solar systems

    NEW YORK -- Google wants to buy solar panels for your house.

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