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ACOE colonel shares techniques, advice

Corporate America may be cut-throat, but no arena tests the true make of a leader like the life-or-death reality of the battlefield. Col. Tom Magness has succeeded in both worlds, and now helps business executives become more effective leaders using his battle-tested techniques and personal insight from more than two decades of military service.

Coast Guard commander employs boats, aircraft, personnel to fight smuggling

The biggest challenge Coast Guard Sector San Diego faces on its local waterways is smuggling.

Kane: Opportunity, confidence and teams make great leaders

Christopher Kane’s confidence earned him more and more responsibility as a young military man, and his leadership skills warranted him higher ranks and titles as a doctor.

Navy taught Cuellar the importance of identifying future leaders

An officer in the military is assumed to be a leader just by virtue of his or her rank, but that doesn’t make that person a leader, said Daniel Cuellar, manager of surgical services at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center and former lieutenant commander in the Navy.

Anthony Nufer: Leadership and management should be balanced

Anthony Nufer’s former commanding officer became his program management mentor when he hired Nufer just out of the Navy.

Scott Biel: Confidence, communication make a good leader

When Scott Biel resigned from the Navy in 1989, he knew he was going to miss the structure that he became accustomed to in his almost six years of service.

VP of GET Engineering relies on leadership skills learned in Navy

Capt. Dave Grundies joined the Navy to avoid the draft, and he successfully avoided it for 26 years thereafter.

Retired Navy captain leads with patience and clarity

Harry Guess, a native of Nashville, Tenn., graduated from Vanderbilt University and joined the Navy to see the world, he said. He spent 24 years in the Navy before retiring and worked mostly as a supply corps officer, “the business managers of the Navy,” he said.

John Turpit leads from the front

While in officer candidates school, John Turpit learned that leaders must lead from the front, and they must make it to the top. Turpit is now director of corporate and developer services at RJC Architects.

James Cleary: 'Leadership is about the group'

As a partner and intellectual property attorney at Mintz Levin, James Cleary said he leads with a flat hierarchical structure.

Mary Lyons helps pave the way to the future

As an active reservist, there was a time when Mary Lyons --who has been the president at the University of San Diego since 2003 -- was the only woman among a group of midgrade officers being considered to command a unit.

Wayne Goodermote: 'It always comes back to people'

One year crammed in a 7-by-8.5-foot room with four people taught Wayne Goodermote about the one word that has guided him through his career: people.

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Wings of Gold: Leadership and Management

Celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation in America, The Daily Transcript pays tribute in 2011 by celebrating the extraordinary business success stories of San Diego’s naval aviators.


Retired rear admiral honed leadership skills in Navy

Leaders can make or break the careers of those who serve around them. In the case of retired Rear Adm. Jose Betancourt, a former surface warfare officer, one leader almost broke his career and another picked up the pieces.

Good leaders treat others equally and seek opportunities to advance

The punishment for one officer being AWOL should be the same for another officer who is AWOL, but very different from the punishment of an officer who didn’t run his three miles in time.

Jay Doucet advanced through leadership roles as an exchange officer

Working as an exchange officer in the U.S. Navy allowed Dr. Jay Doucet to advance to leadership roles not afforded to him in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Patricia Reily: Everyone is a leader to someone

Patricia Reily, who retired from the Navy in 1995 as a commander, was the human resources director at Moffett field and she was the first woman to run a 40-bed counseling assistance center for drug and alcohol abuse in the Philippines.

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Interview with Booz Allen Hamilton's Greg Wenzel

Greg Wenzel, executive vice president and lead for digital solutions and C4ISR at Booz Allen Hamilton, talks about the modern digital ecosystem and Internet of Things that can create an enterprise effect across the federal government and military orgnizations through secure interoperability for efficiency and effectiveness.

Leadership & Management videos

Top Influentials 2015: Jamie Moraga

Feb. 9, 2015 -- Daily Transcript Reporter Katherine Connor speaks with Jamie Moraga, president and CEO of intelliSolutions inc., about the defense contracting industry and her highlights of 2014 as the president of SDMAC.

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