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  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- July 2015

    The City of Temecula’s Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange (TVE2) is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for July 2015. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- June 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in June.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- May 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in May. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- April 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in April. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- March 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in March. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- February 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in February. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- January 2015

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in January. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Seven startups earn $25K, spot at Plug and Play Expo

    Seven local startups joined the ranks of 14 past San Diego Plug and Play pitch winners Tuesday, each earning $25,000, three months of mentoring and coaching at Plug and Play’s headquarters in Sunnyvale, and a spot at the incubator’s expo.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange hosts Youth Hour of Code session

    The Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TVE2) will be hosting an Hour of Code session on Dec. 11 from 4-5 p.m.

  • EO Accelerator program focuses on local entrepreneurs committed to accelerated business growth, change

    The Entrepreneurs' Organization Accelerator program announced its ongoing support for assisting small businesses looking to stimulate economic growth in 2015.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- November 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in November. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • TVE2 hosts anniversary event

    The city of Temecula is preparing to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange, business resource center and tech incubator, on Nov. 6.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- October 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in October.

  • Academically InformED joins TVE2 incubator

    New tech start-up Academically InformED has joined the TVE2 Incubator program, marking the 12th company to participate in the program since opening in November 2012.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Events -- September 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in September.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- August 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in August.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- July 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in July.

  • Tech start-ups thrive at Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange

    Beaming, one of the flourishing tech startup companies at the Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange (TVE2), has been selected by the Plug and Play Tech Center, a high-profile accelerator in Silicon Valley, to receive $25,000 and attend their Startup Camp

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange receives CALED Award of Merit

    The Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange is honored to announce its acceptance of the Award of Merit, provided by the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED).

  • Temecula welcomes EMD Millipore business expansion

    The city of Temecula is pleased to welcome the business expansion of one of its prized life science companies, EMD Millipore.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- June 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in June.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- May 2014

    The City of Temecula’s Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TVE2) is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for May 2014.

  • Voxox hires Joe Schiavone as national channel manager

    Voxox, a San Diego-based cloud communications application developer, announced on Tuesday the addition of Joe Schiavone as the company's national channel manager.

  • Tagg GPS pet tracker revolutionizes the pet industry

    For many pet owners, our furry friend is a part of the family. What would you do if your beloved pet were to wander off and unable to find their way home? Many of us would search high and low, post flyers, drive aimlessly around the neighborhood and check at local rescue shelters. Those days are now over as technology allows us to immediately locate our pet via our mobile phone.

  • San Diego fitness startup Fitn launches; exceeds company expectations

    San Diego fitness startup Fitn Inc., a company whose mission is to bring a diverse array of boutique fitness studios into one curated, network of specialized fitness studios, launched last week and company expectations were blown away.

  • Big data personalizes retail, energy, finance

    Big data has become a buzzword, with increasing relativity as the use of the cloud allows for more and varied applications of it. Who is using this data, for what, and why, are questions that can elicit confusion for those unfamiliar with the concept.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- April 2014

    The City of Temecula’s Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TVE2) is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for April 2014.

  • How secure is your IT infrastructure?

    When it comes to your company’s technology infrastructure you want to build it with top of the line, secure solutions. Bird Rock Systems is a local technology solutions provider founded in 2003 that does just that!

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Events – March 2014

    The city of Temecula’s Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TVE2) is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for March 2014. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange events -- February 2014

    The city of Temecula's Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange (TVE2) is pleased to announce the following events scheduled for February 2014. Additional event information and registration details can be found at the TVE2 website events calendar

  • Companies pitch at TVE2 during FundingPost Investor Roundtable

    In partnership with FundingPost, the city of Temecula hosted 14 companies that pitched their businesses to a full house on Friday, Jan. 17 at the city's incubator.

  • Temecula business incubator continues to support entrepreneurial spirit in new year

    A brand new year is full of fresh and exciting possibilities for your business with the support and help of Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange (TVE2).

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Events – January 2014

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in January.

  • Review: Celestron Nextstar 8SE

    As an amateur astronomer, I really enjoy any of the technology innovations that telescope manufacturers accomplish in making the hobby convenient, portable and easy to use. The Celestron Nextstar 8SE accomplishes that goal for me.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- December 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in December.

  • World cybersecurity leaders call for cooperation

    STANFORD -- Governments and businesses spend $1 trillion a year for global cybersecurity, but unlike wartime casualties or oil spills, there's no clear idea what the total losses are because few will admit they've been compromised. Cybersecurity leaders from more than 40 countries are gathering at Stanford University this week to consider tackling that information gap by creating a single, trusted entity that would keep track of how much hackers steal.

  • Temecula: Where excellent quality of life means business

    It's no secret to local "Temeculans" who live and work here that this is the place to be. Temecula, branded as Southern California Wine Country, has award winning schools, higher educational opportunities, vast array of parks and trails, diverse shopping and dining options and beautiful residential communities. Temecula remains a premier city within Southwest Riverside County. Temecula strives to be a well-rounded community and setting the stage for an excellent quality of life is our business! You want it, Temecula has it!

  • Why brands need to pay more attention to social customer service

    It seems that businesses are still not quite getting the importance of social customer service. Even a company like British Airways, which prides itself on its customer experience laurels, seems to have overlooked this seemingly obvious aspect of the customer-brand relationship.

  • Are you sitting on a time bomb?

    Back in April 2012, Microsoft announced that support for Windows XP and Office 2003 would end on April 8, 2014. While some companies immediately began planning upgrade programs to modernize their computers, others greeted the news with ambivalence -- or missed it altogether.

  • Is your security and privacy program legally defensible?

    Privacy and security needs pervade all aspects of business. Your customers and employees demand protection from financial, medical and reputational risks associated with identity theft.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange events -- November 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in November.

  • Nirvanix gets court approval of $1M bankruptcy financing

    Nirvanix Inc., a San Diego-based cloud-based data storage company, won court approval to borrow about $1.1 million to help fund operations while in bankruptcy.

  • Nirvanix files for bankruptcy

    Nirvanix Inc., a cloud-based data storage company, on Tuesday sought bankruptcy protection from creditors, without citing a reason.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Events – October 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in October.

  • Make sure your attorney protects your personal information

    How often have we thought about the amount of our personal information an attorney retains in their files? Whether the attorney is a criminal defense lawyer, an estate planner, a personal injury attorney, or a law firm for corporations, they all have one thing in common: They have a ton of information on clients, and in today's digital world, you can bet it's stored on some sort of computing device.

  • AIS names Greg Rollet CEO

    San Diego-based AIS, a provider of data center and cloud service solutions, announced the appointment of Greg Rollet as the company’s new CEO.

  • Announcement for suborbital XS1 expected in October

    A new space technology is expected to take off in the next few months, according to the deputy director for the tactical technology office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

  • Companies must meet bandwidth demand to maintain productivity

    It's amazing how fast the growth in broadband content, devices and apps has ushered in a new era of robust broadband dependency.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Events -- September 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in September.

  • Kratos Defense among 17 winners of $6 billion cybersecurity award

    Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc. was among 17 winners of a $6 billion U.S. contract that will create a shopping hub for government agencies seeking to shield their computer networks from hackers.

  • 3 top US officials discuss cybersecurity in NYC

    NEW YORK (AP) -- The heads of the nation's three top intelligence agencies said Thursday they strive to protect Americans' privacy in an evolving era of cybersecurity threats, electronic surveillance and concerns about government data-monitoring.

  • Qualcomm, Alcatel-Lucent to collaborate on improving wireless connectivity

    Alcatel-Lucent and Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM), announced Monday a plan to collaborate to develop small cell base stations that enhance 3G, 4G and WiFi networks to improve wireless connectivity in residential and enterprise environments.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange becoming hub for software, technology startups

    The newest company to join the Temecula Incubator, Inviscid Software, is excited about the opportunities to work alongside like-minded startups.

  • Zeeto Media expands downtown office

    Zeeto Media celebrated its downtown expansion project Thursday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, mimosas and Bloody Marys.

  • Qualcomm to enter tablet market, adding distance from Intel

    Qualcomm Inc., the largest seller of semiconductors for mobile phones, said it’s about to crack the tablet market, further distancing itself from rival Intel Corp. in wireless computing.

  • CyberFlow gets $2M investment from Toshiba

    San Diego-based CyberFlow Analytics Inc., a newly formed cybersecurity company, raised $2 million from Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. (TAEC).

  • Tech Coast Angels seeks Quick Pitch candidates

    Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel investor group in the United States, is seeking applications from technology startups for its September Quick Pitch event.

  • TVE2 fosters startup collaboration

    In an effort to support the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange, in partnership with Startup Circle, hosted a collaborative networking event on June 26th. At the TVE2 technology incubator event, techies and innovative entrepreneurial minds gathered to meet and exchange ideas.

  • Mobile devices: the illusion of security

    The reality is the consumer desire for ever faster and more functionality makes security a secondary priority. Most mobile devices have very little security, making them an easy target for hackers.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange welcomes innovative thinkers, entrepreneurial business leaders

    Interested in meeting the innovative entrepreneurs of Temecula Valley? On Wednesday June 26, the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange (TVE2) will be hosting a networking event from 5-7 p.m.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center events for July 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in July.

  • Proximal Data teams with TriAxis

    San Diego-based Proximal Data announced a strategic partnership with TriAxis Storage Solutions Inc., a provider of data storage software and hardware products and services.

  • Cloud profit lags older software as choices mount, CEO Says

    Cloud software companies can’t expect as much profit as traditional vendors because customers increasingly have more choices, Box Inc. Chief Executive Officer Aaron Levie said Monday.

  • Cyber experts say calling out China may be working

    SINGAPORE (AP) -- After years of quiet and largely unsuccessful diplomacy, the U.S. has brought its persistent computer-hacking problems with China into the open, delivering a steady drumbeat of reports accusing Beijing's government and military of computer-based attacks against America.

  • Startups line up to meet with SK Telecom

    Promising tech startups from around the county — and around the world — are swinging through Mintz Levin’s doors in San Diego this week to have a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with representatives of South Korean wireless giant SK Telecom.

  • Cybersecurity tops Obama's agenda for China talks

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will be looking for signs from China's leader at their upcoming meeting that Beijing is ready to address its reported high-tech spying, which the White House sees as a top threat to the U.S. economy and national security.

  • Qualcomm Life spells out its purpose

    The head of Qualcomm Life, the young subsidiary of chip giant Qualcomm Inc., cleared up some confusion about what the unit was created to do.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center events for June 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in June.

  • Websense exec ranks among top security executives

    Jason Clark, chief security and strategy officer for San Diego-based Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN), has been named a 2012 Top Security Executive by ExecRank, ranking eighth out of 150 security executives honored.

  • The day the password died

    I still remember a time when having a computer in your business was like being in a Jetson's cartoon. But by the 1980s computing was becoming the norm, and soon there was a computer on every desk.

  • Cloud service ROI: 10 key considerations for small business

    One of the biggest questions facing decision-makers today is whether to continue investing in IT infrastructure or start migrating to cloud services. The following are 10 key factors that, in addition to capital expenditure, should be considered by small business leaders when making a cloud ROI calculation.

  • The city of Temecula: One of California’s top-rated cities to open a business in

    Over the past two decades, the city of Temecula has evolved into an innovative, dynamic city and a regional economic center for Southwest Riverside County, all while retaining its small-town feeling and character.

  • Websense agrees to private-equity buyout worth about $1 billion

    In a deal valued at close to $1 billion, San Diego's Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN), a leader in warding off cyber attacks and data theft, has agreed to be sold to Vista Equity Partners, a private equity firm that invests in software, data and other tech businesses.

  • Wireless health conference to draw key players

    A star-studded lineup of health professionals will be in San Diego this month, ranging from the co-founder of WebMD to the man that holds the keys to the Food and Drug Administration's protected regulatory gates.

  • 5D Robotics moves to new Carlsbad office

    Robotics software company 5D Robotics Inc., known for its technologies advancing human-to-robot interaction, has moved its headquarters to a new location in Carlsbad.

  • Illumina launches BaseSpace apps

    Illumina Inc. (Nasdaq: ILMN) Thursday announced the full commercial availability of BaseSpace, the San Diego company’s genomics cloud computing and storage platform.

  • Cyberattacks a growing irritant in US-China ties

    BEIJING (AP) -- Signs are growing that the sustained surge in cyberattacks emanating from China is imperiling its relations with the U.S., lending urgency to fledgling efforts by both governments to engage on the issue.

  • China denies renewed US cyberattack claims

    BEIJING (AP) -- China's military on Tuesday denied renewed U.S. accusations that it sponsored cyberattacks and said the two sides should cooperate against the global threat of computer crime.

  • Qualcomm Life buys HealthyCircles

    Qualcomm Life Inc. acquired San Diego-based HealthyCircles, supporting its mission to enable technology and health care collaborators to drive forward the adoption of wireless health solutions.

  • Novatel Wireless signs supply agreement with LoJack

    Novatel Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL) has entered into a supply agreement with LoJack SCI, Novatel announced Monday.

  • Syntricity announces online yield management system for semiconductor industry

    Syntricity, a San Diego-based developer of software used by the semiconductor industry, announced Monday the release of a new product to analyze engineering data, push products into production, and manage final test manufacturing yields.

  • TVE2 helps innovative businesses grow

    The Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange, also known as TVE2, is located in Temecula's old city hall building at 43200 Business Park Drive. In an effort to be proactive and spark job creation and economic vitality, the City Council repurposed the city-owned building for use as a business incubator and resource center. Our purpose is to support the growth of innovation and entrepreneurs -- as we know they are a key driver of economic growth for the region.

  • GenomeDx Biosciences launches iPad app

    GenomeDx Biosciences announced Friday the launch of a mobile device application designed specifically for the iPad that provides a three-dimensional model of the prostate, bladder and surrounding organs for use by physicians.

  • Vois acquires assets of Mind Technologies

    San Diego-based Vois Inc. has reported acquiring all assets of Mind Technologies Inc., for the purpose of securing ownership of all of Mind Technologies' thought-controlled technology.

  • GridCOM secures funding for grid technology

    Carlsbad-based GridCOM Technologies Inc. secured seed funding to develop its "future-proof" quantum encryption technology that protects the nation's electrical grid from cyber terrorism.

  • Anametrix adds advisory members

    Anametrix, the first cloud-based, real-time marketing analytics platform, said analytics and social business luminaries Jay Baer, Huw Griffiths and Jim Sterne have joined Eric Otterson on the Anametrix advisory board.As San Diego-based Anametrix continues to establish itself among Global 2000 B2C retailers, media companies and digital agencies, the advisory board will offer strategic insight and guidance.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center events for May 2013

    Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange Resource Center offers the following events in May.

  • TriTech Software Systems partners with Nlets

    San Diego-based TriTech Software Systems announced a strategic partnership with Nlets as its hosting services provider for IQ, the cloud-based version of its Inform IQ public safety intelligence solution.

  • FirstWatch hires Alex Garza as medical director, homeland security adviser

    Dr. Alexander Garza, former assistant secretary for health affairs of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, has been named as the medical director and homeland security adviser for Encinitas-based FirstWatch, a technology company dedicated to helping 911, EMS, fire, police, public health, and emergency management by harnessing the power of their data.

  • Staying connected with TVE2

    What better time to start a new business or expand an existing business than in the spring! With the changing seasons come new opportunities, making it a prime time to take advantage of all the workshops, seminars, and networking events the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange (TVE2) has to offer.

  • Banking and finance security risk management

    Banks and financial institution services haven't really changed much at all in the last century. They still help you save your money, give car loans or mortgages, help you send your kids to college, and help you prepare for retirement. How they accomplish this has changed dramatically, and continues to change as technology advances.

  • Domestic drones rise under 3D Robotics

    San Diego-based 3D Robotics Inc. created a game changer for the drone industry: military-grade technology at toy prices.

  • Novatel Wireless module certified on the Aeris Cellular Network

    Novatel Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq: NVTL), a San Diego provider of wireless solutions, received technical approval for its machine-to-machine (M2M) CDMA2000 1X Enabler HS 3001 module on Aeris Communications’ network.

  • ViaSat buys LonoCloud; new company spins off

    Carlsbad-based ViaSat Inc. purchased local startup LonoCloud Inc. to augment its broadband network.

  • House committee advancing pro-business cyber bill

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House Intelligence Committee is finalizing legislation that would give the federal government an unprecedented role in helping banks, manufacturers and other businesses protect against cyberattacks.

  • US says hacking undermines China's interests

    BEIJING (AP) -- Hacking that originates inside China is undermining its relationship with the United States and harms Beijing's long-term interests, a U.S. diplomat said Tuesday, in the latest high-level public expression of concern over a problem that has prompted threats of commercial retaliation from Washington.

  • Cybersecurity bill getting privacy controls to win over Obama

    The House Intelligence Committee will add privacy safeguards to a cybersecurity proposal in an effort to win support of President Barack Obama and other lawmakers, the panel’s top Republican and Democrat said.

  • Microsoft VDI on Windows 2012

    Now that it is several months since the launch of Windows 2012, IT professionals are starting to come to terms with all of the new features that this great new operating system has to offer. Many of these features are refinements of existing technologies, offering extra functionality and improved performance over systems running Windows 2008. One such feature is the Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, which builds on previous implementations of Terminal Services and virtualization to give great results.

  • Qualcomm lends knowledge to BRAIN Initiative

    Qualcomm Inc. will play a part in the Basic Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative, which President Barack Obama announced Tuesday.

  • Nirvanix appoints Debra Chrapaty as CEO

    San Diego-based cloud storage company Nirvanix announced the appointment of Debra Chrapaty as its CEO, effective April 2013.

  • LifeApps Digital Media acquires Today's New Deal

    LifeApps Digital Media Inc. (OTC: LFAP), a San Diego-based designer of applications and social networks for sports, health, fitness and entertainment enthusiasts, has announced the acquisition of Today's New Deal, a daily deal website and email marketing newsletter service.

  • Temecula Valley Entrepreneur’s Exchange Resource Center Events - April 2013

    April 1: Money Smart for Your Business - "Business Banking Services". 6pm-7:30pm. To register visit

  • AIS gains $43.5 million senior secured credit facility

    San Diego-based AIS (American Internet Services), a provider of data center and cloud service solutions, reports Fortress Credit Corp., an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, has provided the company a $43.5 million senior secured credit facility. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

  • Veteran trial attorneys enliven courtroom

    Jurors participating in a case litigated by Fred Gordon and Rhonda Holmes are usually treated to quite a show.

  • New York-Presbyterian Hospital to use PatientSafe system

    San Diego-based PatientSafe Solutions, a provider of point-of-care mobile solutions, reports New York-Presbyterian Hospital has selected the company’s platform, PatientTouch, for use in its medical center.

  • Report: Medical device communication could save $30 billion

    A new analysis by the San Diego-based Gary and Mary West Health Institute reports medical device interoperability -- the ability for devices and health care systems to communicate with one another -- could save more than $30 billion a year and improve patient care.

  • Cybersecurity Standards for Companies Dodged by U.S. FCC Panel

    March 19 (Bloomberg) -- A U.S. advisory panel failed to reach consensus on recommendations to telecommunications companies and Internet providers on how to bolster their computer systems against cyber attack.

  • Qualcomm, Consortium for School Networking bring devices to youngsters

    Qualcomm Inc., through its Wireless Reach initiative, and the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), announced the Designing Education Networks (DEN) initiative at the 2013 CoSN Conference in San Diego.

  • New year brings new start-ups to TVE2

    Year 2013 is well under way and exciting new things have been happening at the Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange. TVE2 is the City of Temecula's Business Incubator and Regional Resource Center. The goal of TVE2 is to foster business growth and economic vitality for entrepreneurs and innovative early stage companies, by providing access to technology and high quality resources, and leveraging a strong network of community partners.

  • Hacking, big and small

    You just downloaded the latest security software on your PC. So, now you're safe from hackers, right? It used to be that you could go to Staples, Office Max, or Best Buy and purchase the latest and greatest security software and you were protected. Today, if you believe that, you've being lulled into a false sense of security.

  • Websharing becomes a must for today's small to mid-sized businesses

    Over the past several years, websharing has evolved into one of the main forms of communication among top businesspeople because it enables businesses to collaborate in real-time through webinars, teleconferences and online presentations.

  • Qualcomm Life, WebMD collaborate

    Qualcomm Life Inc. is joining forces with WebMD, an online source of health information, to enable millions of consumers to access and manage wireless health data from an array of fitness, wellness and medical devices.

  • Goldman Sachs Joins Citigroup in Expanding Cyber Threat List

    March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. stepped up warnings to shareholders about cyber attacks as the U.S. prodded banks and government agencies to bolster their defenses.

  • VOIS to acquire Mind Technologies

    VOIS Inc. (OTCQB: VOIS) entered into a letter of intent with San Diego’s Mind Technologies Inc. to purchase 100 percent of its assets. The company has agreed to the acquisition in order to secure ownership of all BCI/ thought-controlled technology developed and being developed by the company.

  • Private US firms take major role vs. cyberattacks

    WASHINGTON -- When Kevin Mandia, a retired military cybercrime investigator, decided to expose China as a primary threat to U.S. computer networks, he didn't have to consult with American diplomats in Beijing or declassify tactics to safely reveal government secrets.

  • Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Internet users who illegally share music, movies or television shows online could soon receive warning notices from the nation's five major Internet service providers.

  • The true cost of colocation

    For years both large and small corporations have been migrating their in-house servers to data centers that specialize in colocation services. Colocation facilities provide the space, power, cooling and security the servers require.

  • Qualcomm releases new 'Born Mobile' video

    In its latest effort to advertise its “Born Mobile” campaign, Qualcomm Inc. managed to squeeze in a canary-colored convertible, a brigade of sled dogs and a mini circus in under two minutes.

  • US security firm alleges massive Chinese hacking

    BEIJING (AP) -- Cyberattacks that stole massive amounts of information from military contractors, energy companies and other key industries in the U.S. and elsewhere have been traced to the doorstep of a Chinese military unit, a U.S. security firm alleged Tuesday.

  • Feds roll out cyber plan as Hill vows legislation

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Declaring that America is losing an aggressive cyber-espionage campaign waged from China, administration officials and lawmakers on Wednesday agreed to push legislation that would make it easier for the government and industry to share information about who is getting hacked and what to do about it.

  • All businesses should consider good physical security plan

    Remember Maxwell Smart walking down the corridor as the doors automatically opened and closed? Even Mel Brooks, the show's creator and a comic genius, understood the need for physical security, a major part of corporate information technology protection.

  • CyberHive welcomes a pot of startups

    As the sun set on a downtown party Wednesday night, pink mixed drinks swam down an ice luge into attendees' cocktail glasses and parting gifts came in the form of honey jars.

  • Cyber attacks rose 600% last year, study says

    Cyber attacks have increased by nearly 600 percent over the past year, according to a report released Wednesday by Websense Security Labs, a research team of San Diego’s Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN), which produces security software for email and mobile communications.

  • US plan aimed at keeping China out of US networks

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The White House cybersecurity executive order, to be unveiled Wednesday by President Barack Obama's top security officials, will be the most comprehensive plan yet for confronting electronic attacks on America's computer networks, or at least a good-faith effort amid an alarming tide in industrial espionage in the past year that experts blame mostly on China.

  • IMAX execs stop by San Diego

    Reuben H. Fleet Science Center hosted a 40th birthday party of sorts for its IMAX dome theater on Thursday.

  • Review: Celestron's latest in robotic telescopes

    Since the computerized Celestron CompuStar appeared in 1985, Celestron has been known for both its technological prowess and ease of use. The company continues this tradition with the introduction of the SkyProdigy 6, which a colleague -- Daily Transcript reporter Thor Biberman -- and I tested out on a 16-degree evening in the Anza Borrego desert.

  • MaintenanceNet teams with Panasonic for service contract platform

    Carlsbad-based MaintenanceNet Inc. has implemented a cloud-based service contract management platform for Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America.

  • The changing landscape of (IT) infrastructure

    Businesses have two options today when it comes to their Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure:

  • Overland Storage lands new patent

    Data management company Overland Storage (Nasdaq: OVRL) announce Monday that it has been granted a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office covering its clustered file system technology related to large-scale computer file storage.

  • San Diego's premier technology organization creates education, information sharing opportunities with TCR Services at the forefront

    AITP (the Association of Information Technology Professionals) is the community of IT knowledge focused on empowering IT professionals by helping them reach their full potential.

  • Voice Smart Networks provides customers with Virtual Hosted Office systems

    With the future of business technology headed to the cloud, Voice Smart Networks, an industry leader in unified communications, is helping their customers make this transition. The company is providing its customers with Virtual Hosted Office systems designed to help small to mid-sized businesses take advantage of the latest in cloud-based technologies.

  • ESET releases security products for Mac

    ESET, a San Diego-based digital security firm, announced it has launched the next generation of security products for the Mac OS X platform called ESET Cyber Security Pro and ESET Cyber Security.

  • Qualcomm 1Q profit jumps 36%, raises outlook

    Mobile device chipmaker Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM) on Wednesday said its net income rose 36 percent in the final quarter of 2012 as revenue increased due to growing global demand for smartphones.

  • Revenues rise, stock falls at Websense

    San Diego’s Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN), which produces software and security systems to defend against cyber attacks, reported record income of $122 million for the fourth quarter, rising 5 percent over last year.

  • Infinitely Virtual moves data center from SD to Boston

    In an effort to serve its East Coast client base, Encinitas-based Infinitely Virtual, a provider of virtual server cloud computing services, has announced the phased move of its backup data center from San Diego to the Boston area.

  • HIPAA: Tips to ensure your organization complies

    HIPAA. We've all heard the term. Every time we go to the doctor's office, there seems to be another form to fill out that is a "HIPAA requirement." To most of us, most of the time, HIPAA is just a pain in the butt. Is there any good reason for all this regulation? You bet there is.

  • Anametrix unveils plug-in for Excel

    Anametrix, a San Diego-based business data collector, analyzer and provider, has introduced its new plug-in for Microsoft Excel.

  • Feds: 3 nabbed for widespread Gozi computer virus

    NEW YORK (AP) -- A computer virus that spread to more than a million computers worldwide, including some at NASA, and produced at least $50 million in illegal profits or losses to victims should be a “wake-up call” for banks and consumers unaware of the threat posed by Internet criminals, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

  • Tealium launches digital tag management product add-on

    Del Mar-based Tealium announced Wednesday the launch of Tealium DataCloud, an add-on service in its tag management offerings that enables digital marketers to tap into an actionable source of all of their digital data.

  • 'Big data' could help pinpoint possible shooting spree

    This week I've asked Marc Parrish, a friend who has extensive experience managing big data for the high-tech industry, to provide his views for this column, based on a previous article he wrote for The Atlantic online.

  • Voice Smart Networks helps customers pre-assess, continuously monitor network infrastructure for smooth operations

    Voice Smart Networks, an industry leader in unified communications, announced that the company is providing its customers with Remote Performance Management Solutions. This technology offers a cost-effective remote monitoring and management capability to diagnose underlying network problems, assess network readiness and monitor application performance. This advancement is allowing businesses to capitalize on powerful applications such as VoIP, video, SaaS/ cloud services, disaster recovery and desktop virtualization.

  • Smart Utility Systems to release new product at DistribuTECH conference

    A new cloud-based handler of energy trading and risk management from Smart Utility Systems is scheduled to be released at the upcoming industry conference DistribuTECH in San Diego.

  • Websense shares get a boost from new CEO, billings

    Shares of San Diego-based Websense Inc. rose Monday after the data security company named a new CEO and announced better-than-expected fourth-quarter billings.

  • CES 2013: Consumers will pay big for latest tech products

    Big box retailers around the United States are making room on their shelves to sell the latest and greatest gadgets revealed at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this past week. But buyers be warned: It will cost you.

  • Consumer Electronics Show roundup

    A visit to CES is an opportunity to confront the reality of the consumer electronics business, a $200 billion-plus industry in the United States alone.

  • Attractive, portable products have the spotlight at CES

    Creating aesthetically pleasing products was the goal of some device cover and speaker companies this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

  • Accelrys buys Swiss partner

    Accelrys Inc., a provider of scientific innovation lifecycle management software, bought longtime partner Vialis AG.

  • High-technology start-ups thriving in Temecula's business incubator

    For entrepreneurs with a fresh idea, the City of Temecula's Temecula Valley Entrepreneur's Exchange (TVE2) provides an excellent opportunity for innovative start-ups and entrepreneurs to network, collaborate, and grow their business. The TVE2 incubator is currently home to two technology focused start-ups, NZN Labs Inc. and Anywhere Science Inc.

  • Top tech minds take the stage at CES

    From a home theater experience on a tablet to the growing market for "phablets," leading technology companies discussed the next big trends at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

  • Independa puts technology into TVs at CES

    The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is jam-packed with the latest gadgets for youthful techies, but one San Diego-based company is showing off its latest digital product for an unlikely user: the elderly.

  • CES 2013: LifeProof turning out to be tough competition

    Spill some egg on your iPad while referring to a recipe? Drench your iPhone in your boardshorts while catching a wave? No problem, says LifeProof.

  • CES 2013: Paul Jacobs delivers star-studded keynote

    In true flashy Vegas fashion, Qualcomm Inc. CEO Paul Jacobs showed off his company's latest technology at the Consumer Electronics Show with the help of a string of entertainers, including Maroon 5, a “Star Trek” star, a NASCAR champion and Big Bird from "Sesame Street."

  • CES 2013: Qualcomm promises faster routers with gaming tech

    When data traffic snarls in your Wi-Fi router, Qualcomm has an answer for you: a "Killer" traffic cop to sort things out.

  • CES 2013: ViaSat, Hughes target underserved markets

    Dueling broadband satellite network providers ViaSat Inc. and Hughes Network Systems LLC admit to going after the same pool of customers, but they think there are enough to go around.

  • Cloud computing offers benefits to researchers

    The cutting edge of scientific research is often accomplished with surprisingly little cutting edge technology. In many cases, the equipment used to make discoveries is quite old, having been operating reliably for many years. Thus many scientists, comfortable with technological status quo, can easily miss small, affordable changes in technology that have the possibility to dramatically increase productivity.

  • ServiceNow to announce financial results Jan. 30

    San Diego-based ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), a provider of cloud-based services to automate enterprise IT operations, said it will release financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ending Dec. 31, 2012, following the close of the markets on Jan. 30.

  • Are you running your business on obsolete technology?

    The world of unified communications is centered on the idea of leveraging powerful technologies and applications to boost productivity. When individual employees have superior tools, they are able to do more with less and increase bottom-line profitability.

  • Crowd-funding draws donations for Sandy relief

    WASHINGTON (AP) -- In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, some who lost their homes or businesses have turned to crowd-funding websites to elicit a faster and more direct response than they could expect from the government or traditional charities.

  • Websense prevails in patent infringement case

    A Delaware jury Thursday found in favor of San Diego-based Websense, ruling that the computer virus detection company did not infringe on the patent of a competitor.

  • Financial institutions, natural disasters and recovery in the cloud

    Hurricane Sandy highlighted the fragility of many pieces of modern infrastructure. In addition to the loss of human life and physical property, lost data has impacted the operations of many organizations on the East Coast.

  • EdgeWave introduces security product for mobile devices

    EdgeWave Inc., a San Diego developer and marketer of on-demand secure content management solutions to the mid-enterprise markets, announced Tuesday the launch of EdgeWave Mobile Security, a cloud-based Web and social media security option for mobile devices.

  • Organovo partners with Autodesk to develop 3-D bioprinting software

    Organovo Holdings Inc., a designer and manufacturer of three-dimensional human tissues for medical research, is working with researchers at Autodesk Inc. to create the first 3D design software for bioprinting, the company announced.

  • Audatex delivers collision repair tracking app for iPhone

    San Diego-based Audatex North America Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Solera Holdings Inc., a claims solutions provider serving the automotive industry, launched a new iPhone app for AutoWatch, its web-powered repair tracking solution.

  • Calculating cloud ROI

    Cloud computing presents businesses with a variety of options while gaining cost savings through the shift of capital expenditure (CAPEX) to operating expense (OPEX).

  • Share three gifts of wisdom with online Santas at the office

    Online sales on Cyber Monday jumped 30.3 percent, according to International Business Machines Corp., which analyzes transactions for 500 U.S. retailers. Americans spent $21 billion shopping online since Black Friday alone, indicating a healthy trust in the e-commerce.

  • Qualcomm makes toys come to life

    Pixar’s “Toy Story” is about a boy’s toys that come alive, and thanks to a new technology in the works, Bert and Ernie will be more lifelike than ever during playtime.

  • Local companies rank on Deloitte's annual list

    More than a dozen locally based companies appeared on Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.

  • Active Network streamlines operations for Mississippi wildlife department

    The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks (MDWFP) streamlined its outdoor services on the ActiveWorks Outdoors technology platform.

  • Judge will reconsider Overland Storage's patent infringement claims

    An administrative law judge will reconsider San Diego-based Overland Storage's (Nasdaq: OVRL) patent infringement claims against Germany-based BDT-Solutions GmbH, following a ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission Wednesday.

  • EvoNexus to accept more startups

    EvoNexus is accepting the next round of applications for high-tech startups that want to work in a rent-free incubator.

  • How the cloud can save life sciences

    The cutting edge of scientific research is often accomplished with surprisingly little cutting edge technology. In many cases, the equipment used to make discoveries is quite old, having been operating reliably for many years. Thus many scientists, comfortable with technological status quo, can easily miss small, affordable changes in technology that have the possibility to dramatically increase productivity.

  • Internet abuse can kill a company – What can you do about it?

    Allowing open Internet access to any and all technology can reduce productivity, expose the network to security threats, jam up bandwidth, deteriorate the quality of service in IP based applications and slow down critical programs that are running the business.

  • Online Internet Network starts trading

    San Diego-based Online Internet Network Inc. opened trading in the market. The Internet services provider (OTC QB: ONIN) started trading its securities on the OTC Quotation Board.

  • MIP Awards: Technologies honored by Connect

    Nine inventions born out of San Diego companies, ranging from a personalized workout program to elderly care technology to a rifle-mounted laser system, were honored on Friday.

  • ESET wins PCMag's consumer recommended award

    Security solutions provider ESET has won PC Magazine's “consumer recommended” award in its inaugural year for its security suites and stand alone antivirus products.

  • Websense email security named leader by independent report

    San Diego's Websense Inc. (Nasdaq: WBSN) was named a leader in The Forrester Wave: Email Content Security, Q4 2012 report by independent research analyst firm Forrester Research Inc.

  • Fraden gets patent on temperature, EMF radiation-sensing phone

    Fraden Corp., a closely held San Diego technology company, received a U.S. patent for a technology that would enable the use of a mobile phone to take a person's body temperature.

  • How to maximize your IT department's performance with a network optimization center (NOC)

    Today's business owners have a seemingly endless supply of technology solutions at their fingertips. However, without the proper support and assistance in implementing these tools, technology becomes useless.

  • Record online holiday sales seen as mobile drives growth

    Online retailers are poised for a record $43.4 billion holiday sales season as shoppers increasingly rely on social networks and mobile devices to find and buy merchandise.

  • Covario named Search Agency of the Year

    San Diego-based Covario was named the Search Agency of the Year by OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising) Magazine. This was the second year in a row Covario earned the distinction.

  • Will your business survive when disaster hits?

    Hurricane Sandy taught us one thing about disaster planning: recovery is not always possible. Wreaking power outages, cell phone interruption, physical damage, spoilage and immobility, the hurricane deluged the East Coast with monetary losses estimated at $10 to $20 billion. In the aftermath, Sandy shut many small business doors forever. Those lacking the infrastructure to support a Disaster Recovery Plan did not survive the hurricane.

  • Should your data center be at your corporate office or in the cloud?

    Businesses have two options today when it comes to their Information Technology (IT) infrastructure:

  • Wireless leaders talk about hospital implementation

    Over the next five years, one of the game changers in health care will finally be technology, according to hospital officials at the West Health Institute in La Jolla.

  • Franklin Wireless named on Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 500 list

    San Diego-based Franklin Wireless Corp. (OTCBB: FKWL) announced it ranked number 232 on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500, a ranking of the 500 fastest growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in North America.

  • Qualcomm acquires assets of digital positioning technology company

    Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Inc., has acquired certain assets of EPOS Development Ltd., a developer of ultrasound technologies for input solutions, including pen, stylus and gesture recognition.

  • ServiceNow prices follow-on public offering

    San Diego-based ServiceNow Inc. (NYSE: NOW), a provider of cloud-based services to automate enterprise IT operations, announced the pricing of its follow-on public offering of 14 million shares of its common stock at a price to the public of $28 per share.

  • EdgeWave monitors social media activity

    Allowing access to Facebook and Twitter in the workplace risks brand damage, cyberharassment, productivity loss and security threats, but EdgeWave Inc. lets companies tap into the power of social media while mitigating those risks.

  • Overland Storage appoints Vic Mahadevan to board

    San Diego-based Overland Storage (Nasdaq: OVRL), a provider of data management and protection solutions, announced the appointment of Vic Mahadevan to its board of directors, effective Nov. 13.

  • E.Digital granted patents

    San Diego-based e.Digital Corp. (OTCQB: EDIG) announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted the company four U.S. patents. The company also received Issue Notifications from the USPTO for two additional U.S. patents.

  • Cloud is future of computing despite security concerns

    The concept of the technological “cloud,” a term that is at once confusing and ubiquitous, has been around for years, but industry experts say the extent of its reach has only just begun to be tapped. What used to be done with software and the nearly extinct floppy disk now happens in a virtual space from the consumer’s perspective, and a changing one from the business side.

  • CommNexus group presents cloud security seminar

    The CommNexus Security SIG is hosting a session on "Cloud Security Considerations: What You Need to Know" on Thursday, Nov. 8 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at AIS.

  • Sandy: Disaster recovery of your business

    In the wake of the Superstorm Sandy and the unbelievable destruction it left behind, we were all reminded again of the importance of a well-planned Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity strategy every business must have.

  • Corporate CIOs answer to cyber security risk

    Today's work force is comprised of people from at least three generations who have witnessed the rapid evolution of technology parallel to the evolution of flight. Just as the Wright brothers were laughed out of the hangar from which the airplane was born, our collective experience of the changes in the information technology field and what they mean to us has run the trajectory from skepticism to acceptance to absolute reliance. In 2012, the rise of cyber attacks took us from absolute reliance on our technical domains back to skepticism on how much risk we can afford to take.

  • ViaWest provides colocation services for University of Texas at Dallas

    ViaWest, one of the largest privately held data center, cloud computing and managed services providers in North America, has been selected by The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas), to provide colocation services.

  • Three areas of cybersecurity that small businesses often overlook

    There's more to cybersecurity than virus protection and anti-spyware. From securing mobile devices to guarding against hacking, here are some common vulnerabilities small businesses need to watch out for.

  • Seven questions to ask your cloud hosting provider

    Cloud computing provides business with the ability to virtually outsource certain process thus saving the company thousands in labor and electricity.

  • American Internet Services launches life sciences platform

    American Internet Services unveiled a new life sciences software platform that supports research tools used by biotech, genomics sequencing and pharmaceutical scientists.

  • San Diego's largest free tech event puts education, information sharing at forefront

    The San Diego Technology Symposium on Nov. 8 is a perfect blend of technology exhibition, informative educational seminars, and premium industry networking. The unbelievable difference with this event is that it is 100 percent free to attend.

  • Should your computer room / data center be at your corporate office or in the cloud?

    Businesses have two options today when it comes to their information technology (IT) infrastructure: do it in-house or pay for it as a fixed-price monthly service in the cloud in a state-of-the-art data center.

  • HD video conferencing solution finally matures

    In today's market, large enterprises have come to rely heavily on technology in order to help accelerate their businesses.


  • Center aims to add cybersecurity to SD sectors

    Biotech, mobile, tourism, craft beer — San Diego is at the forefront of these industries and its business community is defined by them, but who says there isn’t room for one more? Thanks to a wide-reaching public-private partnership, the Cyber Center of Excellence opened March 20 with the goal of adding cybersecurity to the list of homegrown success stories.

  • Business cyberthreats require continuous security updates

    The cloud has defeated the "blue screen of death," but companies are constantly taxed with updating security software and finding new ways to combat cyberthreats.

  • Big data draw big concerns

    Jennifer Tucker Klein, assistant vice chancellor of institutional research and planning at Brandman University, is a whiz at data mining and predictive analytics. But with that knowledge — that Web scrapers and robots are out there, taking note of a person’s online persona — comes a bit of paranoia.

  • Companies slowly ascend into the cloud

    Shifting to the cloud has various economic advantages, but some companies are still wary about jumping in head-first.

  • California companies look on the bright side

    California is an increasingly tricky state to do business in, but local technology and manufacturing companies are finding ways to stay inside the Golden State lines.

  • San Diego companies find regulations force them to do some business outside US

    Maxwell Technologies has the potential to become a $1 billion company, according to its CEO David Schramm.

  • Cybersecurity calls on small businesses

    Many small businesses do not understand the importance of cybersecurity, and as a result, they are putting larger companies and government agencies at risk.

  • Businesses struggle with how to gain clients in the Internet age

    Local companies are struggling with how to gain clients through referrals in a world that's shifting from the handshake to the point-and-click.

  • Security dominates wireless industry concerns

    Individual plants will one day have their own microprocessor to transmit a signal, saying they need water and fertilizer. A group of forward-thinking technology leaders discussed what the future looks like in the wireless sector at a recent roundtable at The Daily Transcript sponsored by CohnReznick.


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