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  • Medical marijuana remains a battlefield in San Diego

    As the San Diego City Council last week moved to draft new rules governing medical marijuana, the hearing room was packed with cancer patients praising the health benefits of cannabis; parents fretting that their children might get hooked on the drug; dispensary operators touting the tax dollars they could bring the city; and clergymen worrying about how the drug might boost crime rates and loosen morals. The proponents were buoyed by recent polls showing that 77 percent of Americans support decriminalizing medical marijuana, including 52 percent who say the drug should be totally legalized.

  • Limits on family leave: Employees of the same employer

    Both federal and state law provides employees leave for the birth or placement of a child and for bonding with a child after birth or placement. Under certain circumstances, employers may limit their employees’ leave. One such circumstance arises when expectant parents work for the same employer. The issue is whether employers are required to give each parent-employee the same amount of leave to which they would be entitled if they worked for different employers.

  • FDA lowers age limit for buyers of Plan B pill to 15

    WASHINGTON — In a surprise twist to the decade-plus effort to ease access to morning-after pills, the government is lowering the age limit to 15 for one brand — Plan B One-Step — and will let it be sold over the counter.

  • ACLU seeks apology over prom king dispute

    RED LION, Pa. — A central Pennsylvania school district should apologize for its treatment of a transgender teen running for prom king and make assurances that future candidates will be allowed to run for prom king or queen according to their gender identity, the American Civil Liberties Union said April 26.

  • High court seems split on doctor's discrimination suit

    WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court seemed split last week over whether a doctor's discrimination lawsuit against a Texas medical center should be upheld.

  • Court rejects Alabama appeal over immigration law

    MONTGOMERY, Ala. — An attorney for the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center says he's not surprised the U.S. Supreme Court has turned down a request to revive portions of Alabama's immigration law.

  • NYC mayor staunchly defends police actions

    NEW YORK — In a pugnacious defense of what he called a police force bombarded by politics, Mayor Michael Bloomberg lashed out Tuesday at critics of the New York Police Department's stop and frisk practice and surveillance programs.

  • Gun control versus the right to bear arms

    The mass shootings that occurred in a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in 2012 polarized the country on the definition of the Second Amendment, and new gun-control legislation has been hotly debated for most of this year. On the national level, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled a bill that proposed to require background checks for gun buyers at gun shows and through Internet sales on April 18, however several states are still drafting various gun-control bills.

  • Immigration reform to have big impact on local employers

    As lawmakers on Capitol Hill address comprehensive immigration reform, local employers have a lot at stake.

  • Hurdles LGBT couples face in adopting children

    While the process of adopting children is long-drawn for most couples in California, LGBT couples deal with additional issues. When one of them is a biological parent and the other a step-parent, whether they are registered as domestic partners, and in the case of independent adoptions, the issue of discrimination driven by bias.

  • Motorist can't use iPhone map, court rules

    SAN FRANCISCO -- Steven Spriggs was stopped in a traffic jam near downtown Fresno and thought nothing of whipping out his iPhone 4 and clicking on the map feature to see if there was an alternate route around the construction mess.


  • Law Offices of Jacob J. Sapochnick

    Immigration attorney Jacob Sapochnick has a lot of empathy for his clients. He was, after all, in their position not too many years ago.

  • Richard G. Rappaport M.D.

    When people hear the term forensic psychiatry, most assume the job involves bloody crime scenes and dead bodies — but not quite.

  • Biotech Beach Law Group, PC

    Whether they're startups or well-established corporations, biotech firms strive to create products that protect our health and well-being. But those products — ranging from stents and biochips to surgical tools and instrumentation — often need protection themselves in the form of patent and trademark rights.

  • Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC

    With a focus on doing work with San Diego businesses, Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC, a growing law firm with expertise in litigating and resolving civil matters in both state and federal courts, operates under the belief that legal counsel should act as a partner, not a vendor.

  • Klinedinst

    From his office overlooking the Broadway corridor, John Klinedinst has a direct bead on State Street, where he opened his first office as a solo practitioner in 1983.

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From April 29 to May 3, The Daily Transcript honors Law Week with a weeklong series celebrating the business of law. Coverage includes stories on important issues like civil rights, real estate and construction, intellectual property, and legal education.