San Diego Entrepreneur spotlights San Diego’s enterprising people and their ventures. The Daily Transcript is also teaming up for this year's Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. Find out who made the cut inside.

  • Crowdfunding a creative form of fundraising for San Diego startups

    Perhaps only in the world of crowdfunding would a $1,000 pledge to the makings of a Point Loma brewery result in a black-velvet painting of your likeness.

  • Entrepreneur seeks investors for NYC eatery with elite vibe

    Anthony Scaramucci, the investment entrepreneur known as the “Mooch,” is teaming up with a restaurant owner and a former Morgan Stanley executive to open a Manhattan eatery catering to hedge-fund and private-equity professionals.

  • Counseling entrepreneurs through complex business and legal issues

    Cypress LLP is an innovative law firm in West Los Angeles that counsels entrepreneurs through complex business and legal issues at all stages of the business lifecycle.

  • Local expertise, local decision making

    Chase Commercial Banking is committed to helping mid-sized businesses across San Diego achieve their goals. Chase offers you the local delivery of global capabilities and specialized industry expertise. Our experienced bankers and dedicated service professionals take the time to understand your needs, are empowered to make decisions locally and deliver a comprehensive set of financial solutions.

  • Providing IR consulting for the biotech industry

    Stern Investor Relations represents prominent public, private and pre-IPO companies in all stages of development and has represented more than 200 biotechnology, specialty pharmaceuticals, devices, health care services and industrial biotechnology companies over the last 16 years.

  • Four tips for selling your business

    Selling their business is the most popular exit strategy for business owners, and selling a business should be a business owner’s finest hour. Following these four tips will help you sell your business on the best terms possible.

  • MedVantx disrupts pharmaceutical distribution norms, helps reduce health care costs

    MedVantx Inc., which recently announced a major expansion, is a San Diego-headquartered company that has pioneered a unique direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical distribution channel that many consider to be disruptive to historical norms. MedVantx’s innovative platform helps streamline access, improve quality of care, and ultimately, reduce health care costs — the key goals of new health care reform models under the Accountable Care Act.

  • Is going to college necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs?

    On one hand, there is the specter of burgeoning debt to obtain a college degree and the tendency for people to end up working in careers unrelated to their education. On the other hand are the larger-than-life examples of successful college drop-outs, like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft’s Bill Gates.

  • The experimental use exception:

    Recent court decisions have narrowed the scope of patent eligible subject matter. The Supreme Court’s decision just over a year ago in Mayo v. Prometheus has created uncertainty with respect to the scope of protection, available to diagnostic methods. A decision in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics may further alter the scope of patent eligible subject matter. To many patent practitioners in the biotechnology industry, these decisions seem to undermine the availability of patent protection that has been afforded to this industry. Ultimately, these decisions could affect innovation and dissemination of knowledge in this field.

  • New local business incubators nurture young startups

    Three new business incubators have hatched in San Diego to support fledgling startups and create job growth and innovation in the region.

  • Wheat Group Inc.

    When the Grismer brothers were teenagers, they didn't just dream of becoming entrepreneurs. At the age of 15, the brothers opened their own store.

  • Sullivan Solar Power

    In 2004, the potential of solar power so inspired Daniel Sullivan that he tried to convince his employer to expand into the field. But his boss turned him down, so Sullivan quit his job, took the little savings he had, and launched Sullivan Solar Power in the garage of his first client.

  • SkinMedica

    Few CEOs could come up with a plan more audacious than Mary Fisher’s, when she became the leader of SkinMedica in 2008. At the time, the company, founded in 1999, had two distinct business lines. However, Fisher decided that the organization was better off with just one.

  • Sempra U.S. Gas & Power

    No less than the President of the United States is interested in what Jeff Walker Martin is doing at Sempra U.S. Gas & Power.

  • Santarus

    With his philosophy that “a leader can’t get too excited on the ups or too depressed on the downs,” Gerald Proehl has ridden highs and lows while leading Santarus, a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on acquiring, developing and commercializing proprietary products that address the needs of patients.

  • Peregrine Semiconductors Corporation

    When the Internet bubble burst, many companies ran into trouble. Among them was Peregrine Semiconductors Corporation, a provider of high-performance radio frequency integrated circuits. The firm had basically run out of money, and Jim Cable was asked to step in and rescue it. Cable, the company’s CEO since 2002, has led the organization back and Peregrine has grown from a small startup to a global, publicly traded company with a patent-rich portfolio of intellectual property.

  • MedVantx

    Some people read old magazines while stuck in a waiting room. Others, like Robert J. Feeney, use the downtime to create a new company.

  • LifeProof

    Thanks to Gary Rayner, you can now tweet while scuba diving.

  • Independa Inc.

    The American spirit may be eternally young, but the fact remains that the U.S. population is getting older. Kian Saneii, the CEO of Independa, is well aware of that fact, and he wants to change the nature of elderly care in America.

  • Halozyme Therapeutics

    According to Dr. Gregory Frost, a good team has the right blend of divergent and convergent thinkers. He has apparently achieved this balance at Halozyme Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes products that advance patient care. The company has achieved ongoing success since its founding in 1999. Frost is the organization’s CEO and president.

  • Genomatica

    Christophe Schilling considers himself a “design guy,” even though he doesn't work in software, accessories, or another industry typically associated with that term. Schilling is the CEO of Genomatica, which licenses “green” chemical technology to large international chemical companies. He says that good design leaves a resonating impression with customers, and so he ensures that his products and processes are designed to be the very best.

  • Elite

    As opposed to many organizations, Elite has an intentionally slow-growth strategy. John Kontopuls, who founded the company in 1995 and is the CEO, says that this approach helps to maintain the unique company culture, which centers on a positive employee experience and excellent customer service.

  • ecoATM

    Many small companies have trouble attracting top talent, but Tom Tullie, the CEO and chairman of ecoATM, says that it has been fairly easy to recruit well-qualified people to the organization. He says that this is because the idea behind ecoATM is so compelling.

  • Cadence Pharmaceuticals

    During one two-month period in the history of Cadence Pharmaceuticals, the company more than quadrupled the number of its employees, ballooning from 60 people to 270 staff members. It was a vivid display of the organization’s rapid growth and success under Ted Schroeder, who founded the company in 2004 and is its CEO.

  • Behind the Scenes Catering & Events

  • Adconion Direct

    Fresh out of college, Kim Reed Perell entered the tech industry in 1999, just before the tech bubble burst. Unemployed before her career really began, Perell learned not to believe the hype prevalent in the tech industry, and instead to focus on the actual financial health of an organization and its bottom line.

  • Honoring world-class entrepreneurs for 27 years

    The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) awards program is the premier mark of world-class individuals leading world-class companies. It is a competitive award with an independently-governed judging panel and a precise due diligence process that positions it above all others. It recognizes leaders who are driving successful, innovative businesses and celebrates their exemplary performance.

  • New regulations on mobile eateries spark debate

    Food trucks, once an inventive way to serve those looking to eat out, have come to be seen as a threat to traditional restaurants, initiating turf battles across the nation.

  • Irwin Jacobs gets IEEE's 'Medal of Honor'

    Irwin Jacobs has a new title to summarize his illustrious career: “The Michael Jordan of engineering.”

  • Startups line up to meet with SK Telecom

    Promising tech startups from around the county — and around the world — are swinging through Mintz Levin’s doors in San Diego this week to have a once-in-a-lifetime meeting with representatives of South Korean wireless giant SK Telecom.

  • Vets try their hand at entrepreneurship

    Greg Call, like many business owners, is having a tough time attracting investors. Unlike many business owners, however, he's in an even more challenging position because he's a U.S. Marine Corps veteran.

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