The past and future of SD's innovation economy

“Study the past if you would redefine the future.” Sage words from Confucius, and ones that Mary Walshok, UCSD associate vice chancellor for public programs and dean of extension, puts great stake in.


Acadia gets FDA approval for Nuplazid name

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provisionally accepted Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.'s (Nasdaq: ACAD) trade name “Nuplazid” for pimavanserin.


Banyan Biomarkers licenses IP to Abbott

Banyan Biomarkers Inc., a company headquartered in Alachua, Fla. but with a growing presence in Carlsbad, has licensed its intellectual property related to traumatic brain injury (TBI) biomarkers to Abbott (NYSE: ABT) for assessment and verification. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


Faulconer goes online for website design search

Sony signs Tony Hawk

Krenn takes reins of SDVG


Isis Pharma initiates Phase 3 study with FCS drug

ImageWare signs three-year contract with international retailer


Northrop Grumman's GlobalHawk surpasses 100,000 flight hours


Targazyme, UCSD prof granted SBIR award

Other Technology Headlines:

What’s new in computer luggage?

Whatever I'm doing, I always seem to carry more technology gadgets than I need. Even though gadgets have become lighter, my bag has become heavier with many different products. Fortunately, there are some good solutions for dealing with this, as well as for those who want to travel with the smallest possible bag.

Review: The case against binge-watching TV

It's no secret technology is changing our television-viewing habits.

Apple, Samsung face $3.9 billion wall to selling phones in China

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. face a $3.9 billion challenge as they prepare to sell new marquee phones in the world’s biggest wireless market.

Video game makers: Lohan sued us for attention

The makes of the “Grand Theft Auto” video games say Lindsay Lohan sued to get attention when she asserted the games' latest installment features a character based on her.

Heartbleed Hack Still Threatens Companies Months Later (Correct)

Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Hundreds of thousands of corporate computer servers, routers and other Internet devices worldwide remain vulnerable to the Heartbleed Web-security flaw nearly six months after its existence was disclosed, security researchers say.

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In San Diego business news, the city’s planning director Bill Fulton steps down and George Chamberlin writes about how the banking industry is bouncing back from the recession.

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Top Attorneys 2014: Randy Kay

Aug. 13, 2014 -- Reporter Doug Sherwin speaks with attorney Randy Kay, partner with Jones Day and a 2014 Top Attorney, about why there's a surge in trade secrets litigation. 

Watch all of our Top Attorneys 2014 videos.

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The Wizard Nebula
Open star cluster NGC 7380 is still embedded in its natal cloud of interstellar gas and dust popularly known as the Wizard Nebula. 

Open star cluster NGC 7380 is still embedded in its natal cloud of interstellar gas and dust popularly known as the Wizard Nebula. Seen with foreground and background stars along the plane of our Milky Way galaxy it lies some 8,000 light-years distant, toward the constellation Cepheus. A full moon would easily fit inside this telescopic view of the 4 million year young cluster and associated nebula, normally much too faint to be seen by eye. Made with telescope and camera firmly planted on Earth, the image reveals multi light-year sized shapes and structures within the Wizard in a color palette made popular in Hubble Space Telescope images. Recorded with narrowband filters, the visible wavelength light from the nebula's hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur atoms is transformed into green, blue, and red colors in the final digital composite. But there is still a trick up the Wizard's sleeve. Sliding your cursor over the image (or following this link) will make the stars disappear, leaving only the cosmic gas and dust of the Wizard Nebula.

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