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Gunnar Optiks secures patents for computer eyewear technology

Gunnar Optiks, a Carlsbad-based manufacturer of computer eyewear, has been awarded broad patent coverage on the company's lens technology and design.

Gunnar's 20/20 and prescription computer eyewear, optimized for use while viewing digital screens, combines a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry, finished with custom-tuned lens tints and coatings.

U.S. Patent No. 8,342,681 was awarded to Gunnar Optiks on Jan. 1 and applies to the following areas of innovation:

• computer eyewear designed to filter spectral peaks commonly found in fluorescent lighting and computer backlights;

• computer eyewear with a wrap-around design designed to protect the eye from air currents and trap in evaporated moisture; and,

• computer eyewear with decentered optics to provide distortion-free viewing.

Additional patent claims, regarding the filtration of HEV (high-energy visible) light, have been allowed and set to issue in the coming months.

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