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Awarepoint humidity-sensing tag now available

Awarepoint Corp., a San Diego company specializing in real-time location systems, announced on Tuesday the availability of a new humidity-sensing tag.

The company, which focuses its developments in the health care field, said the product has completed beta testing at the University of California, San Francisco, and was shown to monitor ambient room moisture in critical areas. The tag is aimed to help hospital staff view trends in ambient room humidity, along with their other temperature-related assets and mobile medical equipment, from any computer or handheld device across their organization.

Low humidity levels, according to the company, increase the risk for fire and static electricity in anesthetizing locations, while high humidity increases the risk for the growth of bacteria and molds.

The humidity tags are part of Awarepoint's ZigBee-based infrastructure and the aware360°Platform, which sends data to the aware360°Suite without burdening a facility's WiFi network.

"In continuation with our efforts to assist clients in the delivery of high-quality care, the Awarepoint Humidity Tag's convenience and safety features are an extraordinary addition to our portfolio," Merrie Wallace, chief nursing officer and executive vice president of product solutions at Awarepoint, said. "It's another tool that empowers organizations to improve regulatory compliance while optimizing workflow and promoting safe and efficient care delivery."

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