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Mind Solutions unveils photos of EEG/BCI device

Mind Solutions Inc. (OTC: VOIS) unveiled the first images of a mobile EEG/brain-computer interface device worn on your ear. Like a common Bluetooth cellular device, the product is worn around the ear, with a single dry sensor receiving EEG signals from within the ear.

This mobile EEG device is expected to operate smart phones and computer devices with the power of your mind. As electrical impulses are received, the device translates thoughts into actions on your mobile device or computer.

San Dieog-based Mind Solutions secured a patent pending status on the anatomical location of receiving EEG signals on the device from inside the ear. Raw prototypes have successfully been tested for functionality and ergonomics and Mind Solutions expects to receive five final versions for Beta testing within the next few weeks. Once tested successfully, the company plans to begin tooling for manufacturing.

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