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Military leaders face a daunting challenge in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating critical threat and operations information to obtain a complete, single view of the battlefield. A primary cause of challenge is the wide array of stovepiped systems that comprise today’s Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. While awareness about the issue is very high, options are unfortunately quite limited – a situation made worse by acquisition processes that inadvertently perpetuate the problems.

I’m a big fan of Uber, a new alternative for taxis. I’ve used it in several cities — San Francisco, San Diego, and Seattle — over the past several years. For the past week I used it extensively in New York City while on vacation along with five other family members. During this visit, I used New York City taxis on a few occasions, which served only to remind me how good Uber is.

Edico Genome in San Diego announced a faster analysis of a whole genome sequence.

Congress is considering controversial patent reform to reduce abusive practices by so-called “patent trolls,” people who build up a portfolio of broad-based patents with the aim of suing alleged infringers, as opposed to actually creating products with the patents.

After getting an earful from patent lawyers and biotech companies upset that the initial U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s guidance on subject eligibility for naturally occurring products — think DNA and protein mutations — was released without first seeking comment, the office released a revised version in December.

Litigation stemming from filings of Abbreviated New Drug Applications was stable from 2007 through 2013, oscillating between 203 and 294 a year, which makes 2014’s jump to 432 cases stick out like a sore thumb. What isn’t so clear is what the increase stems from, and whether it’s a sign of things to come or a fluke.

The Supreme Court decisions in Mayo Collaborative Services v Prometheus Laboratories Inc. (2012) Ass’n for Molecular Pathology v Myriad Genetics Inc. (2013) altered the scope of patentable subject matter by redefining patent eligible subject matter. While isolated DNA and methods of diagnosis remain patentable in most of the world, in the United States, the scope of such claims, which contributed to the success of biotechnology companies, has been limited.

The question about what’s in store for online real estate listings has become a dizzying affair.

Quidel Corp. (Nasdaq: QDEL) reported that its first-quarter revenue improved by 31 percent while its year-over-year net income was significantly stronger this year than last.

Integrating academia and industry has been a key charge of the Qualcomm Institute at UC San Diego, but that mission became much easier in March with the official opening of the Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space.

San Diego-based-Quake Global Inc., a leading provider of mobile communication devices for machine-to-machine markets, has signed an accord with Hitachi to supply a variety of telecommunications solutions for that company's construction machines around the world.

Qualcomm Inc., whose chips power most of the world’s smartphones, forecast fiscal third-quarter sales and profit that may miss estimates as customers turn to rivals for key components or make their own parts.

Last year was the strongest period for biotech startups in San Diego County for nearly a decade, with seven initial public offerings raising $416 million on the stock market and venture capitalists spending $805 million to help more companies get off the ground.

Raytheon is buying cybersecurity company Websense from private equity firm Vista Equity Partners for about $1.9 billion in a move aimed at making defense-grade cyber protection available to commercial companies.

The SmartAlert Night Light from Leeo is a new class of connected products that includes the Nest thermostat and Dropcam camera. These are devices located in your home that communicate to the cloud and to your phone through its app.

Cubic Corp. (NYSE: CUB) has announced the appointment of retired Rear Adm. Jan Hamby to the company’s board of directors.

A day after Dow Jones’ VentureSource numbers came out, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) released its take on the first-quarter venture capital market with the MoneyTree Report, telling a similar tale: late-stage investment is surging and San Diego is no exception, with a decrease in the number of deals but an increase in funding.

San Diego is one of two cities that will begin a pilot program of new GE technology designed to help the city become more intelligent and efficient. Along with Jacksonville, Fla., San Diego will try a new GE LED program that uses LED street lighting installations to connect, collect and analyze data being generated.

Cell-free molecular diagnostic developer Trovagene Inc., (Nasdaq: TROV) reported that clinical data demonstrate that its urine-based Precision Cancer Monitoring platform outperformed tissue biopsy for the detection and monitoring of EGFR T790M mutations in metastatic lung cancer patients.

Nationally, 2015 was off to a bit of a rocky start for venture capital investment and fundraising, according to Dow Jones’ VentureSource data, but San Diego fared better, posting an investment increase of $100 million year over year.

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