The Daily Transcript's 120th anniversary provides the opportunity for reflection on the rich history of the paper, its staff and the community it serves. Since 1886, the Transcript has offered news, data and information useful to San Diego's business community.

For many years, I have had a personal interest in the history of San Diego — both in terms of the people and the course of events that shaped where we live and work today. As far as I know, the first of my ancestors to arrive in San Diego was Felincina Arballo, a widow with two children who arrived with the Anza expedition in 1776. In 1781-84, Xavier Sepulveda and his son Juan, soldiers sent to defend the colony, appear on the rolls of the garrison of the presidio.   Read More...

Most chief executive officers and others management officials are doing a good job for their employees, shareholders and communities. Nowhere is that more evident than the way businesses support charities and other local organizations.

As The Daily Transcript celebrates its 120th year in print, we felt it was a good time to reflect on the contributions by local business and community leaders — a list of people who were nominated by the public for a variety of reasons. Philanthropy is one attribute noted in many of the finalists featured in this special report.   Read More...

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