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The San Diego City Council on April 8 unanimously approved two new programs to help local homeowners improve their energy and water efficiency.

The San Diego County Water Authority certified on Thursday the environmental report for its master plan update, laying a 20-year groundwork for infrastructure investments to meet the needs of its member agencies.

The San Diego region could be just five years away from a water re-purification boom, according to the Water Reliability Coalition.

South County is preparing for a large growth spurt, as long-range projects start construction and new investors head south, regional leaders said March 13 at a roundtable discussion held by The Daily Transcript.

Our statewide drought and increasing demand for energy has both the general public and politicians frantically trying to figure out ways to re-legislate our environmental decisions from the past two decades.

Civita, Sudberry Properties’ 230-acre Mission Valley urban village, is living up to its promise to become a model of sustainability and energy efficiency.

As impending hot summer weather looms, so does rising water costs to properly irrigate your plants. If you manage or live in a community where water is shared by all its residents, you also know this time of year brings about questions on how to reduce its use.

As the drought persists, it's becoming clear that while there are a number of ways San Diego County water agencies could facilitate conservation, each will determine what works for its customers.

Only 8 to 12 percent of cellphones sold in the United States are reused or recycled. A large number of them, about 135 million, are sitting in landfills and polluting the Earth because they were not disposed of correctly. Discarded cellphones are a major contributor of toxic pollution in the United States. The majority, about 500 million, are shoved in the back of drawers, boxes and closets.

San Diego's success in diversifying its water supply is muddying the waters of Northern California's Bay Delta Conservation Plan.

Did you know that Americans use at least 20 times the amount of fresh water per day than a person in the developing world? But unlike our water supply, theirs doesn’t flow clean and safe from a tap; it’s almost always collected by women and girls who can travel up to seven hours per day to gather it in plastic buckets and repurposed cooking oil jugs.

A judge says a giant Southern California wholesaler overcharges for carrying water on the Colorado River aqueduct, a major victory for San Diego in a high-stakes dispute.

A California Superior Court judge issued a tentative ruling Tuesday in favor of the San Diego County Water Authority in its rate-setting lawsuit against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

Although the new Title 24 “requirements” were pushed back to July 1, (originally slated to hit Jan. 1), the building owner and contractor industries are scrambling to make sense of it all.

As the state endures its third straight year of dry conditions, the county is awaiting the completion of Poseidon Resources' seawater desalination plant in Carlsbad.

The intersection at Lionshead Avenue and Eagle Drive in Carlsbad will be closed for about four weeks starting Feb. 19, as construction crews installing pipeline for the Carlsbad Desalination Project work through the area.

San Diegans can expect louder calls for voluntary water conservation, as the San Diego County Water Authority voted Thursday to implement Stage 1 of its drought response plan.

The San Diego County Water Authority will consider at a special meeting Thursday activating its Water Shortage and Drought Response Plan, with staff recommending stepped-up calls for voluntary water conservation.

While the Rams Hill Country Club needs water to bring its 18-hole golf course back from the desert, where that water will come from is under negotiations.

With California in its worst drought in years, the San Diego City Council's environment committee on Wednesday told city staffers to lay the groundwork for mandatory water restrictions on local residents, including regulations on watering lawns that were last used during the drought of 2009.

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