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Booz Allen Hamilton's Jason Escaravage on cloud computing

Dec. 4, 2012 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Jason Escaravage, a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, about cloud computing and its benefits and challenges.


Booz Allen's Brian McKeon, William Bastedo on the defense budget

Sept. 6, 2012 -- George Chamberlin talks with Brian McKeon and William Bastedo, both senior vice presidents at Booz Allen Hamilton, about the complexities of supporting their clients in the face of looming defense budget cuts.


Booz Allen Hamilton's Andrea Inserra on programs for vets

Nov. 3, 2011 -- Andrea Inserra, a vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses her firm's efforts to better integrate services for veterans leaving military life.


Interview with Eugene Bounds of Booz Allen Hamilton

Aug. 4, 2011 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin speaks with Eugene Bounds, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, about how information technology has transformed over time and the focus on cyber security.


Education Roundtable: Introduction

April 14, 2011 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin introduces The Daily Transcript's panel of educators and business leaders, who begin the discussion with how to improve education. (Part 1)
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Education Roundtable: Lifelong learning

April 14, 2011 -- The discussion turns to lifelong learning as participants discuss the need for continuous education in order for people to remain a relevant part of the work force. (Part 2)


Education Roundtable: Core skills

April 14, 2011 -- Panelists discuss the importance of providing students with tangible skills so they can succeed in their future careers. (Part 3)


Education Roundtable: Retooling skills

April 14, 2011 -- Reporter Doug Sherwin shifts the discussion to how job seekers are retooling their education and skills after being laid off. (Part 4)


Education Roundtable: The economy

April 14, 2011 -- Panelists explain how the recent economic downturn has affected them, and they share some final thoughts on the future of San Diego's education system. (Part 5)
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The Final Word from George Chamberlin

Oct. 9, 2015 -- In his final video report from the San Diego Source newsroom, Executive Editor George Chamberlin reflects on some of the fascinating business people and events he's met and covered over the years.