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Health Savings Associates' Brad Chapin on insurance

April 17, 2014 -- George Chamberlin and Brad Chapin, sales director at Health Savings Associates, discuss the importance of wellness from an insurance perspective and participating in a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA).


Anthem Blue Cross' Steve Scott on the Affordable Care Act

April 17, 2014 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Steve Scott, vice president and general manager of Large Groups for Anthem Blue Cross, about the impact of the Affordable Care Act.


Eric Basu, Holly Smithson on cybersecurity

March 20, 2014 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Eric Basu, CEO of Sentek Global, and Holly Smithson, director of Cyber Center of Excellence, about cybersecurity and its economic impact on San Diego.


Interview with Pathfinder Partners' Lorne Polger

March 19, 2014 -- George Chamberlin talks with Lorne Polger, senior managing director and co-founder of Pathfinder Partners, about real estate investing in the current market conditions.


Lisa Freedman on the San Diego sports industry

Feb. 24, 2014 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Lisa Freedman, executive director of SD Sport Innovators, about San Diego's sports industry and its economic impact on the region.


Xpera Group's Alan Nevin on residential real estate

Dec. 11, 2013 -- George Chamberlin and Alan Nevin, director of economic and market research for Xpera Group, discuss the residential real estate market and construction of new homes.


SD Medical Society's Tom Gehring on the ACA

Dec. 10, 2013 -- George Chamberlin and Tom Gehring, CEO of the San Diego County Medical Society, talk about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the county's insurance and health care industries.


County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister on local real estate

Dec. 5, 2013 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Dan McAllister, San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector, about the county residential real estate market and property taxes.


Mintz Levin's Jonathan Cain on sequestration

Aug. 27, 2013 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin and Jonathan Cain of Mintz Levin discuss concern over military budget cuts, how Syria plays into sequestration and how the cuts affect businesses planning for the future.


Diving Unlimited's Susan Long on running family business

July 24, 2013 -- George Chamberlin speaks with Susan Long, president and CEO of Diving Unlimited International, who explains the benefits of a drysuit, which her company makes, and talks about running her family's business.

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