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Information on relief from FEMA

A representative from FEMA gives information on recover and relief efforts.


Fire causes many business and services to close

With fires raging around the county, many businesses have simply told their employees to stay at home.


Displaced San Diego citizens seek refuge at racetrack

Forced to evacuate their homes, displaced San Diego residents seek refuge at the Del Mar race track.


The city issues a warning about down power lines

With the fires blazing across San Diego county, fallen power lines have become a major concern.


Staff Talk with George Chamberlin

Yara Souza gets Executive Editor's George Chamberlin's perspective on the 20th anniversary of Black Monday


Interview with Brent Wilsey

Financial adviser Brent Wilsey on the 1987 stock market crash.


Miramar Airshow: Interview with Jacquie "Baby" Warda

Transcript reporter Doug Sherwin talks to Jacquie "Baby" Warda, who pilots the "The Red Eagle" Pitts S-1T biplane.


Red Bull Air Show Performer Bill Reesman's MiG-F17

Transcript reporter Doug Sherwin talks to Bill Reesman about his experience both fighting and flying the Russian made MiG-F17.


A Ride With The Golden Knights

The United States Army's Parachute Team jumps from 2000 feet above crowds at the Miramar Air Show on Friday morning.


Interview with Ralph Rubio

Transcript reporter Ann Chin talks with Rubio's Restaurants Chairman and Founder Ralph Rubio after addressing students from the College of Business Administration at Cal State San Marcos.
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Recent Media

The Final Word from George Chamberlin

Oct. 9, 2015 -- In his final video report from the San Diego Source newsroom, Executive Editor George Chamberlin reflects on some of the fascinating business people and events he's met and covered over the years.