Interview with James Slattery

May 4, 2011 -- Reporter Elizabeth Malloy sits down with James Slattery, CEO of Millenium Lab Holdings, who opens up about life changes that facilitated his professional career over the past few years.


Interview with Irene Veca

May 4, 2011 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin talks with Irene Veca, retiring program director of the Entrepreneur of the Year awards, about a "speed dating"-like, one-on-one, critical stage of the selection process on the way to potentially competing on a nationwide level.


Barry Sandrew on growing Legend 3D

May 4, 2011 -- Reporter Elizabeth Malloy talks to Barry Sandrew, CTO/COO of Legend 3D, about how he helped form a 3-D conversion services company by way of a medical imaging background.


Interview with Kirk Haney

May 4, 2011 -- SG BioFuels President and CEO Kirk Haney talks to Transcript reporter Elizabeth Malloy about his vision to create cost-effective, sustainably-produced crude oil after being in the agriculture field for the past 10 years.


Interview with David Hale

May 4, 2011 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin sits down with David Hale, CEO of Hale Biopharma Ventures and former Entrepreneur of the Year winner, to discuss San Diego's biotech sector's growth and changes over the years.


Bluepoint Solutions leader on doing business in Nevada

May 4, 2011 -- Reporter Elizabeth Malloy speaks with Hal Tilbury, president and CEO of Bluepoint Solutions, about moving his company to Nevada.


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