Economist roundtable: Introduction

May 18, 2010 -- Executive Editor George Chamberlin introduces The Daily Transcript's panel of economists, who start off the discussion with their take on the current economy. (Part 1)


Economist roundtable: Job growth

May 18, 2010 -- Reporter Rebecca Go moves the discussion to job growth and unemployment trends. (Part 4)


Economist roundtable: Unemployment

May 18, 2010 -- Economists participating in the Daily Transcript roundtable discuss unemployment and when we might see improvement. (Part 5)


Economist roundtable: Real Estate

May 18, 2010 -- The Daily Transcript's panel of economists dissect the past and current real estate markets and offer details on where the housing sector is headed. ( Part 2)


Economist roundtable: San Diego Real Estate

May 18, 2010 -- Reporter Jen Lebron Kuhney asks economists at The Daily Transcript roundtable to focus on San Diego's real estate market and discuss whether it's really a good time to buy. (Part 3)


Economist roundtable: Legislation and the economy

May 18, 2010 -- Roundtable participants discuss how state and federal government affects the economy and future growth. (Part 6)


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